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4 Council on the electrical drawing the selection to the kitchen

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Surely every man had a question: why electric extractor fan in the kitchen? Such a device capable of eliminating odors during food preparation, So, the kitchen is always a pleasant atmosphere is present and there is nice for a family lunch or dinner.

elegant hood
Elegant hood to complement your interior and removes unpleasant odors during cooking

Also, the exhaust filter prevents steam and grease settle on furniture and appliances, spoil the appearance and performance. In this article you will learn, What are drawing, and how the installation and x.

Installation of electric range hoods in the kitchen

electric hood

Electrical hood mounted above the cooking surface, during cooking to immediately retract the entire steam and air unpleasant, which is formed in the room. Depending on the absorption type air masses fume filters are divided into:

  • aspirators. This device works by withdrawing vapor and odors into the mine ventilation house or directly to the outside through the hood line.
  • absorbents. Such devices consume steam and fats, food particles, but they can not bring them into the atmosphere of the room. The drawing is a filter with active carbon, which is capable of cleaning air in the room and returning it back to the kitchen. Manufacturers offer a huge range of hoods for the kitchen, which are included with the active charcoal filters.

Consumers are increasingly using the first embodiment of the cleaning and the output of air mass, it is the most effective, safe and economical. If you buy a hood with active charcoal, instrument ceases not so powerful and it only works on 75%, besides the filters need to be replaced at once 3 of the month. Period may be longer, depending on how intensively passes cooking process.

installation of ventilation
Installation of ventilation in the kitchen specialist

How to carry out the installation properly

As we have seen, extractor fan in the kitchen need to, to absorb fats, steam and excess odors. Set them on:

  • Electric gas cooker at a distance of not less than 0,6 m and not more than 0.65 m;
  • Gas cooking surface from 0,65 to 0,7 m.

Important! Observe a distance of at installation, which is indicated for a particular type of plate, It depends on efficiency lighting device, mesh or filter.

When installing the hood in the kitchen area, the important point is keeping the smoke output, it is mounted as close as possible to the device itself. The optimal size is considered a diameter f120-150.

electric hood in the kitchen

On the other side, where the output device, you need to install a check valve, it will prevent the return of all odors emanating from the room back. If you have installed electrical drawing for kitchen without air, In this case there is no need for check valves.

Make assembly drawing may each owner if desired, it needs to read the instructions for assembly, necessary advice of professionals and a set of tools and materials.

Mounting hood
Attaching devices to eliminate odors

Prevent running noise hoods

Kitchen extractor emits a noise, which can vymeryat in such a unit as a decibel, its degree depends on the degree of aspiration. therefore, Before you buy a hood for the kitchen, ask, some noise strength in her lower degrees of aspiration.

Council: select a device for cleaning exhaust and air filtration, that was a low noise level. The price of such a device is usually higher than for other, but in themselves they are justified on all 100%.

To prevent noise, Use duct diameter 12-15sm.

electric hood for the kitchen

What to choose for rooms with and without air for a good price

Hoods are:

  • flat suspended, Cutting;
  • domical;
  • embed.

Flush mounted cooker hood for the kitchen cabinet in the upper headset is not higher than 60 cm stove. This option is the most convenient, To turn it on, enough to pull on itself and it opens. There are also power ratings and light.

Dome island or used in the presence of the kitchen stove with islets.

types aspirators
types aspirators, different sizes and shapes

As for the embedded, then for their name suggests - they need to be built into furniture or horizontally inclined.

power Hood

An important parameter when buying a cooker hoods in the kitchen is their power.

Important! This parameter is determined by, how many cubic meters of air masses it takes for 60 minutes through meter vertical duct. To this should be taken into account in the slope 90 degrees and one meter vertical duct.

Power is measured by international standards, in which parameters are also present free capacity and maximum power output. But any of the concepts can be regarded as a theoretical, because they can not be put to real use aspirators.

To be effective extracts worth checking out, whether it is able to purify at least 10 time for the air in the room 60 minutes. suction power is selected for the kitchen, leaving the quadrature kitchen facilities.

Important! Formula exhaust device is calculated: square meter kitchen × height × 10. As it turns aspiration power, needed to 10 ochistok for 60 minutes.

kitchen extractor
Absorber built-in type

For example, kitchen area is 18 quarter. m, and the height 2.3 m, so, ventilation should draw 414 cube. m air (18quarter. m × 2.3 m × 10 = 414 cube. m). But if the kitchen is connected with living room and dining room, and it concerns a balcony or loggia, you must take a common square meters and, on the basis of their, buy hood, which purify the air in each. Such instruments should be installed together with a compensation opening.

Now you know, what power should be in the kitchen range hood, so that the air was always fresh and clean.

The dimensions of the instrument to eliminate odors: 60 See more

The standard width extractors - 600, 900 and 1200 mm, is the standard size, which is suitable for most kitchens and suites. The basic rule, which guides, selecting device, a cooking surface - it should not be wider.

For example, consider the plate with a width of 700-800 mm, exhaustion, choose for her not 600 mm, but 900 mm.

Dimensions drawing
Unit dimensions to eliminate odors

As for the exhaust filter, it retains a well-rising oil and food particles, contained a couple. Aspirator sucks him well and does not settle on the furniture and headset.

So the kitchen was always fresh and clean, Filter recommend cleaning in hot water with detergents, for efficiency, you can use a metal "hedgehog", which is good to cleanse the fat.

How to properly wash hood

  • To hood shone and looked perfectly pure, Take a dry cloth and neutral drug, which does not contain chlorine (means it damage the aluminum surface and a top layer lattice).
  • Faber firm produced a new line of products called Wedge Wedge End, which is purified by aspirator lattice, wherein the coating does not damage stainless steel.

Such means is in the form of wipes, soaked in oil, which constitutes a colorless protection layer on the grate. It is enough to take one this time on a napkin 30 days and pass it on the hood and Technology, that all was as clean.

  • To clean up old pollution, dust and fingerprints using means Vurth or special cleaning paste.

The use of hoods in kitchens

The modern kitchens are not left room for individual cooking, at the present time it is fashionable to combine them with seating in the studio, than people and are engaged. But for this you should pick up a hood, which is the most clean up bad odors a big quadrature, basically, devices to cope with it, Pulled up 1000 cubic meters of air per hour.

To choose the right hood, you need to know some nuances and peculiarities:

  1. The device is not turned on during cooking, but for a few minutes before the workflow. This is to ensure, to fans well drove air masses and some have resumed their.
  2. After you have finished cooking and turn off the stove, Leave the device to work on 15 to 20 minutes. So all smells, who stayed in the room, finally leave, a duct with an aspirator tubes can dry well from the steam and condensate. Keeping this requirement, condensate settles during filtration and dry the active filter during use.
  3. Replace filters with active carbon. Make it worth the once in a few months, the whole point of cooking intensity.
  4. Provide a flow of fresh air mass with tributaries preview, they will prevent a low pressure in the room, which is able to degrade the performance of vacuum cleaners.
  5. Mounting the exhaust system, make, that the duct has a separate exit, and not jointly with the mine ventilation bathroom and toilet, especially with fireplace, as it happens in the majority of apartments and houses. It threatens the emergence of kitchen odors in san. nodes and directly in the dwelling.
  6. If the house or apartment worth aspirators, do not make it fire.
  7. Blocking filters provide vapor trapping effect and fat extract. For full functionality of each filter, necessary to carry out their cleaning once a month.

Modern electric hood


Irrelevant, in which building you plan to install the hood - the kitchen in the apartment or in a private house, the main thing, pick up the instrument with the appropriate size and required power, that she absorbs those cubic meter of air, that it laid. Keep cleaning and changing filters, if they are.


Perform each item from the list above, the device will work perfectly, clean the air, absorb fats and steam, not allowing them to settle on the expensive furniture, technology and walls. We hope, recommendations will help to define the selection and the kitchen there will always be fresh and clean.