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The optimum size of a kitchen sink: secrets convenience

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In pursuit of the stylish design and the selection of desired material such species often overlooked parameter, as the size of a kitchen attribute. Including sink. But this is a key feature, which determines the usability further use. Therefore, when choosing kitchen sink attention should be paid to the dimensions, configuration, especially installation and several other nuances.

Kitchen sink
Sink should be as easy to use

Recommendations for choosing a shell the size of kitchen

choosing a sink, optimally suitable for a particular cuisine you need to focus not only on the size of the premises, but also on some other parameters.

Compliance sink countertop or cabinet

Sink in the interior

obviously, that sink bowl can not be more than a locker, on which the, but not enough volume device will create discomfort during the operation, especially in a family of three or more people. Buying cleaning must precede measurement, two-step. To start with the width of the enclosure is measured. Choose the sink you need a calculation, to its bowl loosely placed between the side stone machines.

Then purchase the model with drainer sink if desired, should measure the size of the fragment, be busy. I advise to pay attention to this fact: right-handed should choose the location of the right-wing, left-handers - left hand.

it's desirable, bumpers to sink is not adjacent to the wall. Optimal distance to them - 5 cm. To the front edge of the countertop should also leave space. This will help avoid wet clothes and spray water using a wash.

custom sink

By installing a sink for the kitchen is not close to the wall, and at a distance 5-10 cm, it is possible to store there detergents or install the faucet, that is convenient, if a special opening is not provided. Besides, This eliminates the problem of accumulation of water when washing dishes.

The depth of the sink

The next option is for when choosing a car wash kitchen - depth cups. As standard, this value is 16-19 cm. It's enough, to prevent water from splashing, and large utensils placed.

shell sizes

When the depth of the thicket to 16 see probably splashing water while washing dishes. This option is suitable for bathrooms.

The depth of the bowl over 20 lets see deep wash pots and pans large. At the same time, the regular use of such a model can lead to a feeling of fatigue in the shoulders and back due to the need to bend. Remedy this possible, slightly lifting cabinet, which it is supposed to build in the sink.

shell shape: corner, round, square

On the capacity of washing affects the shape of the bowl. Through the use of modern technologies and new materials designed shells of all kinds of style, contour and diameter.

Traditionally, the kitchen sink is square or rectangular. This bowl organically fit into the classical interior. common

shell shape

The dimensions of the shell for the square-type kitchen - 500*500 mm 600*600 mm. Rectangular sinks are manufactured in several sizes: 500*550, 500*800, 500*1000, 500*1250 other.

round sink more roomy, than rectangular, but often not divided into additional sections. Choose the desired diameter of such devices easily: it is available in a range from the diagonal 45 to 51 cm.

corner washbasin in the kitchen is used when there is insufficient free space. Occupying a minimum surface, It houses several sets of dishes, and additional bowls will satisfy the needs of an average family. With its stylish design, this model will complement the interior of a large or small-sized kitchen.

round shape shell

configured with child: double, and other options

The presence of additional bowls will be an advantage for the placement of dishes, necessary in the wash. This allows you to wash the dishes in one of them, while rinsing them in another or defrosting foods in parallel with this. In this case, you need to carefully explore the depth and dimensions of the sink. At least one set of dishes should be placed freely in the department.

When placing multi-compartment sink is important to consider, that the requirement to the frame width of the cabinet - 80 cm. The length of the washes with several cups starts from 60 cm, in case of narrow sections, when more bowls it increases proportionally.

Duplex sink


The important factor in choosing a kitchen sink material of manufacture. It largely depends on the design tools, functionality and cost.

Basic devices Stainless

In the first place on prevalence shells are, which is used in the manufacture of high class stainless steel. Devices with special markings indicate, that the steel alloy contains 10% nickel and 18% chromium. This combination protects the washing of food acids and rust. Buying standard or angled metal cleaning kitchen determine their quality easily with the magnet: a stainless steel he is not attracted.

sink stainless steel

By type of metal surface cleaning these species differ: polished, matt, structured under flax. There are also combined options, combining a base and a polished matte upper surface.

And domestic and foreign manufacturers release new collections of all kinds stainless steel sinks for kitchen: theca, telma, White, Schock - only a small proportion. Demand for such devices remains unchanged due to moderate cost, strength and durability.

Ceramic standard and non-standard car wash

Entitled ceramic sink for the kitchen refers to the product, made from such materials:

ceramic sink

  • faience. These shells are characterized by high porosity, indicating that a small mechanical strength. Ceramic products are covered by mesh with time small cracks, that is not associated with heavy loads. These sinks are covered with glaze, which differs in color from the inner material. This leads to, that small chips on the surface cleaning conspicuous.
  • Due nonporous structure china, washing of this material resistant to temperature extremes, mechanical damage and household chemicals. At the same time, the range of colors in porcelain narrow: often produced white options for kitchen sinks. Special coating, applied to ceramic sinks for kitchen, facilitates care of them.

black sink

Small stone washing

Sinks, made of stone, are considered the most reliable and durable. At the same time, and the price is higher than the cost of the metal and ceramic analogues. Here, too, distinguish some types of kitchen sinks, depending on the material used:

  1. Shells made of natural stone look impressive and richly. They are robust and tolerate high temperatures. However, when choosing a sink made of natural stone worth thinking about, what exactly is this stone. Basalt and granite are suitable as well as possible: they are not easily scratched and can not be damaged by hot liquids or acid. It should be remembered, such that the weight of kitchen appliances large: standard shell weighs 60-80 kg. If we talk about travertine, it should be noted, that the stone has a high porosity, resulting in stains on the surface of the sink. The same applies to marble. Set a stone sink alone is problematic due to the weight, so you should trust the professionals. One should not forget about the manufacturer. Product selection of famous brand guarantees quality and reliability. Sinks for kitchen longran, franke, blanco is widely known in the market of sanitary ware.stylish kitchen sink
  2. Artificial stone in the sink, Unlike natural, It has a lower weight and cost. The basis of such shells is natural stone chippings, polymeric binders and dyes. Due by injection in special forms, pressing and curing these sinks have different shapes. The color scheme mimics the natural material of various shades. Integrated washing the artificial stone has the advantages: wearing qualities, environmental friendliness, lack of response to colorants, resistance to high temperatures. Various companies prefer to work with a particular material, so for the kitchen sink florentina made of imitation marble, while the basis for washing dishes is reginox artificial granite.

Sinks made of artificial stone

Products based porcelain made of a composite material, wherein 80% of granite chips, but 20% - polymeric resin. Combining granite and acrylic resin material increases the immunity to high temperatures, enhances the absorption effect, prevents mechanical damage. The use of composite shell unpretentious, coloring of such products similar to that of natural stone. over time, the color does not change even under the influence of acids and alkalis.

stoneware sink

types of shells: embedded in the countertop (curbstone) other

One of the criteria for dividing the sink type is the type of mounting. On this basis distinguish such variations sinks:

  1. Overhead - put on the kitchen table, completely replacing a countertop. Such a setup option for kitchen units characterized, consisting of individual modules. More often, so installed products, made of stainless steel. They are characterized by a rectangular shape. Such sinks into the kitchen cupboard sample size is one common budget. In addition to the shell, in the product is usually present wing, made of the same material, to the left or right side of the bowl.waybill sink
  2. Mortise sink set into a hole, especially the work done in the worktop. They are fixed with brackets and screws to the inside surface of the table. Usually, these sinks are mounted on a long common table tops and do not require the selection of the optimal size of the cabinet. The advantage of such shells - protect furniture from moisture and sound insulation. Mortise devices made from different materials: stainless Steel, stone, earthenware, granite.

    Flush sink gives the room elegance
    Flush sink gives the room elegance
  3. Integrated - mounted flush with the worktop. For such installations need a perfect docking of the shell with the surface of the table. Self-install this type of sink is problematic, it is desirable to seek the help of professionals. Underbench integrated sinks are mounted below the table level on clear plastic or stone countertops. They are undemanding in maintenance and easy to operate.

We hope, you choose the right size for the kitchen sink.