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How to transform the kitchen? We paint the walls with his own hands

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Wall paintings come in a variety of kitchen. They may be different ways of application, Technique and skill level artist. Drawings on a wall in the kitchen can hide the flaws of the room and highlight its advantages. Besides, they are used for zoning of space and make the room an original design.

Techniques and methods depending on the skill level

It should be understood, that draw in the kitchen beautiful composition - this is not a simple matter and requires a certain skill. Simple kitchen drawings can make even a novice master. Walls can paint different methods, among which:

  • Art painting paint
  • aerography
  • Lettering and drawing with chalk
  • Decoupage
  • programs included stencils, stamps, templates

Art painting paints complex compositions in the form of frescoes or landscapes recommended instruct professionals. Simple patterns on the wall in the kitchen, you can draw your own, without having certain skills.


Airbrushing the strength not only to professionals. Beginners will be able to cope with such a method of painting with special stencils and airbrush.

Lettering will also require some skills in the art of drawing. However, there is a possibility of a simple inscriptions and ornaments.

Decoupage is sticking to the walls of paper applications. Deal with this method of applying even a novice will be able to. Walls before starting to align, so that the picture came out smooth and beautiful.

To paint using stencils do not need some experience. Simply cut around it along the lines of. the main thing, you might need - is patience, and properly selected image Kitchen.

Preparing walls

Before you get started, you must carefully prepare the surface of the walls. Otherwise, all the work can be spoiled.

The first thing to do - to align walls. After that, proceed to the non-woven wallpaper pasting them. It is recommended to use a paintable wallpaper. Glue them does not necessarily, you can just sanded the surface of the walls and walk through it with primer. Walls must be clean, dried out and grease.

You should also prepare a room, to inflict drawings for kitchen walls. Furniture must be drawn from the premises, so it does not stain. If this is not possible, it is covered with foil to protect it from paint hit.



Draw on the kitchen wall can be anything. All images are different in style, they can be divided into several groups:

  • color images, trees (the most popular topic - cherry blossoms and trees with birds)
  • Image of various geometric shapes
  • landscapes
  • Still Life
  • Patterns and designs are applied mainly using stencils
  • Wall paintings Kitchen on the culinary theme

In some cases, the pattern is applied in the kitchen in the wall. This requires experience. Beginners should choose simple average size composition.

How and what can be applied independently

That draw on the walls of the kitchen? Illustrations can be quite diverse.

His hands can transfer pictures through stencils or draw using stamps or templates.

Great illustrations in the wall can be done using simple templates. for example, draw on the surface of the walls of a large tree and paint it with black paint. Such an image will look very impressive on the wall.

Image transfer through stencils

Figure kitchen on the wall using stencils available to everyone. Stencils or stamps can be purchased at the hardware store, or make your own hands. image transfer process with stamp looks like:

  1. First dilute the paint. Better use of acrylic.
  2. Take a stamp and dip it in the paint.
  3. When the paint is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the stamp, it has to be carefully applied to the wall in the wrong place, where there should be drawing.

It is recommended first of all to try to put the image through a stencil or by stamp on unnecessary surface. If all goes well, You can begin to transfer images onto a wall.

Transfer images through a stencil slightly different from application with a die:

  1. First, a stencil is applied to the wall
  2. Then encircle the figures for the kitchen pencil stencil
  3. The final stage - drawing paint

Draw in the kitchen on the wall in such a way can be anything. Stencils of all sizes and forms can be downloaded from the Internet and printed out.


Wall picture in the kitchen can be designed in the style of modeling. This will require a plaster mixture. First on the wall draw pencil outlines, and then start using gypsum. Apply multiple coats, that the work was a volume. At the end of the pattern can be inked.

Besides, sell special individual elements. They are ready, it only remains to glue. The main thing in this case - to choose the right parts and carefully glue them to the wall and to each other.


The easiest way to put pictures on the theme of the kitchen - use stickers. The shops offer a wide selection of images on any subject. Such patterns on the kitchen wall will last a long time. Besides, they have many more advantages, eg:

  • Long retain its original appearance
  • easy to apply
  • On sale there are different types of labels
  • You can choose the most suitable for a particular interior

Draw a 3d image

Draw a picture on the wall of the kitchen with his hands is not so easy and it will take some skill in drawing. Can portray anything, volume figures look spectacular and questions about, that draw in the kitchen, should arise. The author can decide for yourself and draw all, that conceived.

interior ideas

Kitchen with a graphic pattern look very nice and stylish. Such graphical kitchen drawings transform a room and make it unique. Graphics on a dining area will be a perfect complement general atmosphere kitchens.

Embossed patterns can be left to professionals or do it yourself. the main thing, take into account the size of the room. It is not recommended to use large images in small spaces. They will visually reduce the space, and burden the room.

Separately want to mention glowing in the dark pictures. They look amazing and will make the room an original.

Stylish looks picture, made in one color. Typically used black on a light background. These drawings can be other colors, but always used a contrasting combination of image and background.

Transform the kitchen and make it unique every woman dreams. In the kitchen image, made by hand, will for a long time to please the owners. A variety of ways to allow its application to decorate the walls not only in the kitchen, but also in the other rooms.