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How to get rid of the bugs in the kitchen cupboard: effective method

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Who are they bugs in the kitchen - knows firsthand every woman. These harmful insects appear suddenly and out of nowhere. Besides, they spoil the food, bugs cause a lot of discomfort and leave a trail of their life.

Beetles in the kitchen
Beetles on the kitchen counter to the sanitary norms and the aesthetics of the home

Causes of bugs in products and in the closets

The reason that, that in the locker bred bugs, are products, brought from the outside (from the shop, market, neighbor, etc.. d.). Bring increased risk of insect, If the bulk products are sold in bulk. In this case, the wine can be traced Seller, when not controlled quality of the goods, violated the terms and conditions of storage.


But the source of infection may be a home environment. This improper packaging and storage conditions:

  • polyethylene or paper bags;
  • high humidity;
  • Improper room temperature.

Thank them, cereal breeding beetles occur in a geometric progression.

Another reason, that the insect appears in cereals, It stands for the future purchase of products in large quantities.

What bugs found in the rump, Hassle

Zuck in Krupa

The bulk solids settle following food bugs:

  1. Surinam mukoed. A small length of the bug 3 see dark brown color. Its habitat - cereals, dried fruits, flour, crackers, dried berries. female egg can be found in the crevices of furniture cabinets, seams burlap, folds of packaging bags and other surfaces. Settles flour beetle in leaky packaging products, whose expiration date.
  2. Auburn mukoed. The pest lives in granaries, bakeries, in the warehouses of cereals and animal feed. Its food - grain, groats, flour, which exceeds the humidity 15%. Once in the dry bulk products, the bug will not find their own food, and perish. Entered the apartment with poor quality products.
  3. drugstore beetle. Omnivorous beetle brown, whose length is 4 mm, It is considered to be an extremely voracious pest. He eats cereals, flour products, dried fruits, beans, nuts and even wood.

bugs in the rump are often

These bugs feel at ease, and multiply rapidly in a warm room. They are very hardy. Toxic temperature for pests - is + 500C or above and below -150S. When creating unfavorable conditions of existence are moved to more suitable habitats.

If the home bred bugs, and get rid of once the detection failed them, then there is a possibility, that they quickly colonize the kitchen area and to get rid of them will be very difficult.

How to get rid of voracious parasites, when they bred

If the home bred bugs, then you must get rid of them as follows::

get rid of the bugs in the kitchen just

  1. Insect pests affect many eatables in the cupboard. Therefore, legumes, cereals, pasta, dried fruits should be carefully go through and sift. Since bugs in flour and bulk solids leave the products of their life, lay their eggs and larvae, the infected rations should be thrown out - to eat, he will not do.
  2. Completely free kitchen cabinet and wash it with a solution of acetic acid (You can take Domestos or other disinfectants). The procedure is desirably repeated at least three times.
  3. Those cereals, nuts and dried fruit, in which no damage is found, must be calcined on a hot pan and 2 Time to remove the cold, You can be put in the freezer. After treatment, the products placed in glass jars or plastic containers and close the cleaning
  4. To cereals bugs would not start again, in the closet is useful to expand peeled garlic cloves, bay leaves, nutmeg. vermin, like fire, fear of odors. Also on the shelves, it is desirable to spread purchased in a pharmacy borax.
  5. To get rid of the surviving pests, You can use bait. To her suit unrefined vegetable oil. Lids and butter need to spread out on the shelves of cabinets. Surinam mukoed and other insects will climb to the smell, and can not get back.

If the rice bred bugs, but they were found in time, the croup should immediately treat. So "uninvited guests" do not have time to migrate to the new food stocks. Croup should be washed with water and pour. There also add a bit of citric acid. Allow to stand for two hours and rinse well under running water. Unfortunately, of such rice pilaf will not succeed, but it can be used for cooking porridge, salads, puddings, etc.. d.

Zuck to rise

Keep cereals, flour, dried fruits, nuts and pasta in large quantities need to be very careful. A very effective method of protection against bugs for this case - the use of steel wire or nails. They lay directly in bags. Odor metal deters beetle.

Prevention measures in the kitchen

The purchase of products damaged by insects no one is immune. So before, how to purchase cereals or pasta, You need to pay attention to the following:

  • Product shelf life;
  • odd multiples of impurities in;
  • the presence of moving insects inside the package;
  • packaging integrity.

hermetically sealed packing

After returning from the store, with groats necessary to open the package, and rump bust. At the slightest suspicion of pests, package contents should be washed and dried (dried fruits) or calcined at high temperature (groats, pasta and others.). Then bulk supplies pour into a glass container and cover. Store them in bags inappropriate. Within two to three weeks, banks have to keep an eye on. If bulk solids are pests, the crawling bugs in the rump will be visible through the glass. Then it is necessary to take measures to address them.

Every woman should know one important rule - you can not keep late cereals and flour. Once a 3 months is useful to review all the stocks of bulk products and get rid of those, whose expiration date. Such action would be a good prevention of pests in the kitchen.


Unfit for food crops do not need to throw away. One is better to cook the food for the birds.

An important role for the storage of food stocks plays indoor climate. Dampness and heat contribute to, to the kitchen there were little black bugs. Under favorable conditions, would display hundreds of bugs crawling insect breeding of larvae for one day only. Therefore, regular airing of the premises and properly working ventilation will become effective preventive measures. An ideal place for storage of cereals - a glass container with a screw cap and a pantry.

Getting rid of the bugs in the kitchen - This time-consuming process
Getting rid of the bugs in the kitchen - a laborious process



Bugs in the flour and other edibles - the phenomenon of an unpleasant. But contact the relevant organizations it is not necessary. Listen to the advice above, you can own to expel all the harmful insects from the kitchen and take action against secondary infection.

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