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Features of repair of kitchen fronts alone

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Partial restoration of the facades of the kitchen allows you to update the interior, making it more fresh, visually appealing. Replacement of kitchen units can cost quite expensive, so you can only update the facade. This restoration technology will change the appearance of the furniture, while the main part of the old will remain, which will greatly save on the replacement of cabinets.

The benefits of upgrading facades

To restore the adhesive tape used facades. there are cases, when it begins to move away: if the kitchen MDF unstuck film, should not rush to change it to a new. The film often comes unstuck due to moisture, temperature changes, couple, Use of low-quality glue.

Do not be surprised, if peeling occurs quickly enough, still in the process of loading or after manufacture at low product life cycle. unstick film from MDF facades the following reasons:

  • Glue is not applied to the entire surface. When applying a substance occurs manually, often misses work areas Products, and it does not stick tape. You can solve the problem, using colored glue.
  • Using cheap material of bad quality. Quite often used a two-component polyurethane composition. Stir it in the right proportion is difficult, therefore, the adhesive hardens properly and poorly kept, may appear on the film bubbles.
  • Using the delayed adhesive. When applying such a material film adheres, but quickly exfoliates.
  • Inadequate bonding temperature at, whereby the connection is not good enough. The reasons can be many: film badly warmed, vacuum is applied too early, a thin layer of glue, blanks were cold facades, in the operating room could be cold, the film was not pressed well enough, due to poor supply of vacuum, wrong glue has been chosen, the composition of which is not in contact with a particular film. Sami facades could also be used incorrectly: eg, they were located next to a radiator, cooker, sources of moisture. Before buying it is important to learn, how to care for furniture, for what conditions they are made.

How to fix the problem?

If unstuck film on MDF kitchen facade, from the edge to gently smear it with glue and press down. There is a chance, that the film take shape. Recover coating is possible and otherwise - to use an adhesive membrane. This will require the board to put on a dry and flat surface, eg, on the table, cover them with a membrane, use a vacuum. The membrane must tightly obtyanut facades. If you want greater reliability, You need to use high-quality glue, the material to heat up for, so that it can be activated. Warming up should be implemented uniformly. This method is suitable only for nefrezerovannyh facades: if the surface is uneven, the membrane will not stick, and quickly come unstuck. Therefore, it is important to correctly restoration of the kitchen fronts observing certain conditions.pvc film unstuck from kitchen fronts MDF

The use of devices for heating

If the film comes unstuck from the kitchen PVC MDF facades, you can try to replace it with a new tape or glue on the site of the old material, using improvised appliances. It may be iron, powerful home or building dryer. The film must be carefully warmed: It should be soft enough, indefinably, but did not begin to melt. If you try to have, Use these pieces or on an inconspicuous area of ​​the facade. The device is pressed against the edge, which is not stuck, a few seconds. The film should be strained, at this point the glue to warm, and material - to act in the direction of the back of the front and firmly stick. If it will make, it will be possible in such a way to glue the entire facade, in places, wherein the film has receded.

Council: film itself can not warm hairdryer closeup, from this it will curdle and be spoiled.

This restoration of the facades kitchen with his hands requires a certain dexterity, but it is quite simple to perform and does not require the use of expensive tools or materials. If badly stuck and internal corners, You can use the scope of a comparable size metal rod. His first need to warm up. This can be used to, eg, gas burner.

Recovery coating by means of friction

Restoration kitchen facades from MDF in this way does not require any tools at hand. In order to adhere the separated portion of the film, You need to cover it with a cloth and start rubbing your fingers, pinning film. If the adhesive beneath it there, temperature of friction on a small area will suffice, to activate a chemical reaction and make the film stick.

Council: using this method should be carefully, as the high risk of damage to the film, its bare edge or to remove the top layer, because of which the appearance of the coating is spoiled.

The use of glue

Restoration of glossy food may cause some difficulty, as the gloss does not tolerate strong physical impact, that is why it should not be rude to rub your fingers or close to heat any devices. You can try a more secure method - pasting the separated films with the help of the "moment". Most often, such a film is peeled in the kitchen, so as not to affect e hot steam. Recover coating is required as quickly as possible, otherwise it will be spoiled by the furniture itself. The adhesive should be applied to an untreated portion of the facade and on the very edge of the film, so that he could isolate the seam from the negative impact. Do whatever it takes care, because the glue stick and easy to get dirty.


Conclusion: readily available inexpensive restoration kitchen with his hands, Photo ready to see desirable results in advance. With careful and proper approach you can easily restore the appearance of the kitchen, without resorting to replacement parts and not wasting money and make complete replacement of the facades.