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All the pros and cons of ceramic sinks for the kitchen

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Ceramic kitchen sink - not just a piece of furniture, but also a functional unit, facilitates the dishwashing process and turn it into fun. Many ceramics associated with fragility and insecurity. But in the case of sinks is absolutely not the case. Ceramic products are very eco-friendly, robust and durable, though not without some drawbacks.

ceramic sink
Types of sinks accentuate your kitchen interior

Pros and cons of ceramic sinks for the kitchen

Think about purchasing a ceramic shell, in the first place is to determine, what kind of material you prefer a more: porcelain and faience.

ceramic sink

  1. Faience sink in its composition has a third-party supplements, allowing to reduce product costs. However, because of that quality suffers. The porosity of the material increases, that promotes intense odors and moisture absorption. To increase the life of the washing earthenware cover glaze, has a protective and decorative functions. Often, this coating is different from the internal filling color shell. Therefore, repair of porcelain sink with the appearance of chips or cracks - a complicated and inefficient. Professionals in this case it is recommended to change the product.
  2. Porcelain sink is made of several different technologies, therefore it has a dense structure. It is resistant to mechanical damage, high temperatures. The cost of porcelain sinks are often higher, than porcelain.

Ceramic sinks in the operation have nemalochislennye pros and cons, that you should know, before making a purchasing decision.

ceramic sink


  • Tolerability high temperatures. Due to the fire resistance and heat stability, sinks made of this material is not afraid of no hot water, no hot pots, no fat splashes.
  • Resistance to damage. Ceramic sinks are not susceptible to scratches and abrasions.
  • Environmentally friendly by making the components from natural.
  • sound absorption. Ceramic sinks do not produce loud sounds by contact with a jet of water.
  • Resistance to chemicals. Sinks are terrible not edible acids. Due to the dirt-repelling properties of the ceramic wash sink just: for this you can use a non-abrasive detergent.
  • Due to the variety of shapes and colors ceramic sinks adorn the classic design, futuristic or modern interior.

Beautiful sink in the kitchen

Negative quality ceramics

In addition to the positive aspects of, Ceramic sanitary ware has some drawbacks and.

Firstly, it is a great weight of the product: the average weight of a ceramic sink ranges from 7 to 15 kg. Self-install such a product is problematic.

Disadvantages include brittleness of the material, of which it is made such washing. Although scratch resistance and low temperature, swipe, for example, from the fall of the heavy dishes, lead to the emergence of chips or cracks on the surface of.

The downside of ceramic sinks considered its relatively high cost: the average price of such a product is several times more than stainless steel analogue.

ceramic sink for the kitchen

stoneware sink

A relatively new material in the manufacture of sinks - granite. The composite material consists of granite chips on 80%. The rest proportion of polymeric binders. Such wash is often referred to articles of stone due to the presence of crushed granite in composition. Its colors are reminiscent of the various species of natural stone.

Porcelain sinks are resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage, absorb sounds of running water and resistant to schelochesoderzhaschih means. Clean ceramic granite sink just: used for these purposes a soap solution or liquid detergents.

stoneware sink
Ceramic sinks are not only protect from heat and scratches, but also highlight the interior of your kitchen


Following the acquisition of a suitable variant of ceramic sinks for the kitchen, should think about the way it is installed. Here there are three options:

  1. waybill sink. Installation of such a model does not require special knowledge and skills. Ceramic sink is mounted on a stand or cabinet, replacing a countertop. An ideal variant is to install kitchen units, composed of separate modules of suitable size. Most often, the overhead shells are rectangular in shape for ease of installation.
  2. Flush model is more versatile. Thanks to, that is mounted in a solid countertop kitchen units, may have any shape: square, round, nestandartnuyu. The surface of the section is cut hole, according to the size of washing, in which it is installed. Mortise ceramic sinks are attached to the inner surface of the tabletop by means of special brackets and screws. Mortise sink models are machined edge, which closes the hole in the table top and the moisture does not get kitchen
  3. Integrated sink mounted on the principle of mortice, but they have a fundamental difference: they are mounted flush with the worktop, not towering over her. Due to the need for the perfect joining of the shells to the surface of the table, installation method is best left to professionals.

As for the accommodations, mounted ceramic sink in the kitchen is not only a standard near-wall method. In small spaces rationally special corner sink. This will save space and ergonomically organize the working area. The spacious kitchen, the cooking zone can be placed in the center of the room. Shell Island accommodation option will be an additional decoration of the interior.

ceramic sink
Ceramic washing practical in use and maintenance, as well as extremely stylish and attractive looks

Useful tips on choosing a ceramic sink circular and other forms of

When purchasing cleaning, it is important to determine its dimensions. This will help avoid fatigue in the dishwashing process. The width varies from ceramic sinks 50 to 80 cm. The length depends on the configuration and number of vials. Maximum options to choose desirable, because in combination with the relatively high use tabletop mixer will be uncomfortable.

The optimum depth of the cup ranges from 16 to 20 cm. Exceeding this parameter may lead to a feeling of fatigue at the shoulders sink using.

Acquire the sink should have known manufacturers. The stores should be interested in the presence of quality certificates are interested in the goods. This will eliminate the purchase of substandard products.

white ceramic sink for the kitchen

To check the goods on their own, I advise such a way: tap the ceramic sink with a pencil or other object. The ringing sound indicates a lack of product defects, deaf - the presence of voids and hidden cracks.

How to care for ceramic sink: you clean, both wash

Frequently asked questions: how to maintain the sparkling form of ceramics in its original form for a long time and the ceramic can be cleaned in the kitchen sink. The answer to this is very simple: it is not necessary to use abrasive detergents, to shiny coating does not become a matte.


Ceramic wash sink better with a weak solution of chlorine bleach. Wiping the surface of the sanitary appliance means that at least three times a week will keep his hygiene and radiant appearance. Ceramic sink for the kitchen - a stylish and fashionable.