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Members know, that every home comfort formed hearth. Members confirm, it is concentrated in the kitchen. it smells nice, heat, and most importantly - the family gathers there permanently. Is not it a comfort? Therefore, this room has a special significance for the house. The owners are required to make it functional kitchen area and presentable. Every owner wants to enjoy the pleasure of hanging out there, and the woman should feel comfortable, and not as in the conclusion to the pots and pans.

The original kitchen
The original kitchen yellow looks good with top silver-plated

Every detail of the interior - an important. In modern apartments kitchen facilities oversized, therefore, it must be equipped with the most rational. Correctly selected kitchen - half the battle. Kitchen furniture is many years, and pick up the rest of the equipment under it.

How to choose the right option for you, how to make the kitchen a stylish and functional, independently implement own design solution. About projects of kitchen sets, we'll talk.

How to choose the kitchen style: angular, the standard, small on an individual project

For the hostess main requirements kitchen furniture - easy to clean surface and a lot of useful "cabinets and shelves" for the provided accessories. Even design kitchens отходит на второе план. note, style solution that is also important, because this item will be in the service of more than one year, and it should please the eye.


Modern manufacturers are forced to become confused stylistic abundance. If you decide to buy a kitchen wall, then get ready - a difficult choice. Kitchen set включает в себя не только шкаф, but functional surfaces for even cooking and for eating place - the bar.

You can go to the furniture store, or visit the specialized online store and buy ready-made wall. But it is possible and to design their own furniture for their homes. This will help or Sales, a special program for kitchen design from the Internet. If you have to design a kitchen on the computer, the preliminary note some nuances. their little, but they are required. This is the style and layout options.

Initially, any buyer is focused on design. It is the right choice of style and is a problem for buyers. Layman difficult to formulate in advance fantasy design kitchens. Therefore it is better to choose a universal design furniture, which in the future will fit into any decor. The Internet will find designer kitchens ready projects, you can borrow based and take into account the personal needs and wishes.

Furniture Green
Elegant green original furniture combined with light walls

Recently, minimalist style lost its popularity, trend in exotic interior. Moroccan motifs create a mysterious atmosphere in the room, Visitors such as food necessarily remain under the impression. When you create such interior can not limit itself in a choice of colors, front Lockers can be made with stained glass and add a central chandelier with print, to create harmony. Classic is a universal one. Furniture in this style creates a home-like atmosphere thanks to the imitation of wooden surfaces and colors in a warm din. Country harmoniously fit for cottage interior, as well as for lovers of vintage and natural materials. "Hi-tech" allows the use of modern materials, characterized by extreme practicality and endurance. If the kitchen is small, this is the perfect stylistic decision.

kitchen set

Design your own room with built tehnikoy- basic nuances

Designing the kitchen - the process is not labor intensive and interesting. In this case, consider the estimated dimensions and define the style. for designing kitchens program consists of several stages: choice of style, configuration, calculating the parameters and layout. Anyone can draw a model. You do not have to deduce exactly every element. Use of this application like a game designer. With one click, you can dramatically change the plan of the future kitchen.

It is necessary to take into account the proportion of, that there was harmony between the segments. The alignment areas - an important aspect of, because the cooking process should be comfortable and safe. You can use ready-made kitchen layout, which already complied with these features and only the "trim" your personal requirements.

kitchen furniture design

Options for the kitchen configuration

Configuration - is the first step in designing a kitchen. Here it is necessary to take into account the room size. There are three options: one-sided, L-shaped or U-shaped.

For each room - a particular type of. The choice of the room influence, doors and windows, are in it. The work triangle (refrigerator-sink-plate) It becomes the center, which will be designed around the kitchen.

Original furniture and equipment
Original furniture and equipment between a chic look

To choose the best option, consider the nuances of each type:

  1. Unilateral kitchen suitable for narrow and long space, when the width little to accommodate the kitchen units on either side. Work zones are arranged unlikely, immediately goes and refrigerator. If the height of the room more three meters, you can take advantage of this and add additional hanging shelves.
  2. L-shaped kitchen - the most demanded option. Project corner kitchen - a rational way to use the space. They have it under two walls and save every inch of space. Modern kitchen corner is fashionable place in the center of the room, when the bar divides the kitchen into zones, but it is possible in cases of overall food quadrature. The space above the worktop is not lost, there need to shelves and wardrobe.
  3. U-shaped kitchen - option for a spacious room, because it takes three adjacent walls. Apply the windowsill and extend the surface for food preparation. This model allows different place work triangle.


so, software for kitchen design offers three types of configuration. Finished models apply to your own design. Each segment moves with the mouse cursor, Sizes are selected under the premise. When choosing a configuration Parameter kitchen space and consider the work triangle.

Where should I install home appliances

when the sketch with the size of the kitchen ready, transgress the placement technique. Designer kitchen easily puts the selected equipment in the right niche. To do this, select the desired device parameters and move in the desired zone.

Placing household appliances - a painful process, because they have a separate power supply design a device and not violate fire safety rules.

Готовые угловые кухни уже разработаны с нишами для габаритной и негабаритной техники. If you do not use layout, then consider the following rules:

with the technique of the project of kitchen units

  • for oversized devices within the designated cabinet on the worktop, because it is practical to get the food processor, used on the working surface, wash and put back in the closet. On the refrigerator is forbidden to keep equipment;
  • the plate is placed in the window, and refrigerator - battery away;
  • maker can not be held under a wall cabinet;
  • the gas can not be column hide behind furniture, placed next to her refrigerator and cooking stove;
  • do not lean against the wall or equipment to each other, not block doorway;
  • small appliances do not place near the gas cookers, as refrigerator. In addition to damage to electrical appliances, fat splashes, perhaps even a fire.

The program combines the kitchen furniture with appliances, You pick the right balance. If you do not change the overall devices in the future (fridge, plate, washer), then keep in mind when planning the exact parameters of the equipment.

Dining classic
Dining area classic in different colors

Overall dimensions of the room

For overall kitchen use three types of Configuration, it does not have a problem with the safe arrangement of furniture.

In this case, the island configuration design to, when in the middle of the kitchen countertop is placed on pedestals, and top are constructed suspended shelves and lights. Even this embodiment can save space, and placed under a worktop shelves and cabinets. Разрешается встроить стиральную или посудомойную машинки. Or place in the center is not the desktop, and - the hob.

Projects of kitchens with the size adjusted for the size of a particular room. When the needs of the island is square or oblong. It is a matter of taste and needs. plan kitchen with the dimensions - is a function of the program for the project of kitchen units. With this grid you can not go wrong with either one centimeter, even if the space is provided.

original headset

When you create a design and an island kitchen, consider the work triangle, to the hostess not bypassed tables, getting to the refrigerator or in another zone. If the work surface is designed in the center, the sink, refrigerator and placed around plate, while hob and appliances are not planned near, between them is better to put the sink. Over the island to strengthen the overall cases is not necessary, Food will not otherwise comfortable. Standard sizes for kitchen facades are designed for standard room height.

Correct colors headset and lighting

Ready models of kitchen sets already have a color scheme and lighting. People forget about the light, but it is a required element. He creates the right atmosphere, and is able to change the space visually.

Foremost, which is sure to be illuminated, this countertop. Too much light in combination with a glossy dark surface - not the right choice, because they create a visually unfavorable conditions for cooking because of the glare. If the worktop matt, then use a bright light source, for illumination of the working surface of saturated colors suitable spotlights.

lights in the kitchen

It should take into account the source of natural lighting. If the windows facing north, and they are small parameters, it is better to provide additional lamps for light by day. They will make the room lighter and will not appear energetically costly.

Under the wall cabinets permanently mounted device additional illumination. It is comfortable and fashionable, because the headset looks harmoniously.

practical set

Drawing of kitchen units with dimensions better show of Furniture Manufacturers in the store, it necessarily correct inaccuracies and prompt in case of incorrect planning. The program for creating kitchen furniture - is a comfortable tool, but to use them you need to properly, taking into account a number of nuances correct and safe planning. In this case, comfort and benefit from the exploitation of the kitchen units provided.


Program kitchen calculation with dimensions designed to, that the future buyer can independently design their own interior, before going to the store oriented to their needs, and not to spend money on expensive designer services. This sketch - it's not exactly a kitchen project, but it will soon pick up in store the desired set for the kitchen.