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Choosing a light bulb for a stretch ceiling. The idea of ​​placing— design photo

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Suspended ceilings with built-in lights - modern and stylish way to decorate a room. Bulbs are different, each has its pros and cons. Before you purchase any particular kind of, should be read with their basic characteristics.

Lighting options curtain fabrics

Material tensioning webs sensitive to heat. From the heat it can deform. To avoid this, it is important to properly select and install the ceiling lamps in accordance with the instructions.

Manufacturers have taken care of their attractive appearance and diversity. In this way, you can pick up large chandeliers, miniature spotlights, set stylish LED lights or spotlights mounted on the perimeter.



Chandeliers are hanging lights. They come in different sizes. Mounted chandeliers classic, pripotolochnym or suspended manner. Number of bulbs in the chandeliers different. Of their number depends on the level of ambient light.

The rooms can be set one or more of chandeliers. It all depends on the room size and the owner wishes.

In addition to the chandelier can be installed spotlights, view is simply gorgeous.

Recessed spotlights

Spot lights in the ceiling, unlike chandeliers, set around the room. With their help distinguish separate zones. These lights have gained immense popularity, as they allow to realize various ideas.

Spot lamps for suspended ceilings are suitable for small spaces, and for the impressive size rooms. Spotlights can become an addition to the chandelier in a large room. their advantages in durability, affordable price and compact size.


The spot represents a lighting apparatus with directional light. Use it to illuminate any object or place in the room. They are easy to use and install. Placed on the ceiling, walls. For a room with low ceilings, they will be the best option, since quite compact and can save space on the ceiling.

Miniature lights on the ceiling are tensioning movable base, through which light is directed to the desired location. Spots perfectly fit into any decor. Most of these lamps are made of metal, less plastic. Colors can be different, that allows you to pick up spots for each room.

LED lamp and strip

LED strip is located both on the perimeter, and over the entire surface. Besides, it can be placed inside the web tension. LED lamps on the ceiling, installed on the perimeter of the room, It makes the atmosphere more relaxed and soft.


This ceiling with lights is perfect for any room. LED tape mounted via a plinth so, that the design was not visible. In this way, create subdued light, do not strain your eyes. It looks spectacular LED lamps for suspended ceilings, established within the web.

Types of lighting fixtures for false ceilings, prices

Lights on the ceiling, you can buy different types of. When you purchase is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the premises and the material suspended fabric. The following lamps are suitable for stretch fabrics: incandescent, halogen, LED and fluorescent.


Incandescent lamps are inexpensive and easy to replace. In building shops offer a wide selection of them depending on the color, size and shape. The brightness of lighting is also different.

But in addition to the positive aspects, there are negative. Ceiling with incandescent bulbs can be very heated, which can lead to deformation of the fabric. To avoid trouble, lighting is recommended not to buy more powerful 50-60 W.

Besides, tensioning the canvas may darken under the influence of the working lamp, In this case, use a special insulating elements. It can be termokoltsa or pads. Another disadvantage - a short service life and high energy consumption.


First, such lighting devices used in the headlights of vehicles, They were later inserted into the ceiling galogenki. The advantages of these light fixtures is their long life, which can reach up to 10 years old. Such bulbs on a tension ceiling shine brightly. Lighting angle is adjustable.

Among the shortcomings noted the following points:

  • High price
  • heat release
  • electricity consumption


LED lights on the ceiling are the most popular. They last a long time. Ideal for stretch fabrics. The fact, the blade is not under the influence of high temperatures deteriorates, and on it there are dark spots.

LED bulbs for suspended ceilings will be the best option, since they do not heat up strongly. LED light bulb on the ceiling create a pleasant light for the eyes. It is possible to adjust the brightness and hue of light. LED bulbs are expensive - it is all their faults.


Fluorescent lamp on the ceiling is also suitable for stretch fabrics. This type of lighting is energy-efficient. They almost do not emit heat. Small size allow you to use them under the hinged blade.

Among the deficiencies noted the high cost of. When switched off they sometimes flicker. Brightness can not be adjusted. Despite the shortcomings, Fluorescent lamps are an excellent solution for hinged leaf. They will not harm the material.

How to install and remove lighting fixtures

To fix lights, You Need to Know highlights. Next is a diagram of different locations on the ceiling lamp according to the purpose. So it is possible to expand the space, or to allocate a separate zone.

How to place fixtures: layout diagram

Lamps placed a variety of ways. The most commonly used can be seen in the following diagram.

Suspended ceiling with lamps, arranged in a circle, will illuminate the central part of the room. To expand the space suitable location in the form of a rectangle. When installing luminaires in a corner, It recommended to supplement their chandeliers. Otherwise, the room is poorly lit.. That's an option, How to install lights in the Stretch Ceilings (pictured below).

How to change, Remove the light bulb in the spotlights

Suspended ceilings with lights look great in the room and cover it. Sometimes the lights burn out, and it needs to be replaced. Replacing their is no different from the conventional method:

  1. First disconnect the electricity supply
  2. Carefully removed the cover
  3. Unscrewed the old bulb
  4. inserting a new

How to pull down light

Dismantle the lamp on a tension ceiling is not difficult. Ring is pressed and pulled until latch lamp. Then gently pressed against the latch and remove the housing.

Examples placement of lamps in the kitchen, living room and bedroom in the photo

Ceilings with lights suitable for any room. This can be for children, canteen, living room, even the bathroom. The kitchen also look great in a tension ceiling lamps (pictured below).

Suspended ceiling with lights (pictured below) in the bedroom creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Ceiling mounted lights to illuminate the room is a great option. Installed lamps are a great decoration for any room.