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How to install an apron made of MDF in the kitchen - an alternative to ceramic tiles

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Working kitchen area, usually, decorated with ceramic tile floors, carrying a protective function - protection against humidity, mud, fat. As an alternative, gaining popularity Kitchen Apron MDF. The material is resistant to aggressive conditions - temperature changes, humidity, durable - with proper care will last longer life of the owners kitchen units. AND, most importantly - cheap and easy to work with his hands, and this is a serious article savings. Let us know, how to install an apron in the kitchen of MDF.

Furniture with an apron perfect solution

MDF disadvantages

Before you start to buy and start fixing the apron in the kitchen of MDF, disassemble its shortcomings.

apron made of MDF

maybe, they become an obstacle to the purchase of. so:

  1. Negligence in the care affect MDF. Its lead or vygnet. The same applies to high humidity - just about shell mount MDF panel can not be - it is better to install tile. Plates necessarily equipped with hoods, the condensate droplets are not settled on the surface of the apron.
  2. combustible material. It is important, if the owners are plotting to make a full lining the walls of the edge-to-edge headset. It requires mandatory supervision by the, if on the wall fortified source of heat - a gas boiler, eg.

Disadvantages are serious and should not neglect them. If all the same prerequisites for future damage is not, you should try to create something new in the interior.

Apron in the kitchen
The dark furniture with original design on the apron looks wonderful

Installing an apron made of MDF with his own hands

In order to strengthen the MDF panels to the wall, first make calculations. They are critical to the safe continued operation for both the apron, and the adjacent surfaces. What they are:

  • Size height from the floor to the MDF panel. It is important, as almost always along the ground a rosette of household appliances and plate should in no way interfere with safe access.
  • The height of the apron. As is the case with ceramics, edges of the panels or plates protruding beyond the lower and upper set headset 3-5 cm. And take into account the size of the drawing - for guests until her height is not less than 75 cm and attach panel should be given to this particular.
  • Number of emerging through the outlet apron. It should be pre-drill holes for them in the plates.

MDF apron in the kitchen

When all the required dimensions migrated to the drawing (it makes sense to be sure), proceed to the preparation of walls and slabs cutting.

Preparatory work

demountable wall. act puncher, spatulas, Nailing - depending on the interfering elements. It is important to keep it completely clean, otherwise fastened wall panel for the kitchen will not work. after dismantling, wall wash, impregnated with plaster primer for future. If the surface requires repair impressive - a large amount of chips, whole pieces falling off, the incorporation of one can not do - will have to completely align walls, that is to make the entire cycle of plastering, including the laying of reinforcing mesh and exhibiting lighthouses.

apron flowers
Beautiful flowers apron looks fabulous with light furniture

When the wall is ready - dried, impregnated antiseptic - it strengthens the starting profile. This is an ordinary wooden batten or aluminum profiles for gypsum board. The guide is placed according to the prior, otherwise all happen skewed apron. later, if it interferes with the tight connection of the headset to the wall, it clean. Further:

The choice of fixing

To operate using the following: liquid nails for plastic, wood or self-tapping screws. Advantages of the first embodiment:

 MDF apron in the kitchen

  • Easy operation. Use the gun for liquid nails can and child.
  • Speed. You do not need to drill holes for the screws, to comply with the required level - after fixing it is possible to directly align the plate by the liquid from the liquid nails sostavu.Sohnut 20 to 40 minutes, complete setting time - 24 o'clock.
  • Ease of use. Pistol for liquid nails represents the same device, Kojima use installers, when compacted slit polymer foam. It remains only to press down on the handle and close the opening as superfluous.

The use of screws is not without its own merits. In particular, handyman confident in their strength and mount the wall panel in the kitchen is reliable. However, the appearance of the MDF will be spoiled mikroskolami. Decide, liquid nails or screws can be better only empirically.

Beautiful furniture
Beautiful furniture blends well with the nature of the apron

Installation of panels: using baseboards and not only

Separate mounting of the wall panel in the kitchen are two ways.

In this case, an apron in the kitchen of MDF will not be wound edges of the upper cabinets and countertop. do so:

  1. Moves a set back to the wall and mark the places for fixing the skirting boards. The walls must be prepared - cleaned, podshpaklevannymi and primed.
  2. The resulting measure the distance from the bottom of the cabinet to the countertop and lay it on the panel for the kitchen made of MDF. Get a piece cut.
  3. Hand-gun tuba liquid nails charged with the composition and apply it on the perimeter wall and the severed blanks. It is desirable to distribute the glue with a spatula, if the plate of thin MDF.
  4. Immediately strengthens plinth. They applied liquid nails for wood or plastic, depending on the texture and pressed against the edges of the apron set.

The method well, that the installation is carried out, without removing the headset from the kitchen. Work takes several chasov.Montirovat sockets and other accessories, possibly, a day later after, as it did mount an apron in the kitchen of MDF.

glass apron
Glass apron looks perfect in the kitchen with furniture

on the screws

Panel mounted on the frame of metal profiles or wooden slats. In this case, the headset is removed from the kitchen - it will interfere. The wall is prepared in a similar manner, above. Then, referring to the level of, mounted frame box. The thickness of the profile is no longer 0,5 cm (It takes into consideration the option panel), otherwise install an apron in the kitchen of MDF under the cabinets and the countertop will not work.

Formed frame of wooden slats subjected to mandatory Preservative - moist environment is able to reach a natural material and develop it favorable conditions for the breeding of mold. Therefore, the choice is dictated by the need for a metal profile.

a kitchen apron style

How to strengthen:

Vymerennaya MDF drilled by inserting screws. If they are screwed directly, there is a risk to get around fixing chips - on the dark panel is much. Then begin to strengthen the symmetrical laminate wall, gradually tightening the screws. Work different long term, but, strength kitchen apron beyond doubt.

Care ready kitchen apron made of MDF

The coating is not too capriciously, but, should know some features of care for him, the panels have existed for as long as possible. so:

  • Moisturize the panel can not be too abundant. Smooth or embossed coating is capable to absorb moisture and will then begin to swell or bulge. Especially it is necessary to monitor the MDF edges, which was fixed on the liquid nails - detergents affect the adhesion.
  • It excludes use of coarse abrasives. They are able to vysharkat attractive surface. And if the MDF was bought not the best quality, then very soon become an ugly panel. Cheap panel recommended after installation of varnish - so, the surface will last much kitchen
  • Do not wash the kitchen aprons of MDF aggressive compositions - alkalis, acids. Even if they are very dirty. This will cause panel separation, and glue not solve the problem - need complete replacement.
  • On the table in front of the apron of the MDF should not be located in a "hot" home appliances - toasters, Microwave ovens. Continuous heating provoke bundle panel, fading and expectoration on the wall.

Compliance with these simple rules will make their own work life at a low cost installation. Finishes for your own kitchen, you can choose your network, or use your own imagination and then the total family room really becomes the center of the house.