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How to remove and eliminate the bad smell in the refrigerator?

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Refrigerator is a place for storing dishes and products. That is why the unpleasant smell of it can cause a hostess in a lot of negative feelings. But more often she would react to his appearance willing to take money for cleanliness and guidance to fight. So how to remove the smell from the refrigerator sometimes quite difficult to look at the most popular and effective options.

Where an odd odor is taken: mold, garlic smell, addle stuff? Which may cause?

For, to remove the smell from the refrigerator quickly, you need to figure out what was the cause. Remove therefrom all products, and all is well to examine.

reasons, why the smell from the refrigerator may be many:

  • products, in which the expiration date. The most unpleasant smell of eggs, cheese and meat dishes.
  • Refrigerator is unclean shelves. They may remain traces of spilled drinks or meals. The spots are often hidden under the plates and pans, so consider them, without the contents of the release of a cooling chamber is often problematic. Particular attention should be paid to sealing gum on the door, because there often accumulate food particles.
  • Improper safety of food and products. Some housewives can notice the presence in the refrigerator uncovered containers. So, can greatly extend the smells of garlic, Luke, smoked meats, sausages and other food.
  • The new unit. Unpleasant smell in refrigerator capable formed in early operation when heated parts of plastics, new appliances. With time, approximately during the month of extraneous odors disappear.

  • contaminated containers, in which food is stored. The packages are sometimes broken integrity, This occurs mainly in stores. Such products when viewed normally removed and thrown, but damage may flow through some of the liquid container and surrounding macular.
  • mildew. It is formed due to the increase of humidity inside the cooling chamber. Usually, it happens during a power unit for a long time. This fungus is often hiding in places of difficult access, but its presence is difficult to miss due to a specific odor.
  • The presence of drugs in a refrigerator. when drugs, which are often located on the doors, loosely plugged, they can exude an unpleasant smell from the refrigerator.

After a thorough audit of the products and find and fix the source of "fragrance", appliances disconnected from the network, and then proceed to its cleaning and disinfection. For this purpose, and shop tools, and home, are always available.

Removing the smell of fish, onion odor or other, spoiling air product, by an industrial preparation

Today the market offers a variety of tools for a variety of needs of modern man. Among them are household chemicals, which helps to eliminate odor in the refrigerator.

When using the purchased products should be careful, and before using the need to carefully read the instructions. Some of them after use, can be so lasting fragrance, that it will not be easy to bring. therefore, we will explore such means, who will be able to easily remove the smell in the fridge and leave behind a fresh.

Here is a list of effective substances. They will eliminate the odor in the refrigerator to quickly and easily.

SmellOff means the smell of the kitchen proved itself, as the most effective and natural. Neutralizer contains corrosive substances and leaves no sharp chemical smell after treatment. The tool can be used not only to remove the odor from the refrigerator, but also from other household appliances, since it does not destroy the plastic, glass and suitable for processing even delicate surfaces.

Detergents SmellOff

To neutralize the "flavor" in the refrigerator, must:

  • We take out absolutely all surfaces, carefully check them for corruption and throwing unfit for human.
  • Thawed refrigerator and remove all the water formed. Waiting until the surface is dry.
  • Apply neutralizer, spraying it on the surface of everything, including angles, cells, sealing gum and handles of doors. On traces of spoiled products must shed means, so it reaches the maximum depth. We draw your attention to the fact, means that does not mask the smell, and removes his tiny molecules.
  • Subject refrigerator with a door ajar until dry all surfaces, and then ventilated.
Odor Gone. This detergent is specifically designed for use in meat processing plants. Under his power to rid the unit from any stench, even after the spoiled meat or fish. To do this, you just need to wash all internal surfaces in the refrigerator or freezer.
Oro Fix 02012. Also it is able to remove the smell from the refrigerator, even after this old stains.
FeedBack. The substance can be used in the presence of children, expectant mothers, pets, as it is safe for them. It does not cause allergic reactions.
TOP HOUSE. When applying the agent on the surface inside the unit, no need for additional rinsing water. It disinfects the treated area and prevents the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

The smell from the refrigerator to bring effortless? For this there are special wipes. They need only wipe the soiled surface, and the problem is solved.

When cleaning the refrigerator or freezer to apply powdered materials is not recommended, because they can leave scratches on the surface. To pinch, These funds are dissolved in warm water.

Tools - absorbers: neutralization of the bad smell from the freezer and refrigerator

On the market today there are many absorbents, which neutralize the unpleasant smell. they differ in various fillers. types of sinks, have the greatest popularity among our mistresses:

  1. absorbent, filled with activated carbon granules. Good help remove the smell from the refrigerator. He not only absorbs the liquid, but also ethylene, which is isolated fruits and vegetables. In the presence of this type of scavenger vitamin products remain longer in the fresh state.
  2. helium absorber. Inside is a lemon extract and extract of seaweed. Also, silver ions may be present. Upon evaporation allocates refreshing substance, and odor removal from the refrigerator occurs in 2 times faster than for other absorbing means.
  3. Balls with silicogenic. They are excellent absorbers. The packaging consists of 3 pcs. The unit is a small amount will be sufficient to place 1 ball. The rest is stored in a sealed container.

  1. absorbent, consisting of mineral salts. This material is perfectly absorbs odors and water, as well as a large crystal size it becomes even more practical. To update its working properties can be 1 once a month to wash out.
  2. ionizer. This unit is more expensive than the others sink, but also has many benefits. He is able to remove the smell in the fridge and to extend the shelf life of the products due to the damaging effects on pathogenic microflora. Operate such devices using batteries.

It is advisable to buy absorbers, to the date of their production does not exceed six months, otherwise they will be worse function. Facilities, operating deodorization in the refrigerator should be placed in the chamber so, to the space around it. A ionizer suitable place on the doors of the unit. Proper placement, they will absorb odors more efficiently.

The smell of burning, If rotten food - getting rid of the "flavor" with the help of folk remedies

Humanity at this time has gained a lot of knowledge, what to do, if it stinks from the refrigerator.

first, and often the means employed in the hosts is a lemon. Its refreshing aroma neutralises bad smells, and already the woman surprised, like after the procedure smells refrigerator. To do this, you need to drop a few drops in water, and wipe this solution unit. Citric slice to further bowl will work as an air freshener.

Still it is possible to wipe shelves and vertical surfaces camera vinegar solution, equally diluted with water. And then, to remove the smell of vinegar in the refrigerator, it should be aired for an hour.

Activated carbon can not only improve digestion, but if the smells in the refrigerator for foreign smells, then neutralize them. To this end, it should be put on the door shelf bowl with pieces of material. All the odors disappear.

Brown bread also has the properties of absorbing all the unpleasant smell from the refrigerating. That he worked as an absorbent, it is cut and allowed to stand overnight. In the morning it is removed and discarded.

Finally, your refrigeration unit washed, I put on the shelf absorber, but do not rush to put into place the products - even for the unit will work without content, A absorbents, Meanwhile, removes the remnants of odor.

How to protect the unit from the re-formation of malodor

at last, we'll consider, all the same to prevent the problem described above. To do this, a little bit - the observance of a few simple tips:

Refrigerator should be defrosted, unplug it. In addition to the care of the "coat", it is also an occasion for product revision. During defrosting thoroughly clean all internal surfaces.

We should not forget to use a sealed container, so you do not hear, It stinks in the refrigerator as a mixture of different products, including strong-smelling.

If you start a new refrigeration system operated, the shelves and the inner walls before work thoroughly cleaned with a solution of baking soda. Next door is kept open for ventilation for several hours.

If you look, that have not so difficult in the refrigerator fresh air. If you take into service the points listed in Article, you can get rid of bad smell.

folk ways

Getting rid of the smell of the refrigerator traditional methods.
priority - disconnect the equipment from the network, remove content and how to wash all the walls, shelves, camera, seal and even drain hose and drip tray. Not only household cleaning! Use soda solution or acetic, this will save your health. A further use those means, which is most suitable to you: special agent (absorbents) from the store or one of the popular methods:

  1. A slice of black bread dry on each shelf, near the product (for not very strong odors).
  2. raw potato, cut in half (leave there, near the product).
  3. pack of soda on the bottom shelf (on 3-4 of the week).
  4. Coffee milled grain or rice groats.
  5. citrus peel.
  6. The ideal tool - half a lemon, filled soda.
  7. Activated carbon. Crush tablets and forty, pour into a container, leave on the shelf. After a few weeks it will be possible to hold the coal in the oven 10-15 minutes and used as adsorbent again.
  8. Vinegar. Mix it up 1 k-1 his. Leave the glass with a solution or impregnated wadding them for a couple of hours in the chamber, then ventilate it.
  9. sal ammoniac. Tablespoon per gallon of water facilities. Act, both in circuit with vinegar.
  10. Lemon vodka (1:10)