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How to embed (establish) sink into the countertop with his own hands: simple instruction

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How to install the sink in the kitchen countertop? This process is considered to be quite time consuming and difficult, but to do it yourself is quite possible. to understand, how to embed the sink in the countertop with his own hands, read carefully the instructions and follow the advice of experts.

A variety of models in design

Set the sink in the kitchen countertop in several ways. First, it is important to make measurements. Otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the furniture and install the product unevenly.

underbench models

Installing the washing sinks is very convenient. Besides underbench models look stylish. Set the sink in the kitchen countertop is possible in the case, if it is made of stone or plastic. The fact, nevlagostoykie materials that will lead to the failure of the table. How to install a sink under the table top? This is done in such a way, that the product was below the level of the table. In this case, the water is constantly exposed to shear in the table.

That is why the moisture-proof materials, such as stone or plastic, are ideal for this method of installation.

built-in models

How to install the sink in the countertop so, that it was at the level of the table? This product is called a mortise. How to embed the sink in the kitchen? They are installed in a hole in the table, which is sawed special tool. To do the work necessary to very carefully and accurately. Otherwise, the design can not exactly stand.

overhead model

The easiest way is to install the sink in the countertop in the kitchen over the table level. For installation required the least amount of tools. Installing the washing on the table overhead manner possible at home. It does not require specialists.

materials of Construction, price difference

materials, from which the product is made, It is varied. They differ in appearance, price and have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used materials: stainless steel, fake diamond, plastic.

Models made of stone (artificial and natural)

Stone sink in the countertop looks beautiful. Recently, their popularity increased. This is because the, that the artificial stone products have a number of advantages. Among them:

  • Humidity resistance
  • No noise
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • A wide range of products
  • Resistance to temperature extremes
  • Long service life

The main drawback - the high price of the product. Such goods will cost much more expensive, than stainless steel sinks. A large mass of product does not allow them to establish their own.

Products made of stainless steel

Stainless steel sinks are in high demand. This is due to the reasonable price, practicality and a wide range of goods. The disadvantage of stainless steel is its big noise and insecure mixer. This applies to thin material.

ceramic models

Install ceramic sink countertop recently solved more people. Ceramic models will cost more, but they look very impressive. The advantage of these products is strength, a variety of shapes and colors. Ceramic model hard, therefore, to establish their own are unlikely to succeed.

Basics overhead mounting method

How to build the sink in the countertop in the kitchen? For this special fasteners are used. they usually come with a sink. enough 4-5 fasteners on the one product.

It is recommended to install the sink is already connected to the mixer.

Setting yourself sink into the countertop looks:

  1. First, make the necessary mark. To do this, apply fasteners to the inner side of the table and take notes
  2. Next, take the screws and screwed into place marked
  3. To the table is not spoiled by the water, its ends are covered with sealant
  4. Next, you need to place the sink on the countertop and secure fasteners
  5. If necessary, excess sealant removed
  6. The last stage - the connection to the sewer and water supply

Installing a mortise way

Install built-washing takes place somewhat more complicated in the countertop, than the invoice. Inset sink in the kitchen consists of several stages:

  1. Make the necessary measurements
  2. cut out hole
  3. install the sink
  4. fix the product

Self-assembly Mortise sink into the countertop without the help of professionals is quite possible. To do this, follow the following instructions.

how to cut (cut it out) hole in the table

How to make a cutout in the countertop Sink? First you need to determine the cut line. To do this, the product is turned upside down and put on the table. When sink on the countertop installed, it should be noted in pencil on a path. Further mortise washing sinks set as follows:

  1. through, marked in pencil, you need to make a hole. For this, first the corners are drilled with a drill
  2. Thereafter jigsaw cut contour. You need to cut from the front side of the table, otherwise may be formed on the surface of chips
  3. Sealing washer in the worktop. To protect the table from water, the edge of his coat with sealant

A method of fastening means mortise

How to fix the sink in the countertop mortise? Using clamps sink attached to the table. These items usually come in a set of sinks. Surplus sealant carefully removed. At the end of connected communications.

How to fix the corner, round and granite sinks

Sinks come in different colors, made from different materials. Besides, their form also varied. They can be round, square, unusual design. Method of attachment of their slightly different from each other.

Fixing the circular model

Set round the sink in the kitchen is recommended in the case of, If the room is an area of ​​small size. Round model will save space and increase its functionality. Such products generally have a deep and large thicket. Sinks in the form of a circle fit perfectly into the modern furniture and kitchen sets in the corner. Installing circular cleaning process usually takes place mortise.

How to embed the kitchen sink circular shape? Here's how:

  1. The shell is placed on the table
  2. Pencil encircled around the edges
  3. To cut along the lines
  4. The edges are treated with sealant
  5. Mounted and fixed shell

Installation granitnoy models (Video example of setting a black granite sink)

Granite products can be of various shapes and colors. They also vary in size. It is recommended to take into account the dimensions of the kitchen furniture and sink, to the overall picture created beautiful and harmonious appearance. Placing the corner sink is no different from the circular model. Granite sinks are installed in three ways, among which:

  • Overhead
  • Mortise
  • Integrated

When the trim method, Sink is installed on top of the table and fixed by special clips. Mortise sawing process is a hole, in which the product is placed in granite. In the latter method, countertop and sink - one unit.

In this way, shell can be placed in the table top yourself in several ways. Some models are difficult to install without the assistance of a professional.