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Advantages and disadvantages of small kitchen sinks: the most important thing

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in the kitchen small flat hard called smart or even normal in size. But its repair will be cheaper, than in a large room, and the cost of furniture will go minimal. small round cleaning kitchen It will be due to the need to, not a whim. But do not be discouraged about it, because you can make a choice in favor of minimalism and primarily choose the right sink for the kitchen.

Small kitchen
Small room is really large arena for fantasy

corner, oval and other forms of sinks

Flight design ideas and suggestions offer consumers the convenience of shells of various shapes. Classical sink - is a square or rectangular product with rounded corners. But there are other, sometimes even exotic forms of sinks.round sink in small kitchen

custom shell practical forms, eg, round kitchen sink stainless steel physically and visually takes up less space, than the square, and roominess is different.

Artificial stone sinkSmall dimensions of the kitchen space put the hosts in front torments choice of furniture and other kitchen utensils, including shells. Small kitchen with corner sink - an acceptable solution to the problem in a small room. However, more often in such large sets mounted sink classical form. But with a lack of space on a shell have to give. Practical to install a small kitchen sink with one bowl is not a classic square shape.

Oval sink for the kitchen of roominess is not inferior to the rectangular, It takes up little space and visually appears smaller than its size.

If your kitchen has a corner sink with a pedestal, priori that such an option is to use the space under the sink to the maximum. Usually, angle at the junction is still not involved, because in this case the best corner sinks for the kitchen - it is with two bowls. These sinks are not just a good solution to the problems with space - they look beautiful and extraordinary.

Corner sinks are practical:

  • saves space, because this sink takes up less space, than standard;
  • It uses the space under the product, where you can store the pan, household chemicals or install buckets for garbage under the sink;
  • angular sink suitable for hostess - is not required to overcome the distance from the refrigerator, or to wash the plate or working surface - all next, "at hand".

The compact kitchen little workspace, so the hosts have to settle for a small sink. Round sink in small kitchen - it is a great option, because the shell of another form would take much more space. Of course, for a family of five people is not the best choice, but for young couples with one child little round sink for the kitchen is a perfectly acceptable option.

round sink
Round model must be combined with the overall style of the kitchen

Modern materials you can make any size sink, shape and depth, but the kitchen design should take into account when it is selected and look, sink to blend in with your home decor.

As corner sink for a small kitchen, and other products can be classified depending on the possible installation options. Models of the materials described above may be presented in several forms.

  • False - they are installing on a pedestal, the cover. Such a product would be an excellent option for the furniture designs of modular type.
  • Mortise - these parts protrude above the surface of the table and can be mounted to table tops, for which it cuts a hole.
  • Embedded components - a rare type of kitchen units, which are established only master. Are more expensive. products, mounted under the table top. This method promotes hygiene and ease of use.


product assembly process does not depend on the size or depth of the bowl, and the sink type. Both standard and small sinks for the kitchen are mounted equally. Sinks are divided by type of overhead, Mortise and integrated.

Overhead sinks used in inexpensive kitchen sets. To install, put the bowl on top of cabinets, or attached, using bumpers. This method is used when replacing one model to another shell. But this option is not very hygienic, because water can seep into the gaps.

Mortise sink is used in cases, when you need a good waterproofing. Inset sink - common and aesthetic installation view. Sink cut into the worktop of such material, as a tree, granite, marble or artificial stone. Box products in stone countertops available, but labor-intensive.

This installation method should only be a specialist, on its own is unlikely to cope. The complexity of installation is, that the sink is installed either below countertop level, or strictly on it. And it does take a very scrupulously, carefully and correctly take your measurements for holes under the bowl. But it is the most beautiful way to sink installation: set is guaranteed to look stylish and expensive.

Installing the washing
Set the washing sector with their hands, everyone can

Accessories and design

To work in the kitchen was fun and not too tiring, modern kitchens equipped with accessories and household appliances. for example, food waste grinder for sinks It helps eliminate organic residues and to minimize the "hiking" with garbage bags, Dishwasher own washing dishes, on the dryer dries dishes, and dispensers for detergents for the kitchen help to make efficient use of household chemicals.

In addition to electrical and mechanical equipment, Fill a small kitchen, but essential things: baskets, grilles and other trifles. Naturally, "the queen of small kitchen appliances" - board for cutting of products. She appeared in everyday housewives certainly with the emergence of the kitchen.

Of great importance for giving the selected style kitchen has a design furniture and all the objects, who are there. As for the sinks, here there are some interesting items: triangular, heart-shaped and asymmetrical sinks. style development kit practical product design finds. A striking example of this is with draining washing dishes.

In addition to sinks, of course, not left without attention to design accessories: mixers, mesh feeders for drying dishes or vegetables, cutting boards. In this case, the manufacturers of imagination has no boundaries. Even demanding and picky buyer something to catch the fancy.

Shells are completed with such devices, a tap for drinking water, a container for drying vegetables, Placemat, cutting board, Extension for filling water dishes outside the car wash.

kitchen dispenser

Relatively kitchen dispensers for detergent recently appeared. Thing is very comfortable, practical and not expensive. But before, how to buy the detergent dispenser in the kitchen, should identify, how often will apply dispenser. In the presence of the dishwasher dispenser will use much less, than in its absence, because quite simply determine the required volume of the dispenser.

kitchen dispensers

With the dispenser detergent washing dishes becomes simple, easy and even fun activities. Using the dispenser, detergent is consumed twice as slowly and not get food on the table or.

Production of shells - a process, put on stream, and companies engaged in them, which use advanced and sophisticated technology. But to install the sink for a small kitchen on forces not even for an expert. The mechanism is quite simple, equally easy to install as a large sink, and the smallest sink.

To do this, you need to follow some simple manipulations:

  1. Marker on the table top plane of the patterns outlined the contours to cut holes.
  2. Anywhere line drilled a hole for, to insert the nail file jigsaw.
  3. To saw through the planned part of the countertop.
  4. In the hole insert a sink and apply sealant around the perimeter of its contact with the worktop.
  5. Press down on the time to sink countertop, and remove excess sealant.

Regardless of the type of, the size and depth of washing, it necessarily is equipped with hydraulic valves. Simply put - siphon. Siphon the valve for sinks - a special sanitary product, which prevents sewer "flavor" to enter the room through a hole in the sink. Water inside the bulb siphon tube insulates the air from kitchen sewage smells, but does not prevent fluid drain from the sink. Recently, a siphon for sinks became element of the interior, therefore, went on sale design siphons. other on a practical kitchen arrangement advice.

The dispenser for detergent
The dispenser must be serviceable and reliable

Leading manufacturers of kitchen sinks

stainless sink Kitchen remains the requested object for many years. And it's not only a loyal price - stainless steel material practical, easy to clean, It requires a minimum of care, hygienic and does not absorb odors.

Stainless steel can withstand sudden changes in temperature, rigid uninterrupted operation and effects of household chemicals. This material most the requested worldwide for the production of kitchen sinks.

The main producers of shells:

  1. Omoikir. Company omoikir manufacturing activity since 1981. The Japanese company produces kitchen sinks and faucets. Kitchen sink omoikir - is design a work of art, It does the job in the kitchen simple and comfortable. All the products, even small sink for the kitchen, is beauty, convenience, grace, elegance paired with Japanese nature, traditions, architecture and history. Material, from which it is produced the company's products (copper, bronze, granite, stainless steel) undergoes special anti-bacterial heat treatment and is absolutely not dangerous to human health.
  2. Ukinox. The company produces high-quality sinks for the kitchen made of stainless steel, as well as accessories for them: roof rails, different types of mixers, metal baskets, cutting boards, traps, etc.. Manufactured models with matte and polished surfaces, and also with an innovative "linen" coated. Stainless steel sink for the kitchen - a perfect balance of price to quality. Kitchen sink ukinox - beautiful, practical (metal thickness to 1.2 mm) and safe to use (edges of each wash processed by a special technology, eliminating cuts and injuries).
  3. M This firm, which positions itself, as a manufacturer of inexpensive kitchen sinks made of granite and stainless steel for the middle-class consumers. Dignity sinks Matteo - manufacture of bowls is not a traditional pulling or punching, and welding the whole using technology. The bowls have the same thickness over the entire surface, which means, that in-service kitchen sink matteo just physically can not burst.

Мойка Omoikiri
Design a beautiful sink will give beauty to your room

What is the shredder for washing and how to choose

Kitchen - is not only a refrigerator, gas stove and sink. It is several tens mechanisms, facilitate the work of the hostess. One of these adaptations, is a kitchen sink chopper - mechanical or electrical device, designed to eliminate organic food waste.

Flowing or dispouzer performs a number of useful features:

  • eliminates unpleasant odors from a room and food residues;
  • It supports the hygiene in the kitchen;
  • lets not get clogged sewers and stay clean;
  • It saves time for taking out the trash.

But one drawback it has: in case of waste entering, with which the shredder can not handle (large bones, metal, glass) - it is locked and "revive" it can only master.

Before selecting dispouzera must take into account some factors. First of all, the availability of free space under the sink (no less 40 cm). Secondly, you need to calculate the amount of work, which subsequently have to handle the chopper, and, Leave this, decide which unit to buy (mechanical or electrical), with a power and with what volume of the working chamber.

dispouzerFlowing with power 560 W is able to grind even small bones, but it is quite economical. Looking at the poor quality of tap water is most advantageous to acquire dispouzer to the working chamber of stainless steel.

Advantages of small sinks weight. This is the only opportunity to apply the cleaning in the interior of minimalism style, aesthetic appearance, easy installation and acceptable amount of bowls.

The lack of small car wash is, they will look in the kitchen with a large area is not in harmony. However, such a statement is relative - it all depends on the style and cuisine of the interior. It may be, that a small sink in the large kitchen - is a logical solution design ideas.