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Effective odor control in the refrigerator

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From such a problem, how bad smell, even the most modern refrigerator is not insured. New models are already equipped with a ventilation system and special sections, intended for storing products with strong aromas. However, these innovations cannot always prevent unpleasant odors from developing in your refrigerator..
therefore, if a bad smell hits your nose when you open the refrigerator door, urgently need to take measures to eliminate it. If you do not, then all food products will be saturated with this unpleasant aroma, and you just have to throw them away.

What can cause odors

Let's consider the most common causes of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator and an effective remedy for its elimination..
1. Food, not stored in packaging.
Foods with strong odors can be sources of unpleasant odors. (a fish, meat, bow, garlic and others), which you put in the refrigerator in an unsealed package or it has been broken.
2. Blockage in the drain hole.
When washing the refrigerator, it is necessary to thoroughly clean its drain hole.. As an improvised tool, you can use an ordinary cotton swab.
3. New refrigerator.
Any new household appliances after purchase have a natural smell from grease for some time., metal or plastic. Therefore, during the first time of its operation, an unpleasant odor may be present..
4. Spoiled food.
Stale food is the most common cause of fridge staleness.. Sour milk, left in an unsealed bag or expired, sandwiches forgotten on the top shelf, crumbs falling out of plates on the shelf, accidentally spilled drinks can cause an unpleasant odor in your fridge. And how often do we leave the cottage, forgetting to clean the refrigerator, remembering this only the next time you visit her?
5. Breakdown of the ventilation system.
Any malfunctions in refrigeration equipment can lead to the appearance of an unpleasant odor., because they cannot cope with the obligations imposed on them.
6. Mold formed.
Spoiled food and increased condensation in the refrigerator contribute to mold growth, which also cause musty.
7. Incorrectly set temperature.
It is necessary to maintain an optimal temperature regime in the refrigerator, otherwise the food will start to deteriorate quickly, which will lead to the appearance of mustiness.

Method for removing unpleasant odors

The easiest and most effective way to deal with unpleasant odors is to regularly clean up your refrigerator using a modern remedy. SmellOff . But before that, it is necessary to find the source of the mustiness and eliminate it..
1. Disconnect the refrigerator from the electrical outlet.
2. Remove all food from it and immediately discard the spoiled ones..
3. Wash all walls well, pallet and seals, drawers and shelves. Then use SmellOff odor absorber, which was developed with the aim of eliminating unpleasant odors. The formula of this product is able to effectively deal with bad odors in the refrigerator..

SmellOff Roster:
1. Neutral surfactant detergents.
2. Composition of plant extracts.
3. Enzymes.
4. Water, thoroughly cleaned.

SmellOff odor neutralizer will completely destroy the molecules of all bad smelling substances, rather than disguise them with good scents. The composition of the product is designed for home use., and for use in professional production.

How to calculate the amount of SmellOff funds

For surface treatment:
To prevent bad odors, take 5-10 ml (about 10-20 sprays) on 1m surface.
To remove unpleasant odors that have already formed, the consumption will be 50-100 ml per 1m of surface, which is about 100-200 spraying.

General terms of use:

The temperature in the room during the use of the SmellOff odor neutralizer should be between +25 to +30 degrees. Close all windows and doors before use, to eliminate drafts, which will cause excessive evaporation of the agent. Shake the SmellOff bottle thoroughly before, how to start spraying.

Refrigerator processing steps:
1. Pre-wash all surfaces from visible dirt and let them dry well.
2. Spray SmellOff liberally on each surface, saturated with an unpleasant aroma. Treat your freezer well, as well as all sealing gum, using a sponge. If necessary, the product can be spilled. All hard-to-reach places in the refrigerator should be well treated, that have absorbed the musty smell.
3. Wait until the product is completely dry. It will take from 12 to 24 hours.
4. Then open a window, and ventilate the room well.

The effectiveness of this modern remedy is so great, that it is widely used in food production, as well as catering places. SmellOff will destroy even very strong and old odors. It is successfully used in fish processing, in the production of semi-finished meat products and other products with pungent odors. The product is sold in easy-to-use bottles, equipped with sprayers. SmellOff odor neutralizer is completely ready to use. You do not need special training or possession of certain skills.

With the help of a spray gun, it is convenient to process all surfaces of the refrigerator, that have absorbed musty smells. Very little time will pass and nothing will remain from the musty smell in your refrigerator.. The tool is completely safe, because it does not contain any toxic substances and is made on a water basis. SmellOff odor neutralizer does not scratch materials, of which the treated surfaces of the refrigerator are made. The SmellOff odor absorber is easy to use and does not require much time and effort on your part..