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Choose the best ceramic sinks for the kitchen: than they are so good ?

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lyrical moments, that the kitchen is the center of comfort and family togetherness - omit. Without the quality of the working area and a decent appearance of the room as a whole, to create a place for a good time will not work. Today, talking about the cleaning - the main attribute of kitchen units. popular ceramic, environmentally friendly option - about it and details.

ceramic sink
Ceramic sink has established itself in the people and is very popular among housewives

Ceramic and porcelain tiles

Ecology dignity is not the only advantage of this type of sanitary ware. but, pure ceramics is not capable of carrying loads of dishes - pressure, mechanical action, temperature differences of hot and cold water. What is the profit? Why choose such a subject in the kitchen? Casket opened simply: for the production of granite sinks used, a rock, can withstand all the listed negative. ceramic kitchen sink such an option - the purchase of secure.

Raw traditionally manufactured - a layer of clay additive and water were added. Under the action of high temperatures and burning compressed. The process does not differ from ceramics, but, unlike faience, after forming, heat treatment and quenching, product coated protective compounds, causing its strength increases in times. Further, applied decorative coating, after which the ceramic sinks for the kitchen looks good for the buyer.

Pros and cons of ceramic granite sinks

Adding additives clay and fire effects on the product do not wash prone to scratching or pressure. Besides, in contrast to stainless steel, the owners will be the owner of the silent kitchen attribute - a drop of water can not be heard.

Sink granite
Porcelain tiles looks great and adds zest to the overall design of the room

But it is necessary to consider the drawbacks - they can cause failure of the acquisition:

  1. weight. ceramic sink Unlike other versions of the materials it has a weight comparable to dozens of other species. It is essential for installation - single-handedly put the plumbing impossible. For this reason, refuse to buy, since inadvertent falling washing is able to crack, in spite of the protective layers. Then she can not be repaired.
  2. price. Natural material is expensive - at times, in comparison with other types of. But she and durability with a corresponding mounting above. So it is rather the dignity, lack anything - cleaning of ceramic kitchen quickly pay for themselves.
  3. The presence of background radiation. This so - natural granite has a number of. So before, than to buy a similar product, make sure, that the certificate contains the permissible value, and do not buy ceramic sinks from an unknown manufacturer.

Nevertheless, despite the shortcomings, granite plumbing items remain at the peak of popularity because of its durability. The service life will be over 30 years old.

How to choose a ceramic wash correctly

Species like product mass. Everyone is not universal and is suitable only under certain kitchen, his statement, shape and size. Take into account and other details:

  • Porcelain or china. When you purchase a certificate should be read carefully and find the composition of raw materials for the production of. Faience - a popular material for the manufacture of the product and wash with it cheaper. This is due to the large water absorption and surface porosity. Porcelain is somewhat better, Besides, the quality of cleaning is increased because of the cover glaze - white fur with the addition of dyes or pattern. They, naturally, expensive.
  • Flush or waybill. If ceramic sink has a pedestal, the natural second embodiment. For built-in suite acquire first, plumbing and made to order with verified dimensions. It is expensive, but worth it.

Flush ceramic sink
Flush model is extremely easy to install their own hands

  • Corner or front. Depending on the size of the kitchen. In oversized premises each centimeter useful in price, Therefore, the angular sinks can be very useful. But also a large area equipped with such embodiments,, freeing up more space for a dining area. Front plumbing for smart meters.
  • The depth of the sink. Depending on the number of family members and lovers often do the dishes, if there is no special unit. It is always preferable to a larger version, where kitchen utensils are well soaked before washing the. Small shells are good for studio apartments, but not for extended family. Taken into account and the presence of the cabinets directly above the sink - a small sink depth will keep them in a damp due to constantly spray.
  • form and color wash. In an effort to make the kitchen interior non-standard, owners buy various shapes model - square, rectangular, curved. The most common one round becomes kitchen-sink. Ceramic container of this type is suitable for use, It takes up less space.

Separately color. Naturally, owners are guided by the shade of the headset. However, white cleaning kitchen It does not lose popularity and would be appropriate for other furniture, but light tone. Want contrasts - they stand out closets, hood, facades.

  • configured with child. If the size of the kitchen units does not allow to install two or three compartment sink - is Selyava ... Happy owners of large kitchens and corresponding sets well afford this convenient option. Double sink in the kitchen beautiful during canning or cooking dinner in the large family - in one part is cleansed, in the other - rinsing.

And of course, not the last aspect to select - Manufacturer.

Acquire plumber with such conditions and subtleties in the form of disadvantage is particularly carefully, not allowing himself eyeing the cheap models from unknown companies.

White ceramic sink
White with dark brown looks organically - always choose the right combination in the interior

Washings with additional functions

In an age of fast life, manufacturers of home accessories They offer the consumer a new model of sanitary ware, equipped with additional functions. Chopper food waste for sinks - one of them. What are its advantages:

  1. Sewer will not suffer the fate of being slaughtered, since the instrument and is intended to, to recycle solid waste and bring them into a common riser.
  2. Electric grinder for kitchen - is dependent on the device and its operation required resource consumption, but he will not break the bank. Its not often need to include.
  3. In the device a good sound insulation, and even if the owners come to mind to do cleaning the kitchen at night, waste shredder will not deprive of sleep the rest of the household.

The device is useful to owners of apartments, whose homes are located on the lower floors. Their drainage will always remain clean.


The rest of accessories, too, requires more attention. Ceramic faucets for the kitchen is more than appropriate fit similar cleaning kit. It is important to evaluate the purchase of the trigger and the level of the sink - a high mixer sprinkles.

Wing or Beach

Such intricate definitions apply to the area with ceramic insert, directly adjacent to the sink, or made a single entity. It has traditionally played the role of a cutting board, drier for dishes and other actions.


so, colored or white kitchen sink granite bargain, if the approach to the selection carefully. After the installation of sanitary equipment, owners are required to remember the digression - to prepare and gather for a nice and comfortable kitchen.