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Blanco kitchen sinks made of artificial stone and other materials

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One-third of its life in the kitchen hostess conditions. Modern appliances and equipment are intended as facilitating factors for farming. Here there is a justified question - the kitchen sink Blanco differ from products of similar firms.

Blanco Kitchen sink is ideal for modern design
Blanco Kitchen sink is ideal for modern design

Variety of kitchen sinks companies Blanco: metra 6, silgranit, Dalan 5, subline 500 in, zia 45 s, Ronde, kind 45 s mini, basic, andano, flex, nova, honeycombs mini, elon xl 6 s, lexa 8

Blanco sinkGerman Blanco sinks for the kitchen are a number of differences from similar products of other manufacturers. One of them - the production of high-quality modern materials:

  • SILGRANIT Pure stop - камень, grown in vitro, which is produced by modern methods with the use of European high-tech equipment.
  • stainless steel. The company offers an innovative range.
  • Ceramics. Hygienic and representative models of kitchen equipment.

These materials have positive and negative sides. Price characteristic in direct proportion to the design solution and the raw material used. Acquired production version still depends on the individual preferences of potential buyers, and from the stylistic direction of the interior space of the kitchen.

A natural stone

Sink Blanco granite kitchen is not suitable for every kitchen interior, but only for sophisticated and high-end. They are expensive things, but pricing is the only negative side.

Sink Blanco stone

Granite sinks are characterized by very high strength and long-life. care of them simple, mechanical damage, they are not afraid.

In appearance of granite sinks mean stunning and retain the original charm during operation. It looks great in the interior with a classic style. In accordance with the described advantages of granite wash Blanco popular and sophisticated Affluents.

Fake diamond

Too attractive and high-quality look sink made of artificial stone Blanco. They are distinguished by environmental friendliness and durability. Models of this material is resistant to household chemicals, therefore care sink made of artificial stone simple. Wide palette and a variety of forms to help you choose the appropriate option for the discerning buyer. Sink made of artificial stone It can be combined with different designer-style cuisine, This option is especially pertinent to the interior in the "country" style.

beautiful sink Blanco

The cost of kitchen sinks made of artificial stone Blanco is not quite low, but, quality and distinctive features to justify this lack. Especially, if it is a constant and frequent use.

The composition of the artificial stone comprises the following components:

  1. Glass fiber - a material, ensuring compliance and refined form of products.
  2. polymer resins, imparting water repellent characteristics. They are safe for the human body.
  3. crumb of granite (quartz sand), ensure crashworthiness. They have a wide palette of colors.
  4. Acrylic, Isomers - Components, that bind and form the shape of the product.

Color products formed granite crumb color. recommended remember: Crumb is green, gray or pearly shades, sand - cream or yellow.

Sink Blanco headset

SILGRANIT Pura Dur produced in accordance with the process Hygiene + Plus, Consequently, the conditions for the minimum rate of reproduction of pathogenic microbes on the surface of the sink (antibacterial properties). For the same reason sinks Blanco characteristic and dirt repellent.

Stainless steel

Sinks Blanco stainless steel are characterized by long-life, durability and easy care of them. Stainless steel sink has a strong and spectacular view, so it will be combined perfectly in the kitchen in "modern" style. It is easily installed in any other kitchen interior to the presence of metal elements.

Common lines is of stainless steel sinks and Attica Claron. They are made of "Medical steel", consisting of an alloy of several metals.

stylish kitchen sink blanco

Production of stainless steel is characterized by a set of positive qualities:

  • Resistant to corrosion processes.
  • Resistant to temperature changes.
  • Her inherent strength and durability.
  • Steel is inert to the action of abrasive cleansers, hygienic.

The usual care sinks made of stainless steel is practically difficult, It claims to be a special approach. In this case, a means for cleaning a stainless steel selected specific, without the presence of abrasive components. In contrast to such sinks Blanco stainless steel sinks have this drawback. The firm has developed two innovative and model proposed:

  1. "Decor" model - a rough surface with convex seats. Because of this invisible defects and traces of liquid.elegant sink blanco
  2. Model with a smooth surface. They are characteristic of water repellency. View only effective. New sink Blanco Dana good fit in any interior of the apartment (including small-sized). It is the large deep bowl and availability of accessories (eg, Blanco Kitchen Faucet) provide comfort in use. Sound absorbing coating the shell creates a silent aqueous stream.

but, stainless steels are characterized by significant shortcomings:

  • In operation, the traces are formed on the surface and drips from flowing liquids after drying.
  • On the plane there are subtle defects after a while of time.

custom kitchen sink blanco


The main place of manufacture of shells of ceramic material - Company in Istanbul. They are extremely pleasing tactile. Such models are produced on lines Axon, Subline, Panor.

This is the most hygienic material for the production version of the sinks. These models are the perfect complement to a variety of kitchen interior.

Technical characteristics of the ceramic articles include the following set of properties:

  • Resistance to defects (scratch, fractures) and discolor during operation.
  • In the product retains its original color and texture state under the influence of strong high and low temperatures.
  • The surface hygienic and harmless to the ecological sense.
  • Water flows over the surface of the shell in the form of droplets due to the texture of the material, which allows not to leave streaks after drying.
  • Products amenable to easy cleaning with cheap detergents.


ceramics - hygienic materials for the manufacture of products of the kitchen purpose. By purchasing a ceramic shell, It recommended to remember: with strong mechanical action on the plane of the article appears sometimes defect.

Wide range of sizes

Blanco Kitchen sink produced in a wide range DIMENSIONAL. This makes it possible to select the optimum Sink into a large and a small kitchen. For the latest in the company's catalog offers the buyer sinks Blanco small size. They are difficult to wash large cookware (pan, pans), but in this case it is necessary to sacrifice something, because washing large size often does not fit in a small kitchen. For spacious kitchens choice Blanco sinks very large. There will be appropriate and large wide washbasin, and washing with the presence of two bowls.

long kitchen

Variety shape

Corporate directory offers a great diversity of kitchen sinks Blanco. Select the product can be even the most refined taste. Brand has to offer rectangular, square, round, oval, corner sink and also washing of irregular shape.

When choosing the form it is recommended to remember: most comfortable in use are round, square and rectangular sinks. Installing Blanco sinks angular shape is conducted usually in an area with a small kitchen. They occupy a small area, but they are characterized by large capacity. Oval shape or custom designs provide a decorative function. As a skilled design course in exquisite interiors and innovative observed washing similar forms.

double sink Blanco

configuration options

According to the construction and trading company offers three types of car wash installation, they determine the aesthetic perception and obschegigienicheskih model properties:

  • Overhead.
  • Mortise.
  • Integrated.

Each type of installation is characterized by advantages and disadvantages.

kombirirovannaya sink Blanco

Overhead: how to attach a siphon

It provides for the presence of floor cabinets. On top of the surface of the stone is worn sink. Installation is allowed and on their own, because the full information about the installation is easy to find in the enclosed instructions. The process is simple:

  1. To determine the size and surface cleaning for the installation and mounting.
  2. Place on the surface.
  3. Attach the drain hose to the siphon.
  4. Fit the mixer and connected to the existing water supply system in the room.
  5. Cracks and gaps between the bowl and the worktop special waterproof seal the recommended weight. After a while it becomes possible to wet mastic, which will lead to liquid penetration into the gaps. Waterproofing is recommended to restore at least once a year.

Blanco sink with stand

Waybill kitchen sink in the interior used in the headset, wherein the pedestal protrudes a separate element. It is not particularly popular, and less in demand construction, Unlike bite type.


Made of different materials, bite type suitable for cleaning the kitchen countertop space with a single. Here we recommend professional installation. However, handwritten installation also permissible. In this type of installation is not necessary to penetrate into the table top all kinds of openings. In this case, it can be mounted under the sink countertop made of artificial stone, wood, stainless Steel, laminated chipboard, plastic and even glass. With this arrangement does not occur and the gap clearances between the shell and the lid section. It belongs to the more comfortable models of sinks.

Flush kitchen sink Blanco
Flush kitchen sink Blanco is ideal for kitchen design


Blanco sinks of this type are mounted above the level of, below or flush with the surface of the table. Due to the possibility to change the level they are well combined with different design, which provides two-level floors or suites with different levels. Another advantage of this type of acts likely to install additional parts Furnishing (waste bins, dishwashers with different height) beneath the surface.


Undecided dishwashing room interior elements for cooking, should pay attention to kitchen sinks Blanco. Brand manifested itself in the Russian Federation as a serious and binding seller of high quality products in high pricing and product design with a huge range of.

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