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Gnats in the kitchen: We get rid of the pesky insects

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Kitchen - a place, where every day is going to the family. Sometimes there has to receive visitors, friends, relatives. Every housewife wants, so that this room was in perfect order, everything to be thoroughly washed and rubbed to a shine, because the neat kitchen - of pride. And how is a shame, when you begin to notice, that it bred midges, took is not clear where and every day their number increases. What to do in such a case,, their lead?

Drosophila - fruit flies, kind of small insects of the family fruit flies the order Diptera.

Causes of fruit flies

You will find useful, where are the apartment gnats, what attracts them, and what they fear. Fruit flies, though small, but can travel on the wings of its long-distance, driven by cold or hunger. Hearing the smell of food, they fly into the kitchen through a door or window leaf, from them can not save the usual grid, because of their tiny size.

Besides, gnats in the kitchen appear together with purchased vegetables or fruit. It can here dwell adults, eggs, larvae or pupae, which it is very difficult to notice. You bring to market products, unsuspectingly, place on the shelves. After a couple of days, see, that there were gnats in the apartment and behave very brazen - not afraid of anything, sit at the table, food and even people.

Fruits and vegetables - a favorite treat of fruit flies. They flock to the smell, how flies. Hide them in the refrigerator and midges will forget the way to your house.

Flies - carriers of dangerous diseases

It is very unpleasant, when the insects fall into the nose, mouth, sit on face. Because of their presence you feel uncomfortable in front of guests. Malenkye midges in the apartment - the cause of many troubles and inconveniences. From them you need to quickly get rid of, otherwise soon several flies breed and will fly throughout the apartment, then remove them will be much harder.

Means of struggle against fruit flies

There are a number of methods to combat the midge: using standard poisons, lures, traps, fumigators. And also proven popular methods, which were used by our grandmothers. Now we'll tell you in detail about, how to get rid of gnats in the apartment:

  1. You need to hide from insects foods, then they cease to proliferate and eventually disappear altogether. Small gnats in the kitchen suggest, that the premises are rotten fruits or vegetables - it is their favorite food. They also like the sweet, podkisshie drinks - leaven, juices, wine, kefir. Midges can be got from the archery. Throw away all spoiled food, put drinks and food in the refrigerator, cereals save double pack.
  2. Get rid of the mosquitoes in the house will be easier, if you wash floors, surface kitchen countertops. They are the remnants of food, crumbs, spots - to the flies is a feast. You can not leave unwashed dishes, cup. Discard or wash cloths, washcloths, brushes for washing dishes, they attract its insect odor.
  3. Open windows and doors, that there was a draft, so it is possible to destroy the lice, they are light, that they are simply blown away by air currents.
  4. Get rid of the little gnats, you can use a vacuum cleaner, if they are in a lot of sitting on the walls and tables. After cleaning the unit shall carry out and away from home, clean it from intruders.
  5. On sale there are special funds, designed to deliver us from the gnats in the kitchen. It poisons for insects. They are laid out in the room, Drosophila die, tasting or smelling poison. effective method, but it must be applied carefully. Keep, so that the poison had not eaten a pet, or did not get into the hands of the child.
    Бытовой яд
    Household chemicals should be kept in places, from children

    It is better to spread bait in inaccessible places for them - in the cabinets, inside kitchen furniture, for her. The poison should not come into contact with food, crockery.
  6. Popular means of gnats in the kitchen - poisons, aerosols. Prior to use, taken from his kitchen children and animals. Windows and doors close, dishes hide inside cabinets, treat the room, leave it up to the expiration time, specified in the instructions. Then check the room, wipe tables, Aspirate.

In order not to lose in the fight against lice, better to take a loyalty to a set of procedures, Then the insects will certainly leave your apartment and will not come back.

To deal with gnats in the kitchen can be another way - using traps. Suitable for this purpose tape, this, how we use to capture ordinary flies. The sweet smell of the bait like fruit flies, they will not stand in front of aroma and tightly cleave, a few days later discard it along with the insects.

Another good remedy against the blackflies - funnel-trap. You will be able to quickly produce its own improvised. To do this you will need: a half-liter jar, paper, Scotch. Of paper make a cone with an acute angle, edge glue tape, the sheet is not turned. As a bait use some fruit, eg, orange slices, place it on the bottom of the banks. Insert the receptacle cone - a trap for the pesky insects ready. They fly off to the smell of goodies, proberetsya into banks, and can not get back.

Ловушка для мошек
Trapped insects

Easily made a similar trap from glass. Take a glass or plastic cup, pour in the bottom of the sweet liquid - suitable compote, wine, jam, diluted with water, fruit juice. Cover the container with a plastic bag, secure, tied around strong thread. Do the holes in the film are small needle or awl. Insect crawl through into, finding no exit, drown. If you do not like to engage in crafts or you do not have time for this - buy a ready-made trap factory production.

prevention methods

Bothersome gnats in the apartment will cease to bother you, if you isprobuete proposed methods, but we must not forget about prevention. You need to constantly monitor the cleanliness of the kitchen, then midges have an incentive to settle there.

  • Do not leave leftovers on the table vegetables, fruit, berries. Without a food source midge will not live long, and will not multiply.
  • Jam, sugary drinks in the refrigerator or under the lid tightly closed, so that insects do not get inside.
  • Midges are inserted into the bin - most take out the trash, Wash capacity, you can process it dichlorvos.
  • Bowls pet can become a haven for flies, follow, that they are not turned sour food residues.
  • Do not leave the tea leaves inside the teapot, poured it immediately after tea.
  • Pay attention to the flower pots, Drosophila often live and breed there. Plug into the ground down matches sulfur or treat soil insect repellents, otherwise the plants will die - the larvae eat the roots. sprinkle sand on top of the earth, Put the surface of the stones.
  • Bread store in a plastic bag.
  • Place mosquito nets on the windows.
  • Mote home can multiply in the sewers, it needs to be cleaned more often, if they do bred - pour into the sewer pipe toxic agent.
  • Fruit flies like dampness. Do not leave water in the sink, less watering flowers.

Антимоскитная сетка
Mosquito net not allow insects to enter your home

Drosophila multiply rapidly, grow again produce offspring, but they have a short life. because, if you use these tips, fruit midges disappear and will no longer bother you. Now you know, how to get rid of gnats in the kitchen.

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