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Choosing a sink for the kitchen in size: the main rules

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For what I need to wash the kitchen? She is involved in the cooking process, cleaning, Dishwashing etc. More than half of the kitchen affairs connected with it. Therefore, the choice is given attention to functionality, practicality, reliability and durability.

Kitchen sink
Kitchen sink can be any, market is large, choose any

Modern sink - not just sink. This work center, where attachments are present, like graters, cutting boards or for drying vegetables. These space saving accessories, facilitate cooking processes, cleaning, Dishwashing etc.

Types of kitchen sinks

Sinks for the kitchen are divided into types:

  • On the one bowl. compact instance, proposed in a rectangular, square or circular shape (last - capacious, with the same amount);
  • With two or more cups. They run next to each other in a line or at an angle, but far from the tap. Issued only rectangular;
  • queen. Here there are two cups with unequal dimensions. An additional compartment is not used for its intended purpose, it thawed meat, wash products, etc.;
  • angular. comfortable, When the headset is likewise. Otherwise undesirable to install. It is performed in the form of two rectangular bowls, disposed at an angle to one another. The space between them - the working surfaces (for drying dishes or cutting vegetables);
  • With wing / wings. In continuation of the shell - worktops (drying vegetables, dishes, etc.).

Regardless of the form, shell surface should be easily cleaned from waste, be resistant to chemicals of detergents and mechanical influences.

Cleaning of the kitchen
The coating must be such, that it is easy to get out of it after cooking


Minimum sizes for kitchen sinks depend on the preferences of the owner. However, the maximum size does not exceed the cabinet. Therefore, to determine the dimensions, done 2 metering. First, the width of the cabinet is detected, then the fragment length or the entire countertop. The second measurement is required, if you plan to take the cup from the wing / wings.

Kitchen sink is selected in accordance with the recommendations:

  1. Product bumpers do not touch the walls, left leaving 3-5cm. If the cabinet size - 50cm, the sink - 45cm.
  2. The front bumpers bowl not selected outwardly, they end at 3-5cm from the edge of the table top. Then the water is sprayed.
  3. It allowed a snug fit of the bowl only apron. And that, experts advise not to establish close.
  4. Waybill sink corresponds to the size of cabinets.

Kitchen with prism-sink (cup, combined with pedestal or cabinet) large size. Standard size products - 870 × 870. ie. 1 It is engaged in the cup. Although in this case, the table with table top. Then the shell is suitable for medium-sized apartments.

The other side of the dimensions - depth cleaning. The ideal is considered 16-19sm, water splashing. When less than the depth, work is inconvenient. Therefore, the cup is suitable for the bathroom. A depth of 20cm pick, if a lot of bake - so comfortable to wash trays.

deep cleaning
Deep shell option is very useful for housewives

The shape and size of sinks

The size and shape - the concepts similar in meaning. It depends on the capacity of the first wash, the second - ease of use. There are the following types of:

  • square. standard dimensions: 50×50, 60×60, but there are also other. comfortable shell, roomy, familiar to housewives. On the market are presented in a variety of design, production of materials, functional. Suitable for small kitchens;
  • rectangular. standard dimensions: 50×125, 50×100, 50×80, 55×50. Suitable for these tables for the kitchen with stainless steel narrow, but wide. Suitable for non-standard rooms and small kitchens. There are two or more cups;
  • round. standard diameters: 45-51cm. Convenient to use, It notes easy maintenance. Suitable for various sizes of kitchen. Lack - absence of sections or accessories for drying dishes;
  • corner. Ideal for premises, where you have to save storage space;
  • pentagonal. modern sinks, functional and practical. Dimensions of the table for the kitchen when using these big bowls, therefore, suitable for large spaces.

Form - the only option shells, which are selected, based on their preferences, tk. it does not affect the performance characteristics.

additional recommendations

there are tips, to follow, to sink was functional and comfortable when using:

  1. dimensions sinks for the kitchen selected not on the basis of the dimensions of a room or other parameters, you need to take into account the family's habits. When people are more likely to eat in a restaurant or cafe, fit small sink. Do not buy a large sink, if you have a dishwasher.
    Dishwasher in the kitchen
    Dishwasher - a direct rejection of washing large
  2. Tap for the kitchen to round sink - any, load it is not increased. And for angular and multi-goblets selected quality mixer. Otherwise, it will soon fail.
  3. Stand cleaning - low. Do not forget about the countertop or the sink bumpers, in the case of the bill bowl.
  4. Shell Depth - enough for washing trays, pots and pans. them in dishwasher not clean.
  5. Standard dimensions of cabinets or cabinet: 35-60cm. Originally buy it, then pick up the sink.

The wings also protect the countertop, if available, I need to buy a sink with them.


What to choose: ceramic, composite or metal sinks for the kitchen? Determined material need after, as the kitchen is complete, or create an exact design of the project. Otherwise, the shell can not come.

The choice of material affects:

  • The length of the table top. Some products are made too large or small;
  • Style. For a classic fit artificial stone. Modern style blends in with stainless steel. A cozy country - with a hardware, artificially aged;
  • Preferred characteristics;
  • buyer's budget.

Cabinet with sink for the kitchen does not necessarily reflect on the materials production, so buy a bowl, based on the functionality, and the cabinet selected for beauty or harmony with the interior design.

Exclusive kitchen sink
Connect the washing sector is not difficult with furniture, Do all tastefully

Stainless steel

Stainless steel sink for the kitchen - the first in terms of the prevalence of. Current products have different characteristics from those, that were issued decades ago,. they are better quality, but also more expensive.

Steel for washing dishes contain nickel and chromium. Such materials are protected from corrosion, create a surface gloss. But there are drawbacks. Bowl too noisy. Manufacturers offer to eliminate the effect by sound absorbers, installed under the sink.

dimensions sinks made of stainless steel start at 38cm (sink - 31 cm, rest bumpers) and higher. They are provided with different forms. Sometimes the manufacturer puts on the cup textured pattern. Meets glossy and matt surface.

To check the quality of the cup, it is necessary to use a magnet. When it slides over the surface, it became well. If you stuck in place, choose a different shell.


Ceramic sinks vested benefits. they are aesthetic, characterized by beautiful design, resistant to mechanical damage and exposure to household chemicals. There are wide and narrow kitchen sink, different forms of. But to find a ceramic bowl round hard, if not fail.

Among the other advantages noted the reliability of. On the surface is not afraid to put a hot pan, it does not leave traces. It is easy to wash.

Ceramic sink in the kitchen
Pottery is very nice and comfortable material

Large kitchen sink, made of ceramics, rarely hide in a closet or under a table top. They are so beautiful, that they flaunt. Therefore, when you order or purchase is necessary to monitor compliance with the style.

narrow Ceramic sink It becomes an ornament to any kitchen. Ona miniature, but accents. From it makes treasure room, when technology is integrated, and tools packaged in lockers.

Standard sizes of ceramic sinks are common. They are 40 × 45cm, 42×50см, 60×90. There are products with two bowls, They are larger in size.

There is a lack of a ceramic shell. It is vulnerable to shocks. If you drop the dishes inside, there is the risk of fractures, cup protechet.

Fake diamond

Sinks made of artificial stone expensive, but they are environmentally friendly, beautiful, harmonize with all styles, easy to care for. Also, they are not afraid of household chemicals. Minimized noise performance, the splash of falling water is absorbed.

Composite sink made of stone chips, resin that connect with the addition of pigments. Therefore, any form of bowls, the manufacturer will not make problems to fulfill the product to order. There are several shades.

hostess, as a future user shell, must choose between the agglomerate and acrylic. In the first case, wash durable and beautiful. It is easy to operate, pleasure his unpretentiousness.

Acrylic products are cheaper, but they are picky. Stone reacts to the mechanical action, but grinding back to its original state. It is undesirable to put in a bowl of hot dishes or pour boiling water.

The depth of the sink for the kitchen made of composite materials, any (15-30cm). Choice is guided by personal preference and convenience concepts.

Artificial stone sink
Stone texture lends chic room


Installing the shell - the process is not complicated, if you make the right choice of products, what with him cope on their own. But there are a couple of categories, which is recommended to professionals:

  1. Built under counter sink. a rare type, installation is performed plumbers. Cost of products high. But guaranteed maximum ease of use.
  2. Built-in level with the table top. Installation is complete without a professional, It has a high cost. It is difficult to pick up on the color scheme and style.

The rest of the shell mounted independently. Make it easy, if properly calculated the length and width of the kitchen sink. Then the product complies with the cabinet or countertop (depending on the installation site).

corner sink Kitchen also installs easily, but it is difficult to make cuts on the headset. This process is desirable to provide builders and / or manufacturers of furniture.

Mortise sink

Mortice sinks for the kitchen made of stainless steel often bought, tk. the product is easy to install, endowed with high performance. For installation required: make cut worktop, fit in your sink and drainer, if present. Then wash set.

Sizes Mortise sink for the kitchen minimal. Installation is suitable for kitchens, where there is a common table top. This indicates a small size room. Therefore, do not sink is large.

Flush cleaning
Mortise version looks great with the overall interior

The table top may be made of any material: granite, laminate, artificial / natural stone, DSP, become, granite or wood. Mortise sink They are only made of stainless steel, so marked good options and hygiene.

overhead sinks

overhead sinks They put on a stand. They are endowed with standard dimensions. Since they replace the countertop, the size of the overhead kitchen sinks for her match. Sinks are ideally suited to low-cost headset with individual wardrobes, pedestals. The products themselves do not differ too high cost.

Dimensions for washing dishes do not affect the installation, installation easy and affordable. Complex manipulations with a table or pedestal are missing.

If you install the sink properly, the cracks and gaps between cabinets is not observed. Otherwise, moisture gets under the bowl, It contributes to the appearance of rotting wood, MDF or SAD.

Easy installation is ensured by the fact, that overhead sinks are placed on the selected module. It does not require pre-punch, or customized size for a specific product.


the kitchen sink is involved in 2/3 hostess Affairs. Therefore, its choice is made consciously, after considering options. But in modern times it has to be more than just functional, but aesthetic, in harmony with the interior design. Now you know, which wash size for the kitchen are.