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What better cleaning kitchen

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The choice of cleaning kitchen, at first sight, think such, that is not worth the attention. "Well, what is there to look closely?"- thinks Philistine, - "the main thing, so that was cheap and lasts a long time!"In view of the, that has been available many models of different materials, I think there is something. And the purchase of the selection criteria will depend not only on the cost of the, but also on the functional characteristics and external data instance. So what sinks best for the kitchen.

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Key Selection Criteria

Research tells us, that two-thirds of cases in the kitchen connected with the kitchen sink. If it is selected properly, cooking for the hostess can be a trial.

What sink for the kitchen can be considered the best? There is no correct answer to this question does not exist, but there are recommendations, to help make the right choice:

  1. First, determine with the kitchen style, and then proceed to the choice of accessories. Otherwise there is a risk, it will not work to the interior.
  2. Take care of her roominess, because to be washed dishes and kitchen utensils of different sizes.
  3. The surface of the bowl must be resistant to temperature extremes, mechanical damage and detergents.
  4. Think, how often do you use the sink? What are you doing there? Do I need any extra bowl? The answers to these questions will help to deal with the shell size and the number of bowls for your kitchen.

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The size and depth

shell size, It depends on parameters catering, and only then on the wishes of the owners. Sinks for kitchen with several bowls can hardly fit in a small kitchen. Option in this case would be the corner sink. It will enable efficient distribution of kitchen space.


Recommended depth of the kitchen sink within ─ 15-18 cm. If you choose a deeper bowl, will have tilted, which can lead to back problems in the future. In small bowl you can not put a bucket, to pour water, or high wash pot. Besides, spray will always fly on the wall and work surface.

The height of the countertop

Worktop height is not less important parameter when choosing a product. Person, which enjoys a sink, for a certain time is at one and the same position. If you place an accessory low, eventually start back pain, if high - will hurt your hands from holding on weight.

Form wash

Best cleaning depending on the form is determined solely by the taste of the consumer. But still, there are some guidelines for choosing.

before, we consider them, you need to determine, which forms the shells offer manufacturers:

    1. standard: rectangular, square, round, oval, triangular.
    2. custom: product unusual shapes.

By selecting the shape of the kitchen sink, look, whether it fits the style, which is decorated kitchen interior. It is important to think about the convenience of.

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In addition to options with one bowl, offered models with multiple bowls. Over the sink with one bowl convenient care, but when she is busy cooking utensils, wash vegetables or fruit becomes a little problematic. In this case, better to take a model with two bowls. you can not just wash products in the additional compartment, but defrost them. washing, having three bowls, We will work center of your kitchen.


Depending on the installation method, Kitchen sinks are overlaid and inset. The first embodiment is superimposed on the cabinet top and serves as a countertop. waybill sink do not require special installation skills. We need to put it on a stand and bend bumpers.

Flush inserted into a hole cut in the worktop. Installation options may be few: countertop, underneath or on the same level. Seldom integrated sink, which are arranged flush with top. Their installation is better to entrust the hands of professionals.

The most common materials for sinks

Consider the types of sinks for the kitchen, depending on the materials, from which they are made. Which is better for washing dishes - decide, Based on the characteristics.

Stainless steel sinks

Sinks of stainless steel available and versatile. Find accessory made from this material can be for any interior. It does not corrode, damage and the action of heat. Specific shine sink received through components ─ nickel and chromium. Such a surface is easy to operate. Even abrasive cleaners will not cause her harm.

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Deep cleaning for stainless steel kitchens have one drawback ─ noise. Modern technologies allow to get rid of this problem,. The sale is made of thick steel accessories, a bowl in which a thick layer of processed sound absorbing material. The shells of stainless steel have different finishes:

  1. Glossy stainless steel less resistant to damage, her visible scratches and dents.
  2. Brushed stainless steel is not subjected to polishing, which reduces its cost.
  3. Corrugated suitable for interior of any kitchen. Her invisible scratches and stains from water.

Council! To choose a sink made of stainless steel for the kitchen, use the magnet. On a quality surface it will slide.

Copper and bronze sinks

Such sinks for the kitchen can afford not everyone. But the high cost of goods is justified. They have anti-bacterial properties, easy to care for, rich look. Suitable for interior, made in classic style.

Copper sinks are easily distinguished from the others through the brilliant coating. Bronze models often done by hand, if you want it is attached to the effect of aging.

Enameled cast iron sinks

Cast iron is still used for the production of kitchen sinks. There were high-end models, which in appearance and properties are not inferior to more well-known materials. Enameled surface sinks are durable, resistant to scratches, easy to care for them. But one drawback is still there ─ they are afraid of heavy mechanical stress.

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ceramic sinks

ceramic sinks Kitchen made way, wherein the ceramic is added to the granite chips. This allows us to give the product strength. This sink is not afraid to temperature changes and external damage, do not miss the noise. A large number of colors will pick up option, suitable for almost any kitchen decor. The main disadvantage is the high weight of the product. Besides, establish such washing their hands will be difficult. Great price ─ one more of the disadvantages of ceramic sinks for the kitchen. It costs six times higher, than that of stainless steel.

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Buy a model of ceramic only in stores, who provide quality certificates. To purchase a quality shell, Tap on it. If the sound zvonkiy─ before you high-end sample.

stone wash

They began to enjoy wide popularity stone cleaning for kitchen. Such shells impressive list of their advantages. They are made from environmentally friendly materials, easy to clean, resistant to temperature extremes, absorbs sound. A wide range of sinks made of artificial stone is impressive. The only negative sinks made of composite material ─ high cost.

main components stone sinks for kitchen ─ stone polymeric crumb and binder resins. Stone filler possible in three options: quartz sand, granite or marble chips. Based on this, Composite sinks for the kitchen are quartz, granite and marble. Quartz sinks for the kitchen - the best budget option.

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The color scheme of the shells made of artificial stone mimics natural shades of natural stone. The bulk of the product with a matte finish, but there are also versions with metallic effect.

Models of natural stone hit the beauty and naturalness of its forms. In addition to the high prices they have another drawback ─ complexity of care. Recommended time in six months, to update them on the protective coating. Such surfaces are unstable to the action of aggressive cleaning agents. Sink should be washed after each use.

Choosing a stone sink ─ it is not an easy one. You should be alerted, if you offer to buy a product at a price, much lower, than the well-known manufacturers. Probably, it's a fake.

Shell tempered glass

Glass models are made of tempered glass, capable of withstanding heavy loads. But such surfaces require careful care. They are afraid of boiling water and abrasive tools. It is necessary periodically to wash them with warm water or by means of special glasses care. metal cleaning Kitchen Practical and cheap, than its fragile "sister".

The supplement the kitchen sink?

On one or both sides of the shell can be placed drier, or as it is more in another wing called. It serves not only for drying washed dishes. You can put the food or put hot pans with food.

the sink is often recommended to purchase additional accessories:

  • waste shredder;
  • soap dispenser;
  • cutting boards;
  • sets graters;
  • baskets for washing vegetables and fruits.

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Specialists recommend to get plumbing kitchen accessories in certified sales points. So you get a quality product and save. Do not be tempted to buy supposedly brand product at a low price in the markets and small shops. They are filled with low-quality fakes. Choose a sink for the kitchen made of different materials and can be online in the online store.

Rating kitchen sinks

Best firms, producing sinks for the kitchen, more than a year working to improve their quality and design. The most famous - Franke, White, Puzzle, Smeg, shock, Pyramis, Longran, Gran Fest. Washings for kitchen Smeg received the "Product 2014 Year "among kitchen accessories and supplies.

What models are popular this year? Introducing rating of kitchen sinks:

  1. Teka Classic 1B 1D;
  2. Blanko Mini Honeycombs;
  3. Franke Sirius SID 611-78;
  4. Teka Basico 79 1B 1D;
  5. Franke Polar PXN 611-60;
  6. Franke Basis BFG 651-78;
  7. White Rondonal Blanco Rondoval;
  8. Teka Classic 1B;
  9. Teka DR 77 1B 1D;
  10. Franke Polar PXN 611-78.

What kind of cleaning is better to choose for the kitchen? She must be, Firstly, functional, aesthetically appealing and affordable in terms of price. Only then you should pay attention to popularity and popular brand manufacturer. Remember, not always an accessory from an unknown manufacturer worse goods advertised competitor, Basic requirements - products must have a certificate of quality.