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Kitchen set: Learn all about the standard sizes

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designers, which equips small city apartments, set themselves the task to make the room a stylish and functional as possible. To a greater extent this applies to kitchen, where everything has to be as thoughtful and convenient. It has long been a formula, helps to calculate the standard dimensions of the kitchen and kitchen furniture. The optimal distance from the cooking surface to the cooler, or from the condenser to the washing, allow housewives to save time and energy while cooking. That's standard sizes of kitchen furniture we talk today.

The correct size of kitchen units
The correct size of kitchen units have, but they are not always necessary

Why is it so important standards

Researchers and interior designers found, that the improper organization of working space woman experiences discomfort and significant exercise, preparing food in the kitchen at least twice a day. for example, women need more time to bend down to the bottom drawer, to get the necessary utensils, or on the contrary to climb to the top shelf. Because of wrong organized workspace many housewives spend in the kitchen for a couple of hours every day. But if competently approach to the selection of furniture and its placement, This time will be shortened in time three times.


at design kitchen sets recorded average growth of human. However, if the furniture is made to order, it is better to manufacture furniture under the individual, which is often located in the kitchen. This should take into account all the nuances - height tables, the dimensions of the furniture, size kitchen utensils.

Typical dishes are made on the basis of the parameters, that got scientists. All data of the European races were averaged and standard values ​​were calculated. For very high or low on the contrary a person using such dishes would not be very convenient, despite, that many kitchen units are height adjustable. But this is only rare exceptions.

The dimensions of a typical kitchen

The dimensions of a typical kitchen
The dimensions of a typical kitchen is useful to know, even if you have a custom kitchen

Today, when you create the kitchen furniture takes into account not only the size of a person at rest, but also on the move. Dimensions of kitchen furniture - it figures, which is calculated for decades:

  1. If the cooking cabinet is designed for two doors, the total length should not be more than 90 centimeters. shelves, finding within the cabinet, regulated depending on the individual preferences of the hostess.
  2. Height of cabinets - 85 centimeters. This figure includes the worktop. This height is considered to be ideal for a man, whose growth does not exceed 170 centimeters. but, if necessary, lifted bollards, but five or six centimeters.
  3. tabletop on pedestals kitchen overhanging five centimeters in front and ten rear. This is done with a view, not to press down furniture wiring, which runs for a suite.
  4. The depth of the kitchen cabinets calculated based on the size of the cooking surface. If the cooking surface is greater than, it will create inconvenience at work and spoil the appearance of the kitchen.

the size of the kitchen furniture

Council: Adjust the height of the work surface so, to the preparation of food hostess hands were raised above the belt.

Designing kitchens lower tier

The main part of the kitchen units - a lower tier. Lower cabinets for the kitchen it is important to make the most comfortable and functional, as they kept the basic cooking utensils. Dimensions of the lower tier basis and dimensions of the cooking surface and the necessary space for cooking.

The lower tier of the kitchen
The lower tier should be deep, all climbed

Choosing a kitchen, consider such recommendations:

  1. Better to give preference to cabinet with drawers, than with shelves. You do not need every time to bend to the shelves and find the necessary thing to you. pulling the drawer, you will immediately see, that it is. The expensive models of kitchen furniture drawers Fully-extending, not half. Quality fittings allows you to open drawers flick of the wrist effortlessly. This kind of solution will significantly simplify the life of a woman.
  2. To save money, make a set with conventional doors, but with drawers instead of shelves. Thus you get a low-cost, but at the same time functional kitchen.
  3. In that case, If you need a place for the garbage can or other large object marker, but you do not want to spoil the overall design ideas, Make the Dummy Boxes. Externally, the facade looks like three drawers cabinet, but in fact this is one deep drawer.beautiful headsets
  4. The original solution - three or four boxes in one. For one standard façade smaller boxes. So it does not spoil the overall stylistic idea and solves the storage problem.
  5. Do not refuse bins and dividers in drawers for storing utensils. These modules will help to keep the order in the kitchen and save space.
  6. Do not forget about originality. Ladles and blades not necessarily hang on the wall, remove them in a specially equipped box on the lower tier.
  7. Raise your kitchen appliances higher. With integrated appliances to implement it simply.
  8. narrow lockers. In such cabinets can store bottles and cans with sauces and spices.

Designing a kitchen top tier

The top tier of the kitchen
The upper tier is to put all the dishes

Standard sizes of kitchen furniture relate not only to the lower pedestals, but the upper parts. When designing or purchasing it is important to take into account the recommended standard sizes:

  • cabinet depth of not more than 30 centimeters. That's enough to be placed on the shelves of products or dishes, but the cabinet does not interfere with the hostess.
  • The height of the upper flange depends from the kitchen holder growth. He must be free to reach her hand. If the dimensions allow cuisine, then increase the height of the boxes to the height of the low stools or stand.
  • The distance to the upper module from the top - no more than 45 centimeters. It is important to take into account individual preferences.
  • Height drawing placement depends on the type of cooking surface. height of electric cookers 70 centimeters, but 80 centimeters - for gas.
  • The width of the kitchen units - this is one option for the upper and lower tier.

Placing functional areas

Functional areas in the kitchen
Ergonomics is important for each family

Be prepared drawings of tables with dimensions of the main kitchen zones - for cooking place, washing dishes, hob. Do not forget the section for dishes and products. The optimal distance zones from each other - no more 2,5 m. Here are six options for placement of working areas:

  1. insular. In this case located in the center of a pedestal with a hob and the cooking surface. Located opposite the sink, in the corner - a refrigerator. Sometimes placed in the middle of the room cleaning, but this is the most costly.
  2. Poluostrovnoy. This method is used for large premises, where it is important to divide the kitchen into two parts. The separator serves bar, there is located a cleaning or cooking
  3. Single Row. If the kitchen is only one of a number of furniture, the best course of working areas - a refrigerator, washing, hob. You take products, wash them and cook.
  4. distichous. In the small kitchen furniture is usually placed in two rows. In such a case, one working area imposed on the opposite side. However, it is not recommended to install the hob and cooker to one lane.
  5. U-shaped. Located in the middle of washing, and two opposite sides of each other - a refrigerator and plate. This option is useful, since working areas fall into an isosceles triangle.
  6. L-shaped. This layout allows you to completely isolated work triangle.

size wooden kitchen furniture

Dimensions of kitchen furniture will fit the accepted standards and individual preferences of the owner, if the kitchen is made to order. In this case, you will have a chance to abandon stereotypes and make the kitchen very functional. Installation of additional rotating racks for glasses and stemware, narrow cabinets - these details will save time, spent cooking, and space, that is suitable for small kitchens.


To get the kitchen of your dreams, better to seek help from a professional designer, which can be found in furniture stores. He will be engaged in study of the appearance of the future kitchen and take care of functionality. The dimensions of the furniture in the kitchen at the same time will take into account on the basis of the size and characteristics of the premises plan. Before you contact a designer, Remove all necessary measurements. It should be taken into account, the kitchen is on the order will cost more than the standard kitchen units, therefore it is important to properly allocate financial resources.

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