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Kitchen from MDF: All of the PVC sheeting and a selection of useful tips on choosing a headset

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To the modern kitchen many requirements. It should be comfortable, functional, eco-friendly, beautiful and always special. While there was no sets from MDF, the choice was cheap chipboard headset or expensive wood. MDF - material, which has taken a worthy place between the chipboard and wood. Along with him came a bright palette of colors and durability of furniture. And at the same time the problem of choice - a better coverage: enamel, plastic or MDF with PVC film?

Kitchen from MDF
Kitchen from MDF - one of the most popular materials for furniture

What is the kitchen of MDF

MDF boards are made from sawdust, natural substance which stick together lignin. This allows us to speak about the relative environmental performance of furniture. it is higher, than for particleboard, but less than, than the natural wood. Among other advantages are the following MDF:

Kitchen from MDF

  1. Wear resistance - term food service is 10 years old, and with careful care even longer.
  2. Splash- and heat resistance.
  3. Compliance - durable material capable of taking curved shape so popular in the manufacture of kitchen furniture.
  4. The abundance of finishes - color and texture matched to any style.

The facades are covered enamel or plastic, but records on demand and popularity hit the kitchen of MDF with PVC film.

enamel spray

Set with a coating of enamel brightness differs, A rich palette of colors, unexpected solutions. Matte or glossy surface, monophonic or "chameleon" - enamel will not leave anyone indifferent. But there are also minuses cover. It is the complexity of care plus the high cost of, which sometimes exceed the price of the tree. Refer to the headset will be very carefully, wherein a surface susceptible of restoration.

enamel spray
Enamel spray - great for kitchen design

MDF and plastic

Plastic coating is the latest innovation in the market of kitchen furniture. Furniture will last a long time, because during manufacture the plastic under high pressure literally implanted in MDF structure. On the edge of the facades is started edging made of aluminum profile. The only drawback - the price. It is again too high and superior enamel coating.

PVC: advantages and disadvantages

Facades for kitchen foil MDF headsets are often. This is due to the simplicity of PVC bonding, democratic cost compared with an enamel or plastic, a huge choice of colors. Vacuum press and self-adhesive film for furniture - here that is necessary for the release of the film manufacturer facades. a peeling allocated among the disadvantages of the doors material Headset, but this happens only in the case of high surface temperatures.

Kitchen from MDF with film

Avoid prolonged exposure to steam from the kettle on the facades of MDF, which is used to cover self-adhesive PVC film, and then the set will last a very long time.

Style and design

Adhesive tape for the kitchen made of MDF produced the following types:

  • Odnotonnaya - 500 shades;
  • With an image - 70 options;
  • Under the tree, ceramic tile, skin, velours, patinated;
  • acid colors;
  • Matte or glossy;
  • Prozrachnaya samoklejushchajasja plenka.

Self-adhesive film made of MDF wood
Self-adhesive film made of MDF wood - original solution for stylish people

The abundance of colors allows you to implement any design you like. Set in a classic style, for registration is selected adhesive tape under the tree, indistinguishable from natural. Kitchen in city style with colorful facades do not change color over the entire service life. Provence or country embodied by subtle shades of pastel colors. Hi supported gray paints, comparable to the gloss of the metal.

Advantages of facades with PVC

Special attention should be easy care suite of MDF, which is covered with PVC. The coating allows the use of soft and abrasive sponges.

PVC film for the kitchen is not afraid to mechanical damage. Often, self-adhesive film on the furniture in the transparent version is pasted to protect surfaces, eg, if the kitchen is made of valuable wood.

How to choose MDF kitchen with PVC

Set to last a long time, when choosing furniture, note the following points:

  1. find out, which has a thickness of adhesive film for furniture - a minimum of 0,3 mm, with the materials of the European manufacturers are available in thickness 0,5 mm. But Chinese materials do not maintain quality standards - 0,09 mm is not enough for the kitchen.
  2. Rate range of products - product diversity suggests, that for the production of MDF fronts pasted using professional equipment and the right technology.
  3. Ask guarantee and certificates.

MDF kitchen with PVC
To make the right choice, buying MDF kitchen with PVC, find out as much information about this material

choosing kitchen, remember, that the direct option is always cheaper, than headsets having curved surfaces

How to paste PVC on the facades of their own

It is not necessary to change the kitchen, if the door had deteriorated Headset. Update the furniture can be at home, If you have a self-adhesive for kitchen. Additionally, you will need:

  • Centimeter, ruler, pencil;
  • Scissors, a sharp knife, screwdriver;
  • soft cloth;
  • Alcohol for degreasing surfaces.

Kitchen from MDF with PVC film

Remove the door, twist accessories, flush with soap solution. While the facades dry, remove sizes from them, transfer on film. Note, that if you use matte adhesive film, the small defects will remain unnoticeable. Under the glossy film of all visible flaws, therefore first smoothen. Before sticker PVC degrease.

Plenka Adhesive placed on the front face up. It is important to stick exactly to the beginning of the material. Then slowly and gently lift the substrate material on stick. Smoothes the surface with a soft cloth in the direction of the edges. In the formation of bubbles or unevenness should immediately lift the film portion, and then perekleit. Small bubbles pierced with a needle.

Updated facades turn out excellent quality, If self-adhesive furniture during adhesion warming hairdryer.


Summing up

Sets from MDF and PVC film for food is affordable and high-quality furniture, which has high durability and attractive design. film thickness 0,3-0,5 mm serve 10 years old. If desired, you can manually update the facades - PVC paste gently turn and at home.