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Sinks of stainless steel: the most important thing

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Mistresses spend much time in the kitchen. Therefore, they provide a space functional work areas. Sinks in the process occupy the last place. range of diverse, but most selects stainless steel products. It is a sturdy product,, wherein no high price.

Cleaning of stainless steel in the kitchen
Stainless steel - excellent material, which has been successfully used in the kitchen

Kitchen Sink Stainless steel is the local and foreign production. This element is required even in the presence of the dishwasher. The shell has advantages, It saves budget and comes in many forms, to maintain the style.

Information about the producers

High reputation endowed with European suppliers. Kitchen sink stainless steel Zorg Czech production laconic, sustained in a simple style. European products based on environmental, therefore their operation is safe. They meet the highest quality standards. Negative - they are expensive. However, the price pays for durability and comfort of operation.

Sinks for the kitchen made of stainless steel Russian production is also not inferior in quality. The market is full of interesting products. Most of the products are made according to European or American technology, but the Russian equipment. There are many varieties, range of different forms of, dimensions, quality and price.

Sinks for kitchen Stainless Zaporizhstal Ukrainian production is also supplied to the Russian market. They are competitive due to the cost of. The cheapness of the product is not greatly affect the quality of. The range varies according to the forms, dimensions, the number of bowls, etc.. All products meet health and safety standards, consumer, operational requirements and state standards.

Sink Stainless Zorg
Washing Zorg - a very well known brand in its own direction

Pros and cons of stainless steel sinks

Mortice, integrated and overhead sink kitchen stainless steel have advantages:

  1. price. Cheapness is focused even on modern technological products;
  2. Resistance to mechanical, shock resistant. there is a coating, protects against corrosion. Steel - plastic, so dishes on impact with the surface likely to remain intact;
  3. Mortice, shells overhead on the table, integrated products easy to care for. To clean the product using a sponge;
  4. Resistance to temperature changes. If you pour the hot water into the sink, it did not happen;
  5. Environmentally friendly. When interacting with the household cleaning product is safe to use;
  6. Durability. Flush, and integrated consignment sink for the kitchen for a long time remain attractive;
  7. Versatility. Stainless steel - the material, allowing at the lowest cost to create something customized. Even finished products will join harmoniously into the interior.

Stainless steel is easy to become a part of modern design

Finished washing are available in standard sizes. Therefore, any accessories, as the chopper for the kitchen sink, fit.

Among the drawbacks noted noise, which is eliminated by using the sealant during installation quality silicone based.

Types of installation method

Fitting method depends, which is made of stainless steel sink; The same factor determines its shape, dimensions and other parameters. There is the following classification by type of installation:

  • Overhead sinks for the kitchen made of stainless steel. It is intended for washing dishes, vegetables, but also serves as a table top. method budget, easy installation. But practicality is minimal, tk. the gaps gets wet;
  • Flush. Installation of this equipment shall have no difficulties, but will have to work hard. The product is incorporated into the countertop, made larger in area, than the required working surface. Ensures ease of use, practicality, functionality. Special aesthetic properties no, It is suitable for most modern styles (modern, high tech, minimalism and similar);
  • The integrated stainless steel sink. Expensive way to install. But the opportunities - vast. Installation possible on different levels. It fits perfectly in any design and style concept. Runs above and / or below the tabletop surface, curbstones. It is impossible to mount without special skills;
  • underbench. There is a performance match with integrated sink. Note the high hygiene level and ease of maintenance.

Installing the washing
Installing the washing can be carried out with their own hands - nothing fancy

The simplest version of the bill sink stainless steel kitchen, montiruyushtayasya of tumbu. The enforcement of country conditions or during repairs.

The appearance of each process differs. Therefore, the installation of technology affects the style concept.

Classification functionality

Stainless steel sink is selected in accordance with the wishes of housewives. But to start with the description better functionality:

  • corner option. Sometimes the invoice and mortise option. Products save space, highlight the selected style of interior design. But lost the comfort of operation;
  • Bowl matte and glossy surfaces. they reflect, as a mirror, so visually expand the kitchen. But it is difficult to care, use should be carefully, tk. on the surface quickly there are scratches and abrasions;
  • Bowl with grooved surfaces. more practical, but lost the aesthetic aspect;
  • colored. Are selected in accordance with the design of, can be handled in the same shade with top. But inside the shell paint quickly erased, appearance worsens;
  • The presence of wings. If these elements are not to be used, then buy the shell without them.

The thickness of the steel should not be less than 0,8, more - the better. necessarily based measurements before purchasing cabinets or countertops (depending on the installation site).

mounted sink
If in doubt about your abilities, Then invite a specialist

Good, If you made of stainless steel siphon, coincidence of production material ensures easy installation.

Classification according to the method of production

Waybill kitchen sink is made in two ways:

  1. Stamping
  2. Welding

Stamped made of solid steel sheet. Dimensions of kitchen sinks stainless steel in this case depends on the size of production material. They are cheap, tk. Easy - Technology. In addition to the advantages of reliability point.

There is a drawback - the production technology does not allow for deep bowls. Therefore their operation is uncomfortable, water splashing outwardly. Sometimes broken punching process, because of which the thickness of steel is not the same everywhere. This is reflected in the longevity of the use, thin enough to strike the surface.

Weld cleaning is more expensive, but they are more comfortable. Here first do bottom, then base. After both sides of the cook together. seams sanded, polished surface. When joints are imperceptible responsible approach.

The thickness of the stainless steel kitchen sinks - an important parameter. When welding is always kept the same. Therefore, the probability of a leak is minimal, even after prolonged and intensive use.

there are products, which is mounted directly Sink shredder. monolithic merger can not be pressed in the case of technology. It is still difficult to find the right accessories, which does not disturb at least the minimum comfort, that the present.

Cleaning of stainless steel
Excellent model with all the bells and whistles

Tips for selecting and installing

Sink Stainless steel pedestal is realized in several embodiments, color and texture. If the kitchen has enough parts with chrome-plated surfaces, then it is better to buy a cup in accordance with this. Matte Product harmonious look in the most stylistic solutions. So when doubt, prefer it. Ideally - it is necessary to consult with the designer.

Sinks come in two forms - a tap hole and without them. In the second case the valve is mounted in the wall or directly with the curbstone, countertop. This approach facilitates the formation of a unique design, therefore encouraged.

Different shell sizes for drain holes. Suffice diameter 3,6sm, but they reach 7cm. In this case, it is necessary to buy a shredder waste basin, otherwise constantly clogged drain.

Signs of poor-quality products

Choose a sink for the kitchen is difficult. To do this, you need to take into account the production parameters and the concept of personal comfort. But not to buy low-quality product, to remember his signs:

  1. thin walls. If such thickness is less than 1 cm, then sink quickly eat corrosion, it is easy to scratch, formed scuff.
  2. Low price. If a manufacturer has established a low cost, it is not particularly focused on quality.
  3. Unknown producer. It is better not to risk, trust popular brands. they are more expensive, but endowed with guarantees.

Model differs low quality, if it has bad reviews. Check the information on specialized sites on the Internet.

additional devices

Additional equipment has a positive effect on the functionality. It includes:

  • Dispouzer. Choose a kitchen chopper, You need to know the diameter of the drain hole. Typically, this option is the standard, so a search dispouzera no problems;
  • Kolander. This device, invested with different size and the diameter of the holes. Intended for drying products, defrosting, draining water from their surfaces.

Other adaptations are specific, less common. Therefore, their choice is focused on the personal characteristics of the hostess.


Stainless steel sinks are installed on most modern kitchens. Despite, they have gained popularity for a long time, can not be called outdated. Other materials expensive (composite, ceramic) or less functional (enamel, porcelain). Sink stainless steel kitchen is always fashionable and stylish.