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Small bugs in the kitchen: get rid of pests once and for all

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At least once little bugs in the kitchen appeared in the life of each family. These insects infest food, mainly in cereals: wheat, sugar, Hassle, rise, millet and buckwheat. settling, little bugs spoil cereals, whereby the products become unfit for human consumption. The saddest thing, that their appearance is seen in the most inopportune moment. For many kitchen "guests" are all the same. They are similar in appearance. But few people know, that their are several types of color and habitat preference in certain cereals.

There are several kinds of "kitchen" bugs.

insect species

Distinguish such varieties "kitchen dwellers":

  1. Mukoedy.
  2. grinders.
  3. flour beetles.
  4. food gnats.

Most often in the kitchen can be got Surinam mukoed. This insect in length 3 mm. Mukoed in color dark brown. Plant "unfriendly guest" in cereals, preferably in flour. But despite the name, insect gastronomic preferences do not end on flour. Small brown bugs in the kitchen like to eat crackers and dried fruit. Therefore, this insect is found most often in the kitchen. Small insects in the kitchen are found in flocks, allowing much faster spoiled products. If the kitchen had small brown bugs - a consequence of non-compliance with rules governing the storage or acquisition of already contaminated cereals.

Little bugs - mukoedy differ vitality. They lay eggs in the folds of packages, crevices and recesses tanks. In an average season produces a small insect in the light of three generations of offspring.

If the kitchen wound up a little bug brown with a reddish tint, this beetle. It is similar in appearance to mukoedom, but it has one difference - the presence of the wings. They are difficult to distinguish between a person, as the size from very small insects.

Суринамский мукоед
Surinam mukoed distinguished by a special vitality

Grinders are of the same color, like beetles. But their favorite food - flour products. Probably, you notice the small holes in the bread, bagels or cookies. So is the case of flour grinder. Color changing grinder depending on its age or species, however if you were in the kitchen little black bugs - it is flour grinders.

If there were white bugs in apartment, it is possible insect larvae existing. Bugs white - it's sugar or food silverfish gnats. But if sugar silverfish rare plant, the kitchen for food midge - a paradise, because she loves to settle in the rump. There are edible midges due to increased humidity level. By type of midge difficult to distinguish from the grains of semolina.

prevention measures

Every woman would like to know remedy for small beetles, ways to prevent damage to its own products and preventive measures. But unfortunately, by insects no one is immune. Even the neat housewife.

Уборка кухни
Even regular and thorough cleaning of the kitchen will not be able to prevent the occurrence of bugs

Small insects infest the kitchen for various reasons. And most of them are related to non-compliance with the storage conditions and shelf life of products. should be to prevent the emergence of insects:

  1. Store products are strictly specified date. It concerns only cereals, sold in their original packaging. Feature packaging is, that it allows to keep the product longer thanks to the pre-heat treatment. cereals, purchased in bulk, It is not stored for more than six months.
  2. Keep food at optimum temperature. Damp and wet rooms, promotes the appearance of ants. Bugs are afraid of light, so keep the best cereals in transparent containers. For storage of selected areas with low temperature: fridge, pantry, balcony. It is worth noting, the insects are killed at a temperature above 50 and below 15 degrees.
  3. Saving cereals in glass containers with screw caps. Mandatory condition - it should seal, from moisture and dry air protection. If such is not possible, the need to preserve foods in plastic bags.
  4. Store cereals separately from each other.
  5. Dried fruits need to maintain in the fridge or freezer.

Банки с крупой
Cereals should be stored in airtight jars

Help prevent the appearance of insects:

  • Bay leaf.
  • Garlic.
  • nails.
  • Lavender.

All these components are put in a container with food. Argued, that small insects in the kitchen are afraid of the smell of iron.

Important: nails, having rust or moisture can not be put in cereals.

Garlic requires prior pilled, he does not give a specific smell of the product and does not affect the taste. To prevent insects in cereals laurel and lavender lie in an amount of three leaflets.

When purchasing cereals to pay attention to the presence of suspicious objects. If small insects already be got, they will be seen. Do not think, what, if the bugs do not move - they are dead. When detecting no wiggling objects should refuse to buy, because, bringing home product, they can "wake up". Unfortunately, no one is immune from the purchase of already contaminated cereals. After all, if there are no insects, does not mean, that no bugs larvae.

Зараженная крупа
Infected larvae croup: Now it should be thrown out

To "rescue" inventories should be:

  • Put cereals into the room with a temperature below 15 degrees.
  • Perform crops heat treatment in a calcination or roasting.

Ways to deal with the "kitchen guests"

At detection of traces of life bugs need to take measures to eliminate them from the open spaces of your kitchen. Get rid of "unwanted guests" in several ways:

  1. consumer industry products.
  2. With the help of folk remedies.

But chemical agents are not always effective and have a lot of adverse effects to human health. They are used only in advanced cases, when the folk remedies are not able to get rid of bugs.

If the kitchen had small brown bugs, you need to:

  1. Get rid of cereals, where small insects settled.
  2. Thoroughly wash tank, which were stored cereals. Dishes are washed using the soap solution.

Folk remedies to get rid of the little bugs can be using vinegar. Initially, all the grains are subjected to destruction, then the dishes are washed using the solution of acetic. Do not worry about the smell, it will not.

Vinegar - a great helper in the fight against insects

Many housewives interested, how to get rid of in the home of the pesky insects, without applying at the same time, household chemical products. The answer is simple: if you want to keep the product, the need to adhere to these actions, as:

  1. groats iterate.
  2. Turn on the oven at around 50 degrees or heated pan.
  3. Calcined or fried grits for ten minutes, but not more, in order to avoid spoilage.

Subjected to heat treatment, not all cereals. Pasta, rice, buckwheat, barley and millet normal transfer process. But it is not recommended to use this method with sugar, because it simply melts.

after the done, the remaining reserves are packed in individual bags and taken out outside the kitchen for a week. This is done for reinsurance. If there are surviving insects, they will not be able to move to other cereals and spoil them. Get rid of the bugs can be white by exposure to cold or insects ventilate the room.

Крупа в банке


In conclusion, there are several rules, which will help you avoid "unwanted" bugs:

  1. Look closely to purchase the product for the presence of insects in.
  2. ventilate the room.
  3. Store foods in transparent tarakh and individually.
  4. After purchasing conduct heat treatment.
  5. Once every two weeks to carry out a general cleaning of the kitchen: washed all the cracks, wash container, replace packages with cereals new, disinfect shelves vinegar and household chemicals.

To detect bugs before cooking grits washed twice in saltwater.

Whether to use the product, in which bugs were seen or not - is an individual matter. But doctors do not recommend it. After all, even after the heat treatment there is the likelihood, Some insects have survived.


Kitchen bugs - this is a panacea, which is fighting not one mistress. But adhering to the basic rules of commercial neighborhood and storage products can avoid the appearance of these insects.

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