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Corner kitchen sink is very convenient— it is an indisputable fact

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Selection of kitchen furniture simple matter - because the food in the kitchen preparing at least twice a day. A sink and did a key place for cooking, because without it can not do, even when you decide to drink tea. In order not to suffer from the inconvenient access to the tap, you need to carefully select the design of washing. Sink in the corner of the kitchen - a variant, which is worth considering in more detail.

corner sink
In the corner all get practical

Corner kitchen sink as an element of the interior

Corner sink in the kitchen - a convenient and ergonomic version of workplace. In small rooms it provides an opportunity to use functional wall on either side of it. This is true for apartments or houses with the angular output of communications - for the approach to the usual shell, which is still located in the corner, should be a clear space. Therefore, if you choose corner kitchen for small spaces, that such an arrangement immediately removes the problem of the approach and the loss of usable area.

Corner kitchen sink

Also suitable corner kitchen sinks and large kitchens - the location in the center of the L-shaped work area reduces the distance, that the mistress had to take place during cooking.

What to look for when choosing a corner sink

On the countertop around the sink splashes fall, so the hostess fear for her appearance. In this case, you can immediately do around cleaning table made of stainless steel for the kitchen - this surface is easy to wipe, it does not deteriorate from moisture.


The optimum depth of the sink - 20 cm, when properly selected gander mixer it is possible to wash all the dishes almost without problems, used in the home kitchen.

Since the location of the sink in the kitchen corner suggests, that the valve is in the depths, it is more convenient to use a mixer, which is mounted on the countertop, and not on rock.

Modern manufacturers have attachments, are not included. Shelf stainless steel angle can be supplemented with fishnet for washing fruits and vegetables, Stand for utensils or cutting board, a suitable shape to the sink. This makes the countertop and the sink itself into a multifunctional workspace, It leaves other surface and facilitates cooking.

sink stainless steel

The shape of the bowl is set

Although rectangular sink is used most often, does not necessarily limit your choice. They are round or oval, triangular or, how else to call, in the form of an arrow. triangular bowl, located in a corner with no approach, uncomfortable, as always have to reach crane. better to choose Pedestal sink with a separate door under the sink, under an angle of 45 ° to adjacent desks. If the countertop is narrow, then round the cup - the best option, which saves space.

Double sink corner kitchen has advantages over single, especially in a small kitchen. After all place a double sink on plain surface - thus reduce the already small workspace. Whereas double sink stainless steel kitchen, located in the corner, It frees up other surfaces. double Corner sinks may have different shapes, blend into a space on the table top surface.

Sink made of tin

Do not forget, that a corner sink deeper box, what gets a hand. Therefore, it is best used to store infrequently used items, or to take care of the special pull-out shelves, which will facilitate access.

Advantages of stainless steel sinks

Traditionally used in the kitchen metal sink - they are durable, unbreakable or shatter when struck accidentally, easily washed.

Enameled metal sinks already relegated to the past, although in some places this rarity can still be found. But corner sink stainless steel kitchen consistently enjoy great popularity.

steel washing

Unlike enamel, they are much easier to use. Among their advantages include:

  • low weight;
  • a variety of forms, which can make the sink and surrounding surfaces;
  • heat resistance and strength;
  • resistance to acids and abrasives;
  • easy care.

However, corner sink stainless steel kitchen has some drawbacks. She is:

  • thunders the current of water on it;
  • easily covered with scratches in contact with sharp objects;
  • loses its luster, if not wipe dry after washing.

clean washing

These drawbacks do not affect the functionality of, they no longer belong to the category of aesthetic.

But what really affects, to the kitchen sink angular Stainless served long - is the thickness of the steel and the manufacturing method. The thickness of the metal sheet for the product quality should be within 0,6 — 1,2 mm. Since the steel alloy composition comprises chromium and nickel, the real stainless steel will not attract the magnet. So you can check, responds whether the composition of the steel sheet norm.

In the method of producing stainless steel sinks also vary. Weld are more expensive and less rattle on water, but the presence of several joints violates their appearance. However, in modern shells welded seams so carefully polished, that they are almost invisible. Such a corner sink, stainless steel must have at least one wing, to use the space beside her for dishes or products.

double sink
Double sink - it is very convenient

One-piece washer is made of a sheet steel stamping with a special. The disadvantages of previously treated solid sinks excessive gulkost and a small depth of the bowl, but now manufacturers have found a way to make the shell 25 cm deep. A noise problem takes special sound absorbing lining, which is attached to the underside of the shell.

Caring for stainless steel sink Blanco

  1. That it has always been brilliant, it should be washed after use, and then wipe dry.
  2. Once every two days, it is desirable to wash the sink with a mild detergent and wipe with vegetable oil, which will help maintain the desired gloss steel.
  3. Since steel is sensitive to scratches, Do not clean the sink with sharp objects: nails, with a file, hard scourers.
  4. It is undesirable to use aggressive detergents, acid, alkalis, bleaches or abrasives - they will not cause irreparable harm, but sink may lose its luster.
  5. To clean the stainless steel from the heavy pollution, sufficient to fill the sink with water and vinegar (4:1) on 2 o'clock, and then wash with a sponge and detergent.


Anchoring: whether the value of the size of

Sinks different mode of installation. Overhead sinks are mounted on the counter top and fixed flanges. Because stand for them may not have worktops.

Mortise sink mounted directly in the countertop. It looks nice, However, installation of a corner sink in the kitchen requires precision and skill in such work.


A relatively new method of installing sinks - underbench, when the sink is firmly attached under the table top, being as it were a continuation of its. Besides excellent design, this sink in the corner does not clutter the countertop redundant structures, which increases the work surface on the kitchen table. However, in order to properly and reliably connect the sink to countertop, better to invite a professional to perform the installation.

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