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Installing a pedestal sink with kitchen: advices of the master

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It is impossible to imagine modern kitchen without shell. And it would seem, that the complex in its installation? But the installation of this equipment with their hands raised many questions. There are a number of nuances, that affect the quality and speed of installation for kitchen sinks.

Sink with cupboard in the kitchen
Wash with pedestal looks in the kitchen as a whole

varieties of sinks: standard invoice, flush

Before attempting to install, determine the type of equipment. Each variety of sinks differ in installation and maintenance of order. The entire range available on the market is conventionally divided into such models:

sink with cupboard

  1. overhead. Cheap and easy installation of kitchen sinks. They are mounted directly on the cabinet and replace the countertop. Among the disadvantages noted low aesthetic appeal of this design and clearances, because of the gapping shell.
  2. Mortice. This kind of got its name based on the specifics of the installation. Cupboard under the sink for the kitchen is treated, it cut through a hole, and in which the equipment is installed. Structure obtained single, durable and practical. note, that Mortise sink mounted on the countertop level. Constant contact with water, inevitable when washing dishes, negative impact on the working surface. Because of this worktop is gradually deformed. To avoid this, carefully wipe the surface after completion of the water.beautiful sink with cupboard in the kitchen
  3. underbench. These shells are designed in such a way, so that when the unit is below the countertop level. Thereby, It provides a high level during installation geometrisation, allowing to avoid getting water on the working surface. This sink for kitchen pedestal set in stone countertops, hardwood and glass.
  4. integrated. This type is combined with the working surface, forming a unitary structure. Thus rim such washing may be located at any level, in relation to the table top. Installation of the integrated model takes a long time, time-consuming and costly.

What type of equipment presented prefer - an individual decision of each. This depends on the taste of the customer, budget and a suite of furniture. Cupboard with sink for dishes plated and mortise type - the most common options. They represent the best combination of price and quality. The overhead is used as a temporary equipment. Mortice model - for sectional furniture with a single tabletop.


Installation of equipment with their own hands: they do not forget about the trap

Given the specifics of the installation of all types of sinks, It is the study of rational self-installation only the first two options: invoice and mortise. Two other groups require professional knowledge, skills and equipment, therefore established exclusively by craftsmen.

Before you begin to install a pedestal sink, Learn the basic rules:

  • For equipment chosen place located close to the working area;
  • Determine the "golden triangle": fridge, oven and sink should be as distant from each other;
  • A good location would be the middle of washing countertops. In this way, working surface is arbitrarily divided into dirty zone - for cleaning vegetables, cutting meat and other, and clean - for serving ready meals.

sink with a wooden cupboard in the kitchen

Popular corner sink with a pedestal for the kitchen because of its proximity to the sewer outlet. However, modern technology make it possible to install them anywhere in the room.

Room preparation and installation tools for cleaning countertop in the kitchen

How to start the installation of the equipment? With the training facilities and the choice for kitchen cabinets location points, which will be mounted sink. With self-connecting the best place - the wall, adjacent to an apartment sanitary. Then fit and angle, and a standard kitchen sink with pedestal.

You have sectional furniture with solid tabletop? Then the self-connection is possible only, if it is made of chipboard or wood. Otherwise, you should use the services of craftsmen, who have the necessary tools and skills for installation of pedestal sinks.

sink built into the headset

Before starting work - clean the space of foreign objects. There must be enough space, to position the tool and move freely around the room. Inspect the kitchen for available outlets, please be extension.

Tool Options for the work depends on, which sink you purchased. To install overhead models need:

  • Ruler or meter;
  • elbow;
  • Set of screwdrivers;
  • Passatiži;
  • Silicone sealant;
  • construction adhesive (if the installation of washing involves its use).

stylish sink

note, that the installation of this type of shell is not necessary to use automated tools. Chances, they damage the car wash, whereby it is deformed and cracked.

If a bill cabinet with a sink is not suitable, and you decide to install mortise model, then add to the above tools, electric drill and a jigsaw, and drills on a tree.

Marking and sawing

Most modern washing bite type supplied with fasteners and template for road marking on the countertop. However, in practice they are seldom applied. Cupboards in the kitchen sink easily labeled using the most cleaning. For this is useful to a simple pencil, by which circuit is circled. If the template is available there, then attach enough of it in the right place with adhesive tape or painter's masking tape.

cupboard under the sink

to mark the, remember, that the kitchen sink with cupboard and its walls should not be in contact.

Safety circuit, in which will be cut, It is marked at a distance 1,5 cm from the ground. In this way, you get a hole big enough, to fit the inside of the shell. At the same time cleaning the edges are not lain and fix steadily on the table.

Before you start spraying check, to cabinet under the sink is securely fastened. With jigsaw cut along the contour of the hole. It is better to cut as precisely coincide with the working circuit. After completion, worktop cleared of sawdust. Place saw cut carefully polished with sandpaper.

homemade cabinet

correct assembly

If the cabinet for kitchen sink, ready, then you can proceed to the assembly of the whole structure. To begin with countertop edges are processed with silicone sealant, to ensure reliable connectors and protection from moisture. We give it to congeal and this time set the hose and faucet on the sink. This work should make up the shell assembly, because then it can become problematic.

It connects the kitchen cabinet with a sink with a special double-sided tape, which comes bundled with hardware. Their prokleivayutsya end spila, then installed sink.

In the absence of adhesive tape it can easily be replaced by an additional layer of sealant.

size cabinets

Fixed pedestal sink for the kitchen, It is drawn from the bottom Fastening special, came with a sink. Note the correct sequence: first twist angles diagonally, and then in the middle.

Overhead sinks - another topic. They are installed in place of table tops. That is the option for those, one in the presence of a free-standing cabinet for kitchen. Often it initially has the upper part, so you can go directly to the mounting shell.

There are three ways to install a sink:

  1. Using adhesive. Least time consuming option, suitable for cases, when washing wider frame and covers his ribs. In this case, the ends of the cabinet are treated with sealant, a shell edge with glue. note, that this method will not work, If you have a corner kitchen cabinet under the sink.

    Sink in high-tech style
    Sink in high-tech style to complement your interior
  2. Using the mounting brackets. This option is used in cases, If the fasteners are supplied complete with sink. At the same time, first in the marked areas inside screwed screws, and the brackets are mounted on top.
  3. Fixing the wooden bars. It is used in cases, If the two previous options are not suitable. In the presence of defects in equipment or absence of the attachment fittings. Bars mounted on the inside corners of the frame side. Whereby a suitable site for fixing washing.

After the completion of all required actions, and connect the equipment, check that it works properly, no leaks or abnormal noise. Now you know, how to install the sink in the kitchen.