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Kitchen countertops passing in the window sill

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The window sill is a very important part of the kitchen interior. Some people combine the kitchen countertop with a window by adding an extra space. The windowsill is often mounted sink or cooktop. By tradition, there are several principles, according to which it is possible and it is necessary to select and mount the window sill. It can be windowsills: DSP, agglomerate, stone. Depending on the application there are wide and narrow, and they have to fit stylistically most kitchen, be comfortable and stable.

Kitchen design in view window

Usually, a place, where there is a window with sill, It is both the lightest and cozy place, in which so nice to dream with a cup of tea, looking at the snowy street. Because on the window sill is best to place nice and comfortable things. It can be a flower pot with a favorite, fruit and candy basket, phone or a small TV.

Also, quite often a table near the window, which looks better, if it falls the light rays. Even the most beautiful kitchen countertops to custom will look dull, if the slide table in the far corner. The European version of the location of equipment and furniture in the kitchen is to install the sink under the same window sill.

If you want to use the working area of ​​the window sill, I use it to the maximum benefit for the kitchen, remember, which is ideal for this, when the height of the window in relation to the floor level and the height of the kitchen (as an option, furniture) match up.

If the window height from the floor is exactly 84 cm (no more and no less), This can partially place the furniture under the window itself. This will make the window sill of the work surface. But we must remember, at that time and its material should be resistant and durable. If you have an expensive stone sill, it can expect a deplorable fate in the form of cracks and stains from fat. On the marble window sills, and the price is so high, add here still the cost of repair and replacement.

It is not recommended to do so, in some cases,, as sill become a table. It will be made to different objects, that would interfere with the opening of the window.
Also wide tabletop overlaps stream of warm air from the radiator and the condensate may be formed, and on the windowsill - pools. In severe frost on the windows will frost.

mocha granite
Decorative grille for ventilation window sill

Therefore, pre-think over the vents!

ventilation window sill

What are the sills

Consider, how to make a window sill, countertop in the kitchen and its original issue. Quite often now manufacturers, whose interests are concentrated in the Scandinavian market, produce furniture with higher feet. This allows you to "pull up" furniture to the window, which may be higher, than 84 cm. It is also often a stumbling block for the designer becomes large bay window sills , very beautiful interior solution, but it requires a certain furniture. Because quite often these sills are left as a decorative element, putting on him a hookah or a pot of flowers.

Quite important for the designer is the size of the canvas window sill. Very narrow windowsill vryatli suitable as a continuation of the work surface, rather, it will be a beautiful element of the interior. But the wide window sill can be just such a "helper" in the kitchen affairs.

What to choose countertop

New technology has made it more durable materials, and designers have come up with such a convenient thing, as a single worktop for all kitchen cabinets. This makes it possible to solve several problems:

  • increases the working surface, which is important for the kitchen, table just getting bigger, without taking up more space;
  • to minimize adverse effects of moisture and other reactants to products joints, which contributes to a longer service its;
  • an opportunity to use new materials in large quantities, such as artificial stone and glass.

For the manufacture of the sill-table top using different materials:

  • fake diamond;
  • agglomerate;
  • natural stone;
  • wood;
  • stainless steel;
  • plastic;
  • MDF;
  • LDRI.

Let us examine embodiments and with popular operating characteristics comparable.

economy version

DPS or MDF - more budget option. Chipboard gives a wide field of applications in different styles, Shapes and colors. This is achieved thanks to the lamination surface. As a result - it becomes impervious to moisture, quite easy to clean and has a, thanks to special films. Chipboard green color indicates its resistance to moisture. A wide range of options: under the tree, a stone, tile. When properly installed window, It will last for a long time.


Typical defects that can occur over time:

  • vlagoboyazn - in spite of the protective top layer, If water gets into the end or edge of the plate, will begin its process of deformation;
  • temperature effect;
  • low resistance to mechanical damage;
  • when the product appeared deformation of MPA or MDF not repairable.

Modern synthetic materials

Fake diamond - a more economical version of the natural counterpart. Made by granite and marble. Artificial stone looks great in the kitchen design, It has good user properties. Today he is considered one of the most popular. Countertops made of acrylic stones deserved popularity is largely due to the convenience and durability.

On the strength of worktop, made of artificial stone, comparable to the working surfaces, made of natural stone, but even that appears at the increased impact of a scratch on it can be easily sanded, due to the greater, than the stone, viscosity material. It also protects the property of acrylic surface from possible chipping.

Another advantage of acrylic - maintainability

Acrylic countertops is highly inert to most acids and alkalis, except acetone and concentrated sulfuric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.

Disadvantages acrylic countertops:

  • Ability to deformation under high - from 150 ° C - Temperature;
  • The appearance of the dark circles under hot utensils;
  • scratch;
  • It can not be used for the care cleansers with abrasive substances (lost luster);
  • After contact with the surface of acetone or concentrated soluble acrylic acid.

Acrylic Stone - good stuff, well suited for complex products, different forms. Good Korean, Chinese-worse. DO NOT ORDER ACRYLIC dark shades ( only light ).

natural materials

A natural stone - luxurious and exclusive sample is usually in the photo. For the manufacture of countertops used marble, granite. It should be remembered, that it is almost perpetual product, which requires a minimum of maintenance and is not subject to the whims of any kitchen.

Stoleshnitsa-na-kuhneNatural stone - worktop is mainly granite ( marble-not even consider )
There are many of its subtleties. For gourmets only natural, but it's not food - in this case, naturally not always good.

In addition to the expensive price of course if you need normal color, not the one that on the floor in shopping centers, has its flaws:

  • product weight;
  • installation complexity;
  • stone absorbency;
  • the risk of microcracks.

For natural stone producers do not bear responsibility.

quartz stone ( quartz or quartz agglomerate, kvartselan, ) — best stuff, on 95% made of natural quartz. It offers all the benefits of granite and acrylic, at the same time without drawbacks acrylic and granite.) looking for user feedback - bad not find.quartz stone

Costly for complex shapes countertop, straight - cheap, even less good acrylic and granite can be found. In general, you need to look for a direct manufacturer, rather than a mediator middleman.

Windowsill as a dining table

Very often in the course of the sill deliver the original design on the leg, representing a small table at the height of the dining table or the bar. It can serve for a quick meal pair people.

The window sill in the kitchen can be a multi-functional. It is an integral structure, which is used in modern kitchens are not just for the purpose of arrangement of fresh flowers, but also as a working surface. Everything for small kitchens, windowsill in the kitchen is almost always acts as a supplementary table. Thanks to the kitchen windowsill hostess can save a lot of room space, making a small table near the window opening. See this is not difficult, because there are a large number of window sills design ideas in the kitchen .

10 photos using a window sill as a table

The window sill in the kitchen combined with a worktop, smoothly passing to complete furniture structure, It looks very original. It is convenient and multifunctional. As a result,, It turns harmonious kitchen with plenty of free space for the necessary processes.

the kitchen sink under the window

not infrequently, such sills kitchen set to accommodate near windows sinks. For bargain aesthetically attractive appearance of the kitchen with sills, Window openings should decorate modern curtains. Sill in the kitchen can be made of various materials, the choice of which depends on the total interior of kitchen. This may be an artificial granite, plastic, Chipboard and other modern materials.

sink in the kitchen window sill

washing in a windowsill with flowerswashing in a windowsill 2washing in a windowsill

When used for the sill plate

Often place under the window used to set the cooking surface. The rationale for this kind of action depends on the accuracy of the hostess. installation cons:

  • Spray-frying cooking is stained window.
  • Hood not set, winter impractical.

To eliminate the fire blowing out or spoiling children, Use plates with gas control.

definitely, two washing options in windowsill preferably.

plate in the window sill

A selection of video on the reconciliation of the sill with the worktop