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Enamel cleaning: the perfect solution in the interior of the kitchen

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If the kitchen is equipped for comfortable cooking delicious dishes - this place is a favorite for housewives. The kitchen sink is paramount role. Choosing a sink should be responsible. Today the market of sanitary equipment offers a wide selection of sinks, differing in features and form. Washing and there are different material. To make the right choice, great efforts.

Enameled kitchen sink
Enamel - the perfect protection and beautiful coat

Enamel and substrate materials

In our time, there was a wide range of materials. Enameled sink receded. But they did not deserve it.

According to the characteristics in terms of strength of such sink inferior shells of stainless steel or granite, but they remain in demand.

Every man in the street knows, that the sanitary device has smooth surfaces. Only in this case, plumbing operational efficiency. experts believe, that is not the determining criterion. Most importantly - the material, of construction of enameled steel sink. The enamel is applied to it.

Kitchen sink
The shape and color wash can be absolutely any

Sink Steel


  • The weight of such a small sink.
  • You can choose a suitable color. As an option - black sink for the kitchen.
  • There are various sizes, designs and shapes.
  • Mount enameled steel shell
    not difficult.
  • Such a device can easily set the people without special knowledge and skills.
  • It is not necessary to perform mounting.

Disadvantages steel sinks:

  • Water creates excessive noise, striking the surface of the product.
  • conduct electricity.

To avoid these drawbacks,, acquired enameled sink for dishes with a special coating and linings for sound absorption.

Sink Steel
The steel sink is the perfect accompaniment to the kitchen, if the technique will also have elements of steel

The ceramic product

Such products are durable and resistant to wear and tear. These products are practical in use. This confident and specialists, and consumers. On the surface of the ceramic product is formed scratches. Device not transformed under the influence of high temperature. Pottery looks aesthetically pleasing. Even under the influence of the chemicals unit does not lose visual appeal.

Among the few drawbacks is worth noting the main drawback - a lot of weight. Also worth mentioning about rather complex installation and unsightly outer.

Cast iron sinks

Enameled cast iron sink is used much less frequently. It has certain advantages:

  1. Robust and reliable model.
  2. durable. will last for decades.
  3. practicality. The surface is not able to corrode. The shape is not deformed.
  4. If the operation and maintenance is carried out correctly, the product for a long time will remain attractive in appearance.
  5. This is an affordable option.

Cast iron sinks, enamelled, and minuses. They can not be used to scrape or clean the abrasive type materials. The resulting enamel spoils. For the product is harmful sea salt. If the sink is something feeds, to trail.

The applied high-strength materials as a basis for kitchen sinks. They may be worthy rivals of stainless steel and stone. Enamel is resistant to corrosion, not afraid of the aggressive nature of the environment. But coverage is afraid of strikes. Chances education unsightly chips. This defect is necessarily open metal, which is hidden beneath the enamel. As a result of the corrosion process will inevitably.

These reasons and explains the loss of popularity of the enamelled articles.

Cast iron kitchen sink
Cast iron products cast look in the interior

Features of use of enamel sinks

In products for the kitchen, enamelled, simple design. Bowl made of cast iron, ceramic or steel is manufactured in the form of a circle or a rectangle. The rear rim is definitely a special tap hole. Behind hole structure, which does not allow water to overflow. At the bottom necessarily equipped with drain directly into the sewer.

Cast iron in contact with water quickly corrodes. therefore, wall-mounted kitchen sink necessarily covered by enamel. Alkyd enamel meets, oil or polymer.

To apply a large bowl thickness sheet iron or steel. The works are made with electric welding. The result is a device suitable strength and depth. The enamel is applied to the entire car wash, since moisture easily enters into any place.

Metal sink to testify today in demand. Such devices are needed in the kitchen. Performance conditions require extreme reliability and ideal strength. In the sink to clean metal and ceramic tableware. These materials are extremely durable. The fall will lead to cracking and chipping of porcelain products. This minus devoid of steel instrument. Metal products are of different size and any shape. You can select the unit round, square or oval.

The structure consists of one or several bowls with the items and offices. As a result, increased functionality. Such an article is convenient to use. Applied and special tray for cleaning the kitchen.

Steel kitchen sinks with enamel coating produced from two kinds of. The first mounted on the wall. The second - on a pedestal.

Products with enamelled because demand, that possess a number of advantages: sturdy steel bowl. It withstands even severe stress. Metal kinds are shaped design. It is not excluded the use of decal and all kinds of enamel. Create a model of a different color, with patterns and unusual patterns. Enameling shells - responsible process. These products are available at a price. Establish such a wash. It makes a person, without special skills. Caring for the device just. The best option - black sink.

But enamel sinks, and its significant disadvantages: iron and steel corrode. Even high-quality enamel wears out quickly. Abrasion occurs and thinning. When falling into the sink dishes cracks and chips.


Washings steel dishes and iron enamel coating used in the kitchen. they are durable, affordable. You can choose a suitable color. A striking example - white enameled sink for the kitchen. Easily and determine the form of this product, which will be enjoyed. Enameled sink for the kitchen is not only stylish, but also comfortable.