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The dimensions of the cabinets in the kitchen

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What is included in the choice of kitchen units? it, first of all, preference in design, as well as the correct selection of cabinets in size. You can ease the task and choose the default settings. But, more often, customers are furniture stores bought-in kitchen on the individual sizes.

That is the theme of the size of the kitchen cabinets would be affected by this article.

What cases are

All are fine kitchen. It consists of two spatial types of cabinets. What are the kitchen cabinets?

  • Floor - those, which are the "backbone" of the headset. They are placed on the floor, so that they have improved stability and are easy to store hefty cookware, dishes, and install them on small household appliances
  • wall (false) Lockers solidly fastened to the wall, creating a second tier of the kitchen unit. Their function - easy storage of utensils, or small amounts of, servizov, bulk goods. Besides, wall cabinets often, than the floor, decorated and are also decoration Headset. Their door glass insert, or shelves made of light wood material or the same glass.

There are corner mounted and floor standing enclosures, are convenient for positioning in small kitchens to save space.

No less comfortable sliding cupboards. They are installed on the floor, but the height of their ends at the level of wall cabinets. Usually, width-canisters in the kitchen cabinets less, than the rest of the kitchen bollards.

standard dimensions

Most kitchens, now, order on the individual sizes, but it does not mean, that "standard" can not be purchased. But, which means "standard"?

The standard height of the cabinets in the kitchen is determined by the average values ​​of human growth (160 cm), while, both dishes to order determined by the specific parameters of the owner.

The kitchen stores or studios buyers can put together your next set of standard modular cabinets. They are selected on the overall design and the basis of the parameters of the kitchen facilities. I.e, if you liked the design, but you do not need bulky headsets, it is possible to assemble kitchen set of small, but necessary, many floor and wall cabinets.

But what are the standard dimensions in figures?

  • height - 85 cm
  • the width of the door - 50 cm (no more)
  • width worktops - 60 cm

Features of the standard sizes of floor cabinets

85 cm - the size of the height of the floor kitchen cabinet, are set during manufacture. Such a measure is taken without reason - it is ideal for housewives of average height, as well as handy for higher people. For such pedestals applicable worktop width 60 cm.

The height of one, and that the width of the? This figure depends on, how many doors are built into the floor cabinet. So, eg, one door manufactured in widths from 30 to 50 cm. A dvudvernye cabinets have a width not exceeding 1 m.

Dimensions of cabinets in the kitchen are not reflected on the number of shelves and drawers. They can be as, how much it would be desirable to owners. But, usually, shelves in the floor pedestals 1 or 2, and the distance between them 30-40 cm. And the most optimal number of boxes is considered 3-4. That number determines the height of the kitchen drawers and shelves depth in the kitchen.

Features of the standard sizes of wall cabinets

The standard height of hanging cabinets 80-90 cm. Have their way: distance from the floor to the top of the cupboard is 2 m, can be slightly lower. This height is optimal for comfortable use. The depth of the kitchen cabinets 30 cm, or half the width of the countertop. A width of the cabinets themselves equal to that of the lower pedestals - then everything will look harmoniously.

Built-in corner. dimensions, designation

At the lower kitchen units cabinets, as well as the upper, can be angled. Their purpose can be of two types:

  • coupling, i.e, when the cabinet connects perpendicularly-arranged tables
  • aesthetic, to fill the void in the corners
  • technical. Most often in such cabinets embedded sinks, and communication elements located within

Dimensions standard corner cabinet same, as for the rest of the floor pedestals. height - 85 cm. But worktop is "Achilles heel", because most of the material for sliding surface are made in one piece and superimposed solid "piece" on the surface of all cabinets, without forming joints and seams.

For these countertops can be purchased overhead cleaning, fits perfectly into the corner cabinet options.

The work triangle in the kitchen: drawing circuit

The work triangle - a kitchen space, consisting of a working zone, washing and storage area (fridge). Triangle saves cooking time, It brings comfort to the workflow.

Over time, even the location of the default settings of all the necessary "parts" of the triangle. The distance between the "peaks" of the triangle should be from 1,2-2,7 m. Options, Deviating from these indicators up or down, reduce the convenience of finding the kitchen. The hosts will be either closely, or vice versa, too roomy.

Work triangle depends on the layout and location of kitchen units:

  • linear
  • parallel
  • angular
  • U-shaped
  • island

The nuances of individual choice

Choosing cabinets for kitchens, standard or customized, It has several nuances, can not be ignored that. And these nuances associated with existing appliances.

  1. Fridge. If your refrigeration unit in height 2 m, the positioning wall cabinets need so, that the top edge coincides with the upper edge of the refrigerator, one line. But over a small fridge can be placed another cabinet of the same size, like the rest, or smaller height. That is, the height, and the width of the kitchen wall units have to depend on the height and width of the refrigerator
  2. The dimensions of the cabinets for the kitchen depends also on the plate size. Worktop should be flush with the surface of plate, therefore pedestals and floor height must be the same, like plates. If only there instead of hob plates, then its width should match such countertops
  3. If you have a dishwasher, then it logically placed near the wastewater, and the width of countertop with sink must follow the width of the dishwasher

Kitchen furniture "Maria": facade design

Shop «Maria», oriented toward the manufacture and sale of a modern kitchen, It offers a variety of types and sizes of kitchen cabinets, different designs.

  • neoklassyka

  • Art Nouveau

  • classic

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