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Today we will focus on kitchen furniture, talk about, what kind of material used to make the facades of kitchen furniture. Furniture first catches the eye, When guests come to the kitchen, so this part of the interior is given so much attention. Classic kitchen sets are executed on a framework or structure of plate.

Before, how to choose the panel should find out, what are aluminum facades and how this element design. To the extent possible to insert a variety of materials:

  • MDF;
  • DSP;
  • Glass;

It is because of the last point, Frameworks Facades of aluminum were called frameworks. Plus the use of several materials and produce multiple layers is to increase strength, aluminum profile with wood will last a long time.

Correctly select facade

Choosing furniture for the kitchen and for the aluminum profile facade kitchen in the first place, pay attention to the appearance of kitchen furniture, compare design with the rest of the bathroom, floor and wall coverings.

Facades of aluminum
Varieties kitchen facade profiles

Proceeding from the above, it becomes clear, Facades of aluminum are under:

  • glass;
  • hardboard;
  • MDF;
  • DSP.

Transparent option is incomparably more beautiful, but pay attention to the size of the furniture, a width and thickness suitable material better.

When you select a note, that kitchen furniture is used daily, facade in aluminum frame, choose sturdy and reliable. In this case, the strength of an important attribute and pay it due attention. Therefore, keep in mind when making a choice, that the selected area must always be resistant to physical and chemical influences, easily and effortlessly wash using weak synthetic detergents.

But the main factor, which is ahead of the others in importance - is, How much does a kitchen in aluminum profile. Price of the issue depends on the size of the product, the materials used and the quality of the final product. In specialty stores offers a catalog to choose from, there are familiar with the different price offers. Note, which is the same dimensions of different materials spend different amounts of cash.

Homemade kitchen fronts of aluminum profiles

Consider the most accessible version of the manufacture of kitchen doors with aluminum profile, which actually buy, and perform their own hands, you must determine the materials and manufacturers, to eventually obtain an acceptable cost.

The edge of the door

At the beginning of framework aluminum profile for facades cropped, to take into account the thickness of the future molding. Aluminum frame for facades in this case is measured by the length of the upper plate, this method is more reliable than other. If the cut to such a method not turn, then cut off for longer than the thickness Molding.

end edge
Types of the end edge invoice

If the door is equal to the length 600 mm , angle and thickness 2 millimeter, it turns out, aluminum profile which for kitchen fronts under glass is 604 mm.
These 2 mm multiplied by two, because, that added millimeters on each side. In the future, they will help fit the profile of the door corners.

It is important to cut a clear and steady angle 45 degrees, then the surface of the ends to make a smooth turn and without unnecessary gaps.

After that, as an aluminum profile for kitchen fronts carved, prepared by molding remains securely on the surface of the furniture. Facades in aluminum profiles easily and quickly mounted on the glue.

After all, if you try to twist the screws and hammer nails, it is likely, that you damage the product and an aluminum profile lost look. Installation carried out without applying any extra efforts, so that nothing is broken.

It turns out, that in this way the kitchen are covered with aluminum edge on each side. It remains to solve the last problem: as a cover joint when each of the strips become fixed and the joint bulges. To this did not happen in advance to dock the two strips so, to the latest profiles of both steel angle. Secure each joint without you get rid of ugly corners at the ends countertops.

As seen, assemble the door with the teams of corners easily, Only kindly requested to pick up the angle, where to get a normal dock surface.

There is a wide range of different designs of aluminum profiles, This will allow everyone to find a suitable option for the finished interior of the kitchen.

See a video about the different types of installation end aluminum edges