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Laminate Tile vs: who will take place in the kitchen?

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The floor covering as in the entire apartment, and in the kitchen, in particular, It may be different, based on the preferences of the owners. Of course, kind of coverage should meet the conditions of a particular room. So, eg, laminate flooring in the living room and tile in the kitchen - is a versatile option.

Kitchen preferable to "lay" floor tiles, as it is well washed in contact with it various kinds of stains. but, not infrequently, Many landlords prefer kitchen with laminate floor. But, though, what is best for the kitchen: laminate or tile?

Features laminate "under the tile"

Sharpen its focus on flooring - laminate. its species, on sale, there is a great variety of. There is also an option: laminate flooring like tile in the kitchen. What are its features?

  1. laminate kitchen, imitating tiles, better exposed to moisture-resistant, what, undoubtedly, only "plus" for the kitchen
  2. Covering visually exactly mimics tile. But, in addition to the external similarity, there is also a structural. This analogy is caused due to the damage to the laminate surface topography
  3. The thermal conductivity of the laminate and tile varies. The first material below it, and hence heat will persist longer. This will allow, without fear for their health, walk on the floor barefoot
  4. Laminate "not afraid" of the nature of the alkaline detergent, so it can be washed several times a day, which is important for such a place, as the kitchen

Advantages and disadvantages

Laminate and tile for the kitchen endowed with both advantages, and disadvantages.



  • Long service life. Compared with laminate, Tiles can serve your order owners 50 years old
  • The strength of the coating and simplicity detergent
  • A wide selection of colors and designs. There is even a floor tile for the kitchen under the laminate
  • Environmentally friendly material used
  • Protection against moisture. This makes it possible thanks to a special coating of ceramic tiles


  • high thermal conductivity. Pottery - a, in fact, a rock, so the coating will always cold
  • Complexity and time-consuming when laying ceramic. The process is very time-consuming, so it is better to entrust the masters
  • Weight of slab material large, so you have to prepare the ground for good coverage. It may not affect the value of the entire styling process
  • Slippery surface in contact with water
  • brittleness of the material



  • Ease of laying. Floor boards mounted between a locking joints, which do not cause difficulty. Therefore, laying such a coating takes the least time;
  • excellent thermal insulation, which is possible thanks to the particular substrate;
  • Ability to choose laminate, imitating any other cover. The most popular is laminated under the tile in the kitchen;
  • High resistance to exposure to water and alkaline detergents;
  • The low cost of the material;
  • for environmental safety, as base boards made of compressed wood;
  • weight ease of laminate boards. This fact makes it possible to lay the floor board on all types of grounds.


  • Low moisture resistance compared with the same tiles. Therefore, in this regard, with laminate tiles in the kitchen does not compete
  • Fragility interlocking joints. The risk of lack of increases in non-compliance laminate stacking. Anyway, locking joints become loose over time and the floors start to creak
  • lifespan is about 10-15 years, that is small exponent for floor material
  • The use of corrosive chemicals, abrasive cleaning agents, prohibited, otherwise the surface of the floor will be spoiled

In the kitchen, laminate and tile, after a fashion, compete. Each of these floor coverings may be used as a cooking material.

Waterproof and moisture-proof floor

Use of the laminate increases, and placed this type of flooring is not only in the bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms, but also in bathrooms. In this case, producers have taken care of giving the laminate moisture resistance.

Yet in many types of water resistance of the floor it remains a weak spot, special, if water is spilled on the tile joints. it, Sooner or later, It leads to swelling of wood. Therefore, when choosing the coating need to be concerned about the presence of his resistance to moisture.

On sale is a waterproof and water-resistant laminated. Vodostoykie, due topcoat wax, able to withstand large amounts of spilled water. Their joints are firmly bonded to each other, not allowing fluid to seep inside. Manufacturers such sex claim, that he is not afraid of flooding, because water resistant laminate can stay under water for several weeks, without losing its original appearance.

Moisture-proof floor specially treated paraffin, which prevents moisture only a short time.

What to look for before, you buy flooring

What will be on the floor in the kitchen tiles or laminate, you decide. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons". but before, you buy stuff, turn your attention to the following:


  • The safety material. The laminated boards should be a low content of formaldehyde. Goods category E1 or EN is safe
  • On the cover class. for example, laminate class 33: first 3 denotes the thickness, the second speaks of strength
  • On the cover intended for a specific premises. figures 1 and 2 on the package say, that the laminate is not durable, and it is suitable for those spaces, where the floor load is minimal. 3 and 4, 4 and 2, 4 and 3, 4 and 4 - the material is very durable

Flooring: 33 and 34 class

31, 32, 33 and 34 classes relate to laminates commercial types of flooring. Class affect the strength of the floor, and also affects the price.

31 class - the most affordable coverage options. It is endowed with high strength and capable of withstanding the load. It is used in offices, but also as a kitchen floor, he also fits.

32 class - a popular class of laminates. Manufacturers give him a guarantee, for more than 15 years old. Laminate 32 Abrasion, that gives him the right to take up space in the kitchen.

33 class - the most "running" the goods, salable. He is very durable, resistant to mechanical damage, moisture-proof. This is useful for building, characterized by a high level of traffic, more often it is retail space. But he, too, is suitable for the kitchen, since it is easy to cope with heavy loads.

34 class - the most powerful type of laminate on its strength. but, his species is not so much on offer, as the final parameter he has not yet acquired.

Tile. Before buying pay attention to:

  • Low level of slip
  • increased durability
  • Protection against chemicals
  • porosity
  • burn in the sun

Price Flooring

It is cheaper to tile or laminate? This question can be answered with certainty - laminate.

price for 1 m2 starts from 200 rubles, it all depends on the class, material design. price for 1 m2 of tiles starting from 350 rubles.

"Under the laminate» Photo tiles

What can be said in the end? Tile or laminate flooring in the kitchen? Everyone chooses his. but, as practice shows, Tile is more resistant to all kitchen mishaps.