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Plastic plinth for kitchen against aluminum: who will win?

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Modern kitchen - is a set of furniture, composed of heterogeneous components, the combined overall façade elements. Plastic cap for kitchen is a bar, kitchen settles down Headset, concealing the lower support elements. His goal - to complete and refine the appearance of furniture.

Plastic plinth for the kitchen
Cap for the kitchen is the bottom bracket headset

What materials do plinth strip

Check out the bottom of the headset are two ways: make a decorative kitchen legs or close them with a special bar. In the first case, dust and dirt, falling under the floor cabinets, complicate the daily cleaning process. The use of bottom strip solves two problems at once - makes the structure aesthetically neat appearance, protects furniture from falling debris under it.

headset socket

Cap for kitchen furniture is not necessarily made of the same material, that he himself set. He has not only practical, but also a decorative function, therefore it may be formed of any other material and provide a stylish contrast framing furniture.Cap is made of the following materials:

  1. laminated chipboard;
  2. plasty;
  3. metal.

A metal socket for kitchen
Yes yes Metal also make socket on the headset

Advantages and disadvantages of each type

Chipboard easy to produce strips of all sizes in height and length - it is an advantage of this material. For they are framed by the perimeter edge, fasten with screws. Cap chipboard has a significant disadvantage: seams in place and laminate edge joints - vulnerability to moisture. With the penetration of water to strip swells, element requires zameny.Konstruktsiya chipboard need additional seam sealing. pros cap:

  • ease of self-production;
  • a variety of sizes;
  • a large number of colors;
  • the opportunity to choose a laminated surface of the cap precisely to match the furniture.


  • low humidity, need for seam sealing.

The plastic cap is practical from the standpoint of water resistance and ease of cleaning. He fastened using special hardware. its advantages:

  • practical - easy to clean;
  • water resistance - does not deform under the influence of moisture.

Plastic plinth for the kitchen


  • a small number of colors - it's hard to pick exactly the tone of the furniture;
  • a limited range of sizes: Kitchen plinth height - 10, 12, 15 cm.

Aluminum basement kitchen It has the following advantages:

  • reliability - does not change under the influence of steam, temperature;
  • strength;
  • wear resistance;
  • humidity;
  • stylishness, It helps designers in the design of the interiors of hi-tech.

Kitchen-style hi-tech
Kitchen in the style of hi-tech provides aluminum elements


  • monotony form metal surface;
  • dearness element.

Features mounting brackets

Mounting plinth trims - the simplest action in the assembly of all the kitchen units, but it should be done according to the rules. Fixing strap to the legs of two ways:

  • on the screws (so fastened strap from DSP);
  • fixation in the slots.

kitchen plinth

For work you need the following tools (set depends on the element material):

  • measuring: roulette, marker;
  • hacksaw, knife;
  • Cordless, screws, nails, hammer;
  • adhesive sealant, compactor;
  • plinth, connection, finishing elements (round corner elements, grilles and other).

If the strip of chipboard, is that it does not get wet from the bottom, the lower edge pre-glued seal. it's desirable, element to the edge towered above the floor 3-5 mm, without touching the surface.

If plastic is used, the need for registration of the edges and corners of the connecting elements.

Installation of the plastic cap in the kitchen
Installation of the plastic cap in the kitchen is simply

Kitchen on the legs are equipped with a special attachment to the plinth trims. You need to install them in such a way, attached to the plinth was subsequently "drowned" in depth, under cabinets. If you do not set the bar, and is flush with the plane of the door, then come close to the sink or the table will not be possible. Especially unacceptable, to strap appeared before the facade. the acceptable range, on which the socket depth from the surface of the facade, 7-10 cm,respectively at the same distance from the front legs include at installation. Laterally away from the kitchen can be smaller.

Kitchen plinth is not fixed for all legs of a row of cabinets, and to the extreme, provided not more than the length of the headset 2 m. Additionally, make fixing in the middle. Usually it is impossible to provide alignment of the feet on the same line, if a row mount a plastic cap, it will not direct, and a wavy line.

basement kitchen headset

Ready-to-install plank plinth is tried, if necessary cut to size. She made a mark marker locations, where it is in contact with the legs. Here screwed fasteners - clips, which are supplied with legs: Two clips on the opposite edge of the plank.

Council. Clips are mounted on the DSP-bar with screws with small caps: they do not create obstacles when adjusting structure.

Completed the installation of the cap to the oversight kitchen and snap clips on the legs.

Features a plastic cap

Plastic strip mounted locking manner in grooves, are done in the product from the back side.

Plastic kitchen plinth

The standard height of 10 cm plastic strips, length 4 m. If the ceilings in the house of the high, the kitchen legs can be adjusted above, and the height of the plinth use 12 or 15 cm.

To the appearance of the plastic strips was completed, The following elements: connection, finite elements, rounded corners. Available elements with radius filleted 90, 135, 180 gradusov.Po Optionally, you can install additional plastic ventilation grill.


Cap the kitchen - the required finishing touch of the overall ensemble of furniture. It is easy to install yourself, and the choice of material - it is individual taste and preferences.