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extractor hood: 5 varieties of modern installations

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Can we call extract a necessity in the kitchen? Most likely no. But, the, that this device is very useful, confirms its owner almost every. We have decided to establish themselves in the kitchen hood? Then read it with more detail.

What does the extractor fan

Cooker hood - a useful device, helps the air to "unload" in the kitchen when cooking. When food is cooked, especially on a gas stove, in the products of combustion air stand, as well as fat splashes, soot and saturated odor. All this and is able to absorb the extractor hood, wherein the air filtering particles.


Otherwise, if you ignore the purchase of this instrument, then get ready to, that all the "side effects" of cooking will settle on the walls, ceiling, kitchen furniture. And it will give extra work: because the need to direct the purity of the premises often, and may even conduct cosmetic repairs. Besides, hoods in the kitchen will give the room a modern look.

Types of ventilation hoods type

A new kitchen hood must be chosen not only on the overall interior of the kitchen, but also with regard to its operation and location.

so, drawing on the principle of action are the following:

  1. flow. The essence of this type is, that pollution from the kitchen air output to the outside through the ventilation system
  2. recirculation. The operating principle of this extraction is very simple. The basis of the device installed filters, which purify the air absorbed from the room, and then releasing it back
  3. combined. Such filter devices combine both previous types

Types of hoods for the type of installation

There are a number of filtration devices for the kitchen facilities. Hood design in the kitchen depends on the mode of installation:

  • recessed. This type of hood is installed in a dedicated cabinet, which matches the design of the entire kitchen set. Built-in hood in the kitchen interior look harmonious;

  • False. Such extraction is set perpendicular to the wall above the stove. They can be placed as a detached, and under the kitchen cupboard;

  • dome. The second name - fireplace. These hoods reminiscent of his appearance umbrellas, and also have similarities with its predecessors obsolete. Chimney extractor hood in the kitchen interior will look organic with many design styles;

  • corner. Such extracts in a small kitchen will help to save space, as well as give the room a modern culinary stylish look;

  • Island in the middle of drawing a large kitchen. They are significantly different from other types of extracts of the, that are mounted directly to the ceiling. vertical hoods for kitchens They have no bends in its structure and have direct Breather;

Integrated extractor tilt, installed over the stove

Kitchen design with a sloping hood - a modern view of the arrangement of the interior space.

Inclined extractor possesses improved modification. It has a tapered duct, through which air circulates at a higher speed. This affects both the, that such extracts are endowed with a good capacity.


The advantage of these filter devices is that the kitchen, they are universal for any kitchen style. One has only to choose the right model parameters and the desired color. for example, Art Nouveau glass suitable for the kitchen range hood.

Built-in cooker hoods to the challenge 50, 60 and 90 cm: customer preference

Kitchen with extractor fan, which is equal to the width 50 cm, are some of the sought parameters with regard to dimensions. The most popular species are:

  • Elikor;
  • krona;
  • Hansa;
  • Cata;
  • Gorenje;

Buyers, preferring hoods width 60 cm, give preference to the following producers:

  • Elikor;
  • Epsilon 60;
  • Integra Elikor 60;
  • At you 60;
  • krona.

model, width 90 cm, unlike previous, not in great demand among buyers. This is due to difficulties, which arise during assembly drawing.

Hood filters. with a charcoal filter device

Hoods, in addition to the exterior design and principle of operation, may vary and set the filter type:

  1. Extract with grease filter. The action of this type of filter is directed to purification of air from the grease and soot sprays. They are used in flow, and circulating tap;
  2. Carbon hood. The filter of this kind acts as liquidator odors. The difference is the fact, Such filters must be completely replaced, and not clean.

What to look for when choosing a hood with carbon filter? First, is to determine the views of selected extracts. Most convenient are planar devices with recirculating type of action.

Box for drawing

The box for the drawing is intended, to hide the unsightly appearance of simple devices variants. Embedded conventional and telescopic hood most often are masked in a box, with the difference, that usually just placed over the stove, and telescopic also nominated.

Usually, box for drawing ordered with kitchen unit. it is a wall cabinet, within which the stretching elements are located, vent.

Photo hoods for the kitchen in a box.

extracts control methods

Since there are various examples in the kitchen hoods, and consequently their control methods will vary.

  1. touch type. This control panel is located on the front side of the encircling hood. Touch button is backlit for ease of use;
  2. The push-button type;
  3. A slider type is represented by a mechanical Polozkov, which changes its position, moving into several divisions.

Tips, how to choose and buy the best

When choosing a kitchen hood must pay attention to its performance:

  • Power. of course, the higher will be the rate, the better the device will cope with their work. But, worth considering, that the higher power, the more expensive it will be worth the hood
  • filter type. Fat or coal. There is also the cheapest models hoods, in which there are no filters at all
  • Dimensions of the hood. This indicator does not affect the functionality of the device, but it is of great importance when installed in a small-sized kitchen

Ranking table of prices for the best models

Statistical data 2016 year brought the most popular models of hoods, and presented their prices:

Model price (rub)
Bosch DFS 067K50 33 900
Siemens LI 67SA530 IX 23 990
Elikor Integra 60 3 380
Kronasteel Kamilla Sensor 600 9 000
Gorenje DU5345W 3 500
many CW4924B 54 000
Elikor Agate 60 11 700

Leroy Merlin: the best choice of cheap hoods

The range of Leroy Merlin allows its customers to choose the kitchen hood on any income and external preferences.

The most popular models, best-selling, They are as follows:

  • Saturn (brand Elikor). Price of the device is no more than 2000 rubles. Extractor hood, ideal for the classic kitchen.

  • Patio (by Elikor) It can be purchased at a price 9000 rubles. Extractor hood perfectly fit the style of a country or rustic kitchen

  • Arcade (Elikor) - the most expensive model, represented in the network of outlets Leroy.

Photos Hood

Extractor fan in the kitchen design

White hood in the kitchen