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Measure the height of kitchen units: on which aspects to pay attention

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Dimensions of kitchen furniture have an important role. So before you set the furniture removed measurements, that it is organically fit into the space. If you do not, kitchen will be small or vice versa, part of the furniture will not fit in the intended space.

Standard kitchen
Standard values ​​have any furniture

Remove measurements from the kitchen

Remove the measurements of the room with the area can even man, I never do that. For convenience is taken a piece of paper. On it is drawn flat circuit, where there is a height and width of all the parameters. You can do without a schematic drawing. But then navigate the measurements will be more difficult.

standard headsets

Step by step guide remove measurements:

  1. Initially remove measurements of height from floor to ceiling. This is done in two opposite sides of the room. often it happens, that pololok indoors curve, so the height is not the same.
  2. Further, the distance is measured from two opposite walls.
  3. Measurements are taken from the door and window openings. Recorded distance from the top point of the opening to the floor and ceiling.
  4. In the diagram, note, how much space you need to open windows and doors.
  5. Determine the place on the scheme alleged outlet location.

Advance determines the placement of outlets necessarily.

Because in addition to a dining group and headset on the kitchen put household appliances, each of which has its own requirements regarding the height of the sockets. To accommodate the equipment in the apron area, socket set away from the 90 to 93 cm from the floor. This height standard, allows to install appliances in the area of ​​cooking, like a toaster or oven.

Razetki in the kitchen
The outlet must be in the safe zone

In the schematic diagram is easy to visually locate alleged placement of the headset and a dining group based on the size. Thanks to the plan is understood, as "more comfortable" fit headsets.

Today, there are two kinds of sets:

  • standard size.
  • Custom size.

Если кухня стандартных или custom sizes It does not fit into the space, then you need to order custom-made furniture.

Standard headsets

Often the term set, we understand not only the furniture, intended for cooking, countertop for cutting products and cabinets for the storage of cereals and utensils. In this concept, we are investing and dining group, that is, a table and chairs.

kitchen set

Dining group is the default settings and custom. The standard height of a dining table is 72 cm. Standard height chairs parameters reach the mark of 45 cm. This is the distance to the floor seats. The chairs with back support, parameters are equal, 90 cm. This distance from the top to the backrest to the floor.

The main parameter in the headset - is the height of countertops, which serves as a surface for preparatory works: cutting food and cooking. The standard height of kitchen units from floor to table top - 85 cm. These parameters are suitable for most women and allow to place appliances. But in each country, this figure is different. In Russia today, the standard height of the kitchen table is 90 cm., and sometimes exceed the mark in the European countries the standard dimensions of the kitchen table in 92 cm. But according to studies, the optimum height ranges from 85 to 95 cm. Many companies - manufacturers of kitchen furniture is made in these permissible limits.

Standard headsets
Standard parameters depend on many factors

But the manufacture of custom-made furniture kitchen furniture table height can vary based on the preferences and wishes of the client.

The headsets with standard parameters height of the lower kitchen cabinets is equal to the height of countertops, that is, the kitchen is a single-level.

When ordering and manufacture of countertops should take into account the height of the. With the growth of less 150 cm. worktop is made at the level of 80 cm. When growing 180 cm. It advised to make a table height in the range of 85 to 92 cm. If the height of the above 180 cm., the height of the countertop is about one meter.

wall cabinets parameters depend on the design and configuration. Common dimensions of the height wall cabinets:

size headset

  • 36 cm.
  • 70-72 cm.
  • 90-92 cm.

depth - 30 cm.

Measuring the kitchen to the ceiling is taken into account, that between the countertop and the wall cabinets leaves room for apron. Determine the optimal height of the structure can not be. Wall cabinets are placed depending on human growth. After all, if they are installed on a ceiling, a person can not reach them, and when set at a level below the head can hit the hanging lockers. Therefore, the location of the wall cabinets - an individual matter.

Custom typefaces

Custom typefaces
Custom Sizes Made to order - everything is simple

Under non-standard suite is understood multilevel kitchen. designers note, that custom kitchen enjoys great demand. They originally looked, convenient in use and perfectly fit into any interior.

The main advantage of multi-level furniture - a uniform load distribution on the spine. cooking, a woman does not have to stand in one position. Moving the kitchen, it thereby changing the position of the back.

such furniture construction is made on the basis of such parameters:

size Headset cabinets

  1. Surface washing and cutting are set at a high level. This allows you to not bend down his head while washing dishes or cutting products. medium altitude, allowing to carry out all the necessary processes, man reaches the belt.
  2. The main working surface, intended for heavier processes, It is set to a level above the washing zone. This helps to remove the load from the back and upper arm muscles.
  3. Cooktop is located on the lower level.

Based on this, You can identify the main parameters of the non-standard furniture:

  • The height of the sink - 1 meter.
  • The working surface is located at a height 90 cm. sex.
  • The cooking area is convenient to use at 80 cm. sex.

Multilevel furniture helps distribute the load evenly. Different distance tabletops from the floor beneficial in large families, where each household is different growth.

Multilevel furniture in the kitchen
Tiered seating areas should be in the same style

Today, custom furniture options sold little. Most of the dishes made according to certain parameters. Therefore, if desired, possess such a garniture, it is better to order. So in the manufacture of furniture to order, you can add additional cabinets, reduce or increase the height, wall cabinets to choose different levels. But it is worth remembering, that the custom-made furniture is more expensive.

Planning of kitchen space

Scheduling headset is very important. Proper placement allows you to create a comfortable work, efficient use of space. For organic planning advise to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Location lockers. The high wall cabinets is better to have the ceiling, not to hit his head.set
  2. Storage. It is important to position the products and the need for Soup. Cereals and foods are located in an upper cupboards, and crockery in the lower. This can significantly reduce the physical load, since most of the products are taken, respectively, less people will stoop.
  3. Plate is near the working surface. This will simplify your workflow and save time. Will not have far to carry products, they can immediately shift to the cooking container. The optimum height of the hob - 80 cm.
  4. Sink is located near the plate. Optimal distance - 40 cm. otherwise, Water splashes zatushat fire and fall into the prepared dishes.
  5. Stove is located in the center of the headset. Location plate should be safe. It should not be placed near the doorway or window, so as not to catch standing on her dishes. The close location near a window can cause a fire curtains.
  6. Extractor hood installed over the stove. Optimal distance - 80 cm. According to the safety between the hood and the furnishings left a small space.
  7. The ideal distance for the wall cabinets is 40-45 cm.

plan kitchen
plan kitchen - the most important factor when taking into account the size

When planning the placement of the kitchen draw attention to the correct location of drawers and opening cabinets. When positioned at a distance of about 40 cm. floor cabinets will be difficult to open. They need to store items, which is not so often use. The distance to the lockers 75 cm. It involves storing utensils and small appliances: mixer, blender, etc.. In the locker, at a height of up to 190 cm. stores the most popular and necessary items. In cabinets, established higher is better to store small utensils, which is rarely needed.

The height of the lower module is increased by means of legs.

Free space in the headset can be migration through many items at a dining area. For small kitchens rational purchase soft corners, at the bottom of which you can store cereals and dishes.


In the design of the lower units pay attention to:

  • height.
  • width.
  • depth.

white set

Lower cabinets have to be roomy, but overall. Convenient countertop - a wide table, where you can put small appliances. The minimum width - 45 cm. But this is not enough space for convenient operation. Therefore, when designing or choosing not pay attention to the broader modeli.Otlichny option - worktops, width 60 cm.


The sink is better positioned in the corner. This arrangement saves time and physical strength. It should be remembered, that the cleaning parameters should match the growth of human, that is to be at the level of his waist. Otherwise, man will have to bend down or stretch up to her at the time to wash the dishes or food.