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Update the kitchen: secrets decoupage technique

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The kitchen is always It is a special place apartment. In the kitchen, hostess cook, They gather the whole family, discussing everyday moments and relax with a cup of coffee. But there comes a point, when a person has a desire to change something, refresh repair or give an old kitchen set a new color.

Updating the kitchen units

But not everyone has the opportunity to acquire new kitchen furniture. Therefore, the "update" kitchen furniture can be using a new technique called decoupage decoration.

Updating the headset

Decoupage is done with the help of such materials:

Any available materials used for decorating furniture and space. Техника декупаж their own hands It allows you to transform the kitchen, change the interior style, add variety in design and freshen up the kitchen. How to upgrade kitchen set their own hands? We'll know after reading the article.

Replacing doors and facades as one of the options for updating the kitchen units with their own hands

Обновить кухонный гарнитур своими руками можно при помощи замены facades. They called door fronts, lockers and all the accessories related to them. Заменив new facades on старые, you will add the kitchen a new look, which will not distinguish between the old kitchen of the modified.

Updating the kitchen furniture with their hands

In order to update an old wardrobe with his hands initially necessary to remove the door from it, unscrew the handle of the kitchen hinge. Next, put a new facade to its original location. The new facade of the already sold in ready-made or custom ordered. It all depends on the wishes of the hostess and kitchen sizes.

Better to buy machined parts. When purchasing raw facades, You need to spend a lot of time on their cleaning and painting.

Replacing facades mainly produced in the case of, when they are for broken.

If the old facades in the "workers' state, then to update them used equipment upgrade using the available tools.


Decoupage with their hands in the home is created using readily available materials. common materials for decoupage - a paper, paint and vinyl film.

Finishing self-adhesive vinyl film: update the old headset and countertop like marble, and not only

update the kitchen film set can even a person, not having the skills to Decoupage. The main thing that is required, to update kitchen self-adhesive film - the desire. Initially chosen color and pattern, similar in style to the interior of the room. Self-adhesive film is sold in DIY stores for a reasonable price. Therefore, updating the kitchen will not suffer for a tangible monetary costs.

Self-adhesive film is made of vinyl. This material moistureproof, protect furniture from water and hot temperature, thereby increasing the life of the furniture. The range of patterns, ornaments and a variety of colors. You can pick up the film with a stone pattern, tree ornament or just. It all depends on the wishes of the mistress and the general kitchen design. Choice - is another plus self-adhesive film.

set in the film

Prepared for decorating materials such:

  • Vinyl film for gluing furniture.
  • Scissors.
  • Centimeter.
  • ruler.
  • building scraper.

that kitchen update with his hands pre-made furniture measurements ruler or measuring tape. For convenience, the facades are removed and taken out of the cupboards.

To update the kitchen prepared all surfaces according to the following step by step instructions:

facade decoration

  1. Remove the door from the handle can be turned out.
  2. All surfaces are washed with a weak soap solution, then wipe dry.

To decoupage old furniture with his own hands looked exquisitely and carefully, The surface should be smooth.

Take measurements very accurately, since then on the measurements will have to cut the film, and in case of an error it will not completely cover the surface. After measuring cut film for gluing furniture. In order to paste over kitchen self-adhesive film after the "cut" of the film leaves are applied to an element of decorating for checking. If the dimensions are the same, colored adhesive film is applied up pattern. To update an old kitchen with his hands using vinyl film gently tear off the bottom adhesive tape and glue in parts cut fragment. No need to immediately try to paste the entire worksheet. Under vinyl material gets air, and Figure undertake to "bubbles". Overcame it is not aesthetically pleasing, and spoils the whole look. Therefore, the glue slowly.

patinirovannaya kitchen

In the course of bonding flatten the surface of the scraper to prevent bubble formation. If, however, they appeared, it is not necessary to tear off the drawing and start all over again. For the destruction of "the bubble" is enough to break his thin needle.

Decoupage takes less than three hours with the right approach. If the fragments stuck crooked - they will have to tear off and re-glue.

Adhered to the glass, surface pre-degreasing detergent. Glass glue harder, so it is best to choose the glass surface without patterns. So figure will fall evenly.

turquoise kitchen

finishing paint: secrets decoupage on wood

When there is no film, you can use paint. Updating the paint takes longer, but also looks very original.

For painting objects kitchen units need such supplies for decoupage:

  1. Paint.
  2. The fine-grained sandpaper.
  3. Rag.
  4. Brush.

Decoupage kitchen furniture using a paint meant by a staining of the headset in monochrome or multi-colored flowers. Not necessarily paint the entire surface, This may be partly to do. You can draw any patterns or drawings.

Updating the headset is a practical investment of money

To update the furniture in the kitchen with his hands using a paint need to adhere to these actions:

  1. Remove the door from the headset.
  2. remove the handle.
  3. Plywood we clean sandpaper to impart smoothness.
  4. dusting, formed during grinding.
  5. Apply primer to the surface.
  6. Scabies in two layers. The second layer is applied after one hour after application of the first layer. It is necessary. The paint must dry.
  7. after drying, fasten fittings back.
  8. We hang the door on former places.

beautiful headsets

Finishing paper and wallpaper

One of the options for updating the kitchen units with the help of improvised means - a finish with colored paper. The process of fining is identical with the self-adhesive film. The only difference - the lack of adhesive tape, which is used instead of the usual adhesive or double-sided tape.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Initially grind the surfaces, where it is supposed decoupage paper. If you are decoupage on glass - you can not grind.
  2. Further causes a coat. The mixture is applied only on wood or chipboard. It is not suitable for glass.Picture headsets
  3. Cut the desired picture, words or figures made of paper.
  4. On the reverse side of the figure applies the glue.
  5. Leave for five minutes. During this time, the glue is absorbed and uniformly be placed on the paper.
  6. Sticking painting or drawing partially. When bonding each piece align paper to prevent the occurrence of air bubbles under the drawing.

Renovated kitchen always looks like new



Decoupage own hands looks very elegant and original. Decoupage main advantage - it is an opportunity to return the old furniture "new life", make furniture set of freshness and attractive appearance.

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