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Why extractor hood: makes the air in the kitchen clean and fresh

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Kitchen - a popular place in the house. Here submit to men's hearts and implemented hostess talents. No wonder it is often in the kitchen the whole family for lunch or dinner. The atmosphere of warmth and comfort should not be compromised by anything, and even more unpleasant odors. To help the hostess special equipment for the destruction of unwanted flavors - extractor hood. Not even worth wondering, Do I need a hood in the kitchen. It will be a lifeline in the difficult task of maintaining a favorable climate. Thanks to this element of the interior air in the kitchen is always fresh and attractive fragrant.

Кухонная вытяжка
Extractor hood - a device for air purification

Climate and kitchen interior

Proper arrangement of furniture in the kitchen will make preparing dinner or supper comfortable. near the refrigerator, plates and shells hostess spends most of the time while cooking. Designers refer to the combination of these areas of the triangle. Compliance with the law of the triangle attached considerable importance in the regeneration of kitchen space.

To create a functional and comfortable interior kitchen even numbered centimeters distance between the main components. The sink is located at a distance from 1,2 to 2,1 meters from the refrigerator and 1,2-1,8 meter to plate. When placing furniture in the kitchen it is important to stick to the main rules: fridge, stove and sink to create a unified workspace, kitchen without breaking into islands.

In this ensemble of essential and important things and the rules of a special place occupies the hood. Need extractor fan in the kitchen to eliminate fumes when cooking, sleuth, soot and dust. Install exhaustion at kitchen needed directly above the hob. Then the air is free from unwanted odors provided kitchen and around the house, If the kitchen space is not separated by a door.

Интерьер кухни
Kitchen interier

Task equipment for air purification - neutralize all odors during cooking and reliably even destroy traces blemish housewives in the form of burnt lunch. Need a cooker hood and to remove the fat droplets or detergent. Different kinds, model, functional abilities and design solutions have given the modern beauty of the hood and the ability to fit into the design. For every kitchen - from high-tech to classic - there is an appropriate unit.

Selection method for drawing mounting, type of work and design

By type distinguish flow and recirculation hoods. Flow draw polluted air and thrown into the street through a duct. Recirculating air space chase, passing through the filter components and letting the room already cleaned. Flow represent a more expensive option, recirculation - budget.

Council 1. When choosing the type of recirculation technology pay attention to information about the filter components. They may be disposable or reusable. disposable (plastic with interlining) during operation, possibly, require frequent replacement. reusable (aluminum and steel) you just need to be cleaned periodically.

Рециркуляционн вытяжка
Feature recirculation hoods in, they pass the air through itself and return to the kitchen

distinguished by the way of installation Ceiling and wall-mounted hoods. Mounting the cooker hood is not complicated and have a professional take about an hour. A few tips can help you avoid unpleasant surprises during installation and operation of equipment.

Check out, whether there is a socket in close proximity to the exhaust. Manufacturers make electrical cord short. If the socket is not in place, installation becomes difficult. The use of extension cords next to the stove does not welcome. You have to spend extra time on electricity summing.

Speaking of electricity. Extractor fan in the kitchen with electric stove need not less, than with gas. After the cooking process is not changed from that, Gas is preparing food or on an electric.

The second caveat concerns only flow type. A great option - the air directly above the hood. The fact, that each tube bend reduces the quality of the unit operation at least 5 percent. Corrugated pipe also adversely affect the performance of the art.

Regardless of the type of installation is important to place the hood of not less than 65 centimeters from the plate. Otherwise, the use of technology is not very convenient.

Купольная вытяжка
The most common type of hood - dome

hoods in the kitchen interior design is represented by five species:

  • recessed,
  • dome (fireplace),
  • false (wall),
  • island (ceiling),
  • inclined.

Hanging extractor hood - is a budget option recirculation type. It can be made in a flat embodiment (Visor hood for the kitchen) or be a chimney hood, ie dome.

Island version used above the stove, placed in the center of the kitchen. Island hoods presented and recirculation, and flow-through models. For flow type it is important to think in advance the position of the duct.

Built-in hood is compact. It can be made unobtrusive design element, Tucked away in a fume hood for the kitchen. We'll see a pull-out bottom surface. Most often, this version of the work flow.

Special attention should be sloped hood in the interior of the kitchen. In spite of the custom design, it does not yield to other types of functionality. Kitchen design with a sloping hood impress any guest. The hostess will appreciate the convenience of this location is the working area. An important advantage - a smaller amount of noise.

Телескопическая вытяжка
Feature telescopic drawing special drawer

Affect its ergonomic telescopic hood. They are endowed with technical features classic and comfortable for a small kitchen. Minus - power limit to 1000 m. / hour. Among the presented models of telescopic hoods, equipped with turbines. This increases their power.


When you select a drawing is required to take into account the technical characteristics of the unit. These include:

  • dimensions,
  • performance,
  • noise level,
  • management.


Standard dimensions - 50 on 60 cm. But it is better to choose the hood, which is slightly wider than the cooktop (for example, cooker hoods Hansa). This will ensure better air filtration.


The required performance for a particular cuisine easily calculated by multiplying the floor area, ceiling height and the rate of air renewal sanepidemiologicheskuyu (12 time after time). The obtained result is multiplied by two, to ensure the supply of power.

example: 15 x 2,7 x 12 = 486 m. / hour. Multiply by two, and obtain the required power - 972 m. / hour.

Headroom allow the use of the average mode, than prolong life.

Noise level

This rate depends on the performance of the unit. The higher performance, the more noise issues Appliances. Manufacturers baffled solution to this problem and offer various options - from additional soundproofing seals between the motor and the outer walls to use two motors in a single apparatus.

Шумоизоляция вытяжки
Manufacturers Hood try to reduce the noise produced by

In any case, to remove the hood in the kitchen because of the noise produced by it - not an option. Better still when you purchase the product to get acquainted with this feature in the data sheet. A suitable value - within 50 decibel. After all, without kitchen hood - like porridge without butter.


There are four types of control device:

  1. push-button: management, with which to cope, and the child - the required speed is set by pressing a particular button,
  2. slide: plain management - switch traffic varies the speed limit between the numbers, off in the reverse order,
  3. electronic or software: computer inside the device allows you to choose a program, following which the equipment is switched on and off without the intervention of the hostess,
  4. sensory: pushbutton control analogue, Only instead of the touch screen buttons, light touch which lets you manage.

Council. Before, settling on any version, note the number of fans and their speed. The more fans, the higher the number of speeds, they work, the higher the performance of.

Additional functions

The presence of additional functions will certainly affect the cost (The more options, the higher the price), but their presence or absence will affect the selection of kitchen hoods.

Дополнительные функции


Lamp for the modern drawing quite a natural element. Additional option - the ability to increase or dim the brightness of the light.

Interval switching system

With this function, the household appliance is switched on automatically at specific time intervals. Thanks to the inclusion of interval air kitchens clean and fresh constantly.

checking device

A sensor monitors the degree of filter clogging and time reminiscent of the mistress of the need to clean or replace the cleaning elements.

Artificial Intelligence

Some models hit the level of technology. One of the unrealistic features - the ability of technology to surround plate air curtain, using which it is easy to remove the smell of the kitchen. It blocks out air pollution in other parts of the kitchen space. food pairs immediately entrained in the hood and removed the vent.

How much does the extractor fan

Like any other commodity, price range hoods can be divided into three groups: cheap devices, average and expensive units.

Cheap hoods are made of plastic. The metal elements in this instance are present in an amount of unit shipments. Dimensions are standard equipment. Management Model - simple partial, ie the slide or push-button. For lighting used conventional incandescent lamps. The main disadvantage - poor performance (450 m. / hour).


Mid-range model combines glass, stainless steel or aluminum. Performance modifications of such higher - up 650 m. / hour. They are endowed with touch panels or pushbutton control option. Halogen lamps are used for lighting.

Owners of a unique design and best technical characteristics - it, certainly, expensive extraction. Their power comes up 1300 m. / hour. Run such models with the remote. Various sensors provide standalone operation. human intervention, occasionally, and is not required at all. Only at the very beginning, when you need to choose a program. Dear extract rich in additional options and make life much more comfortable hostess.

Council 3. When choosing a hood for your kitchen should reasonably be taken to purchase. How expensive, and the cheapest option is not always suited to the individual conditions. It is better to calculate the power to determine the appropriate type, taking into account all the technical characteristics, it is suitable for your favorite cuisine and cozy.