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refrigerator temperature: 9 indicators from different manufacturers

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Refrigerator - important thing in the kitchen of every home. This is a great help in storing food, and thus to save budget. But that technology was really useful, it is necessary to correctly operate. This applies, mainly, compliance with the provisions of temperatures for each device chamber.

What should also be the temperature in the refrigerator?

The average and normal temperature

Every food product, stored on refrigerator shelves, It requires certain conditions. But the device is designed to store various categories of food, so the climate inside it must be acceptable for all sorts of products.


According to experts, optimum temperature in the refrigerator is 4⁰S. This figure is due to normal climatic environment conditions.

but, the average temperature in the refrigerator may vary from 2⁰S to 5⁰S. What is the reason?

  1. Season. With the onset of warming, increasing need for frequent use of refrigerated foods and beverages. This affects the regular opening and closing the refrigerator door, what, in turn, It is reflected on the indicators degrees Celsius in the art. Consequently, spring and summer should be set in index 2⁰-3⁰;
  2. Number of stored products. on, how full the refrigerator shelves, It will also depend installed inside the climate medium chambers. More products, and the denser they are located to each other, the cooler must be in the chamber.

The storage area according to the temperature

Devices from different manufacturers have two storage chambers: freezer and refrigerator.

Each of these cameras is designed to perform its own functions: cool and freeze. Therefore, the optimum temperature in the refrigerator and freezer to be different.


The temperature variation in different refrigerators freezers represented by -6⁰ to -25⁰S (possible deviation of a few degrees). Many manufacturers in the instructions Set the lowest possible rate freeze. But to define it is possible and without the aid instructions: the temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator shall be marked either on the machine's settings panel, or is designated in the form of snowflakes, each of which defines -6⁰S.

The lowest rate is set for instant freezing. And the optimum temperature in the freezing chamber is -18⁰ Celsius.

cooling chamber

This compartment is designed to store food in a refrigerated state. Since different products are "demand" of the various conditions for extending the freshness, then they should be stored systematically in the refrigerator:

  • The highest temperature is distributed to the devices of the door shelves, so it is better to fill drinks and various sauces;
  • The lowest temperature of the refrigerator is distributed over the upper flanges, closer to the rear wall. In such a place longer and better preserves the freshness of chilled meat, milk, a fish;
  • Normal temperature in a refrigerator is on the middle shelves. There is marked median: +3-5⁰S. It is ideal for storing sausages, cheese, sweets and yogurt;
  • On the bottom shelf, which are mounted near the crates for fruit and vegetables, observed rate of not more than + 8⁰. In such circumstances, will be kept longer soups, main dishes, salads.

What is the temperature in the refrigerator depends on, how often the door is opened it. properly, it affects such a variation in the cooling chamber.

In modern models of machinery, such as LG, samsung or BOSH, manufacturers have established separate department, referred to as a "zone of freshness", wherein the temperature always constant (+1⁰S), regardless of the frequency of use of the refrigerator. The meat in this area retains its freshness for 3 days.

Remember! From compliance of temperature regimes depends not only on the safety of products, but also the duration of the operation of equipment.

The temperature on models in the refrigerator and freezer: Atlas, LG, Indesit, Samsung, Stinol, Bosch, Nord, Haier, Biruš

Which temperature should be in the freezing chamber and the cooling chamber is set at the manufacturer. Indicators are almost identical, but may vary slightly.

manufacturer's name freezer (⁰S) cooling chamber (⁰S)
Atlas 3–5 -18
LG 2–6 -20
Indesit 2–8 -18–26
Samsung 3 -18
Stinol 3–5 -18
Bosh 2–6 -18–24
Nord 5 -12
Biruš 2–5 -20–22
HAIER 5 -18

How is the temperature control. Control modes on different models

Temperature food storage in the refrigerator can be adjusted "by hand" or mechanically, and by the electronic board, depending on the model used. there is a technique, which it is equipped with a different type of adjustment.

mechanical control

In older models of adjustment is carried out by moving levers or handles.

This type of temperature settings can be found from the following manufacturers:

  1. Atlas. Assembled on Minsk plant refrigerator equipped with a mechanical type switch. In the apparatus built a special pen, which changes 7 provisions, in which 1 - the highest rate, 7 - the lowest;
  2. Indesit. knob is set to 5 different indicators: 1 - the tallest.
  3. Biruš. The temperature controller is formed as a 7-regime handle, Switching is performed by turning.

About tom, which temperature should be in a refrigerator of the type, described in the attached instructions. Depending on the need, index can be changed.

electronic switching

In this type of control equipment are equipped with expensive brands. The temperature in the refrigerator and freezer regulated separately.

Such devices may automatically adjust the internal temperature, depending on the ambient condition of the environment.

A different type of adjustment

  1. The temperature in the refrigerator Samsung, in the refrigerating chamber, and in the freezer, configured independently. In the cooling chamber manufacturer originally recorded in the index + 3⁰. But it can be changed, by pressing a special button;
  2. The temperature in the freezer compartment of a domestic refrigerator Bosch adjusted using keypad. The same system is involved in the refrigeration chamber. Besides, Bosch machines are endowed with a function of "supercooling", which resulted in, after intensive cooling temperature parameter is fixed at around 2⁰;
  3. LG. The vast number of refrigerators of this brand are also equipped with separate adjustment;
  4. Nord: The same principle of operation.

Which temperature should be in the chamber of the refrigerator flower

owner points for the sale of flowers know, how many degrees in the refrigerator should be, to keep longer their goods. The optimum temperature to maintain the presentation of the flowers at a rate 0 — 4⁰.