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Housework is too exhausting, and because every woman loves the new wonders of technology, help facilitate this homework. One of these signs is a device for cutting vegetables or simply vegetable cutter. These little helpers poured into our lives for a long time, and now we can not imagine, as if life was without surgical cutting method different products.

But let's find out a little more, Having considered the views of slicer, the differences between them are, as well acquainted with the models, that the market can offer manufacturers slicer in 2019 year.

Shredder raw vegetables and cooked ham - for which suitable vegetable cutter?

First of all, I want to clarify, which is not always a vegetable cutter vegetable is only suitable for vegetables. Its different types may also work quietly with fruits, berries and even meat, not to mention the cheese and sausages. At its core,, vegetable cutter - is an enhanced, more convenient and more efficient working grater, a kind of a special device for cutting salad, which can work with fresh, boiled and fried foods.


Some may even make vegetable slicers artistic cutting, but all the extra features, as well as the types of products, with which the instrument can be operated, often covered in the instruction itself. But still, it is best to understand this question helps us on the principle of division of the slicer: cutting electric or manual. And now we will investigate this.

Manual vegetable cutter - mechanical thunderstorm fresh vegetables

The first type is parsed us today devices - Manual. Manual vegetable cutter Housing need, to more effectively carry out the shredder vegetables and fruits. It will not help you cope with this cutting process especially fast, to work with it you need to make an effort, but the handheld device works with a large number of products, and also allows you to cut more finely.

Its disadvantages can also make the, what, if you need more convenient for salads cutting vegetables into cubes, Manual vegetable cutter will not give you such opportunity. she chops, rubs vegetables and fruits inside, Scroll through the handle. You can call it a more effective analogue of the standard float, which does not reach the level of eclectic competitor, but a lot of budget.

Electric vegetable cutter -narezka diced vegetables, slices and other forms of

The second type, which is more common in the homes of our country, enjoys wide popularity and really makes life easier for many housewives - electric vegetable cutter.

You'll find most models, similar to a food processor, sometimes there are those, that are similar to a meat grinder. Choosing a convenient option for you may take a long time. Virtually all models elektrorezok vegetables and allow you to work with other products, but because you can often hear the name "electric multirezka". Help with choosing the right device for your family, we try now!.

Quality hand grater or a powerful electro - how to choose the appropriate option?

Before choosing for a new model, think carefully, what exactly you are buying this machine. Let's, you need a device for cutting vegetables into cubes, and then the choice is obvious - electric. but, and about its declared capacity. The number of nozzles and blades should think, not to overpay for the, What do you use will not. Here are a few points, you have to think well:

  • In manual models sometimes have, and sometimes there is a special container for collecting cutting. Do you need his presence in the set, taking into account the time, that he constantly need to rinse?
  • Number of nozzles, some slicer rolls. If you need just a machine for dicing various products, as well as for fine shredding of green, then why pay more for the rest of the set?
  • High power electrical device you can play in minus, If this appliance begins to scatter the chopped pieces of pop all over the table. accurate, What power has the items you, not to be mistaken with the choice.
  • Be sure to ask about the quality of the reviews of the device assembly. Even ordinary manual vegetable cutter for raw vegetables may be of poor quality and break on the first day.
  • think hard, How important is for you to manufacturer. Brand - it was good, and speaks volumes, but with the most simple tasks can cope less well-known analogues.

If you read carefully and remember all, is to find the very best model, you will be quite easy.

TOP slicer 6 with nozzles, worth buy 2019 year

Well, we have to help you with selecting the best instrument. And now we will talk about the six most popular models, who received the best reviews of the quality of the relation to the value at the time 2019 of the year. Meet the best of the best:

Moulinex Fresh Express Cube DJ905

First we have analyzed the device will be a great vegetable cutter "Moulinex". Schematic with dicing, strips, slices and other culinary delights, it works with a large list of different forms of products, It has lots of tips for a comfortable cutting, and very compact, because all the tips fit into her body. It is moderately powerful - 280W, and thus can block and overload power swings. Its other advantages can be called:

  • Excellent build quality from European manufacturer;
  • Availability in our stores;
  • The presence of only one minus - the high price.

average cost: 9 589 p

where to buy: M.VIDEO, EL DORADO, OZONE and online stores.

Redmond RKA-FP4

another appliance, proven best side. Vegetable cutter from Redmond is quite similar in appearance to the meat grinder, but it has been very different: fast and fine shredding, Electric diced or sliced ​​into slices and grater. The capacity of this machine is not that big - only 150W, but more for the prompt preparation of the festive salad and do not need. In other undoubted advantages can be called:

  • Automatic protection against electric overloads;
  • High build quality of Chinese;
  • nice decor;
  • small size;
  • Better availability in stores;
  • nice price.

average cost: 3 087 rub.

where to buy: M.VIDEO, EL DORADO, Yulmart, OZONE, HOLODILNIK.RU and online stores.

Philips HR1388

The most competitive and perhaps even the leader of our stamp is this a real electric multirezka, working effectively, both with vegetables, and with sausages. This model from Philips is known for its complete set, and especially knives for slicing, as it is considered the best machine for the production of french fries. Besides, so you can find knives for chopping straw and.

But there is a very unpleasant minus, since the cut vegetables into cubes you do not succeed. The disadvantages also include the lack head storage area. Doubtless the same advantages are:

  • Nice power 200w;
  • Possibility of cleaning up in the dishwasher;
  • Unique function of volume regulation tank for supplying products to the shape of these products;
  • Wide neck diameter;
  • Very pleasant functional relationship to the price;
  • European quality.

average cost: 4 250 rub.

where to buy: Yulmart, Media market, HOLODILNIK.RU and online stores.

Nicer Dicer Plus

Very, very budget vegetable cutter for cutting vegetables into cubes, slices and other forms of, Nayser Dayser is simply amazing for its quality. Little of, that the extremely low price you get so much functionality, you will be surprised by the fact, how compact and convenient in its use of these lovely machine.

Its disadvantages are that, it manually, but, so, you will have to put their own strength for cutting vegetables into cubes or simple shredding. Besides, vegetable cutter made of plastic, but it is quite unreliable material, though many reviews say about the qualitative and longevity of the device. To summarize the advantages of:

  • Extremely low cost;
  • Very simple, though inconvenient to use;
  • huge functionality;
  • compact dimensions.

average cost: 900 rub.

where to buy: OZONE, TV shopping and online shopping.


Best quality manual slicer for cutting cubes, and cubes, from those, that is on the market, Alligator is a product of the Swedish manufacturer. The device copes with fast cutting any vegetables, fruits and berries, having a special container for a nice easy work. Outs may be called scarcity in functionality and price, overpriced for such a small variety, but the quality covers all the disadvantages. Besides, of the advantages of accurate worth noting:

  • Very easy to use;
  • The availability of special equipment for cleaning nozzles;
  • Nice look.

average cost: 2655 rub.

where to buy: Online shops.

Borner Classic

Despite, that this device is not slicing vegetables into cubes, electric power is replaced by your hand strength, and the use of this float is rather complicated, vegetable cutter "Borner" takes pride of place in our top thanks to their incredible quality. This model boasts a pleasantly varied functionality, But the build quality in a sense obliged to excellent reliability and durable material polystyrene.


average cost: 2500 rub. where to buy: M.VIDEO, OZONE and online stores.

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