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Secrets of the paint selection for the kitchen walls

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question during overhaul: than to decorate the walls in the kitchen room? One option - to paint the kitchen. It is easier, than to choose wallpaper or joints to seal the connecting joints between the tiles. the main thing, To select a color combined with the set and other home furnishings. At any point in the room can be repainted in a different shade.

colors painting
An interesting choice of paint for the walls in the kitchen

painted the walls in the kitchen provide scope for creativity. To match them with paint can paint the cabinets in the kitchen. it happens, that one color hue to walls of the pipe in the kitchen, to decorate and make their inconspicuous to the eye.

Types of paints and painting technology

Painting is perfect for modern interior decoration, because it creates a uniform plane. logically, the question arises: what kind of paint is best to paint the walls in the kitchen? Modern paints are:

  • synthetic or natural;
  • water-repellent and breathable;
  • glossy, semi-gloss or matte;
  • structural or transparent.

Strong specific smell casts doubt on the sustainability composition. The type and color are chosen individually according to personal preference, but you need to be wary of bright and saturated colors. These colors are bored or put pressure on the subconscious. The color of the walls - a background, rather than solo element. Designers are advised to pay attention, that dark plane closer, and light alienate.

Start painting
High-quality paint the room

Before the masters often is the question, What kind of paint to choose for the walls in the kitchen. The best option - latex paint. It consists of purified water, a coloring pigment and polymer. Such coloring formulation has considerable advantages:

  1. fireproof;
  2. paropronitsaemaya and vodoustoychivaya;
  3. clean;
  4. durable;
  5. without unpleasant peculiar smell;
  6. It is easily applied to the surface;
  7. well grasped;
  8. It rests on the walls 7-10 years with no signs of peeling or flaking;
  9. dries 5-6 hours.

Besides, Kohler her in any shade, since it is sold exclusively in white. Among the shortcomings - it loses its properties when stored in a cool place, therefore it is stored only at room temperature. Apply it only on well dried wall, and this creates additional time.

In the market represented vodoemulsionku acrylic and latex paints:

The process of painting
Process painting walls specialist

  • Acrylic compounds are inexpensive and provide a pleasant velvety matte surface. They easily withstand wet cleaning.
  • Latex paints are more expensive, but are more resistant to harsh kitchen conditions. They create a firm surface, pelliculate, which protects the wall from wet abrasion during cleaning. But they are inferior to acrylic compositions of the parameter of water vapor permeability.

Alkyd paints are not as popular, but it is also suitable for the finishing of the kitchen walls. their characteristics: high wear resistance, resistance to sudden changes in temperature and humidity indicators, saturated colors, ease of operation, small expense. There is one serious disadvantage: fire risk. Moreover, in the solvent-based composition, which can not be considered an environmentally friendly substance.

Silicone paints combined positive sides of all the above mentioned paints and do not have disadvantages, In addition to high prices. Therefore, the decision about, what kind of paint is best to paint the walls in the kitchen, everyone makes their own.

Wall paint
Cans of paint of different colors

Doubters can spend an interesting experiment: apply the paint on a solid surface, and put into the water for a day. If the next day the sample looks as if nothing had happened, so, water-resistant paint and a good clean. If the colorant peeled, covered with bubbles or even washed off, so, it is not stable to moisture.

Choosing paint and preparatory work

The paint of choice depends on the final result. It is best to choose a matte paint the desired shade of the water-based. Set on the banks of the volume of ink and the number of meters, for which it will suffice. Since the kitchen - a room with high humidity and temperature fluctuations, which also gets dirty, paint should be adapted to such conditions, resistant to steam, moisture and various contaminants. Important, to paint for kitchens created washable surfaces with antibacterial properties, easily maintained. They are more expensive, "residential", but during the operation quickly recovered.

The paint for the kitchen
Marshall for walls and ceilings

The building supermarkets in the paint department of presented samples of the finished scale of all shades. But keep in mind, that the color seems a little on the lighter shade on the surface, and a large - darker. Therefore, so as not to overdo it with the color saturation, no dark shade is selected, on the lighter shade. The perception of color plays an important role, and lighting.

When you purchase is necessary to remember, that the glossy coating durable and easy to care, it is not noticeable stains and smudges, besides gloss visually expands the space. Of the minuses - it emphasizes all the defects of the walls. Matte coating is visually aligned surface, but loses in strength gloss. Although the market can find a matte paint, designed for rooms with high humidity. Washable paint for the kitchen walls - the best option.

Painted walls in the kitchen should be carefully prepared. From the quality of the preparatory work is directly dependent on the end result. The first step is to remove the paint from the walls in the kitchen, old wallpaper and coatings.

we use roller
Using a roller as the main tool

If necessary, use a hammer, chisel or trowel, to clean the surface of the long-standing finish and remove the paint from the walls in the kitchen. Poor preparation - a source of trouble to the already finished finished. If the walls in the kitchen are a lot of damage, defects, holes or cracks, they are buried. Decorate the walls can be uneven homepage putty. This will make the surface durable and prevent the emergence of new cracks. If the wall surface is not significant flaws, immediately start to finish putties.

it's desirable, to plaster and paint were one firm. They must not differ. Indeed, much depends on their interaction: strength, Resilience, drying duration and outcome.

Then the surface of the skins or nets to float grouting until smooth. Very important, that the plane was perfectly flat and smooth, otherwise a beautiful interior to be seen. Unlike wallpaper, which hide small defects, Paint highlights their more. Therefore it is necessary to make the walls of the kitchen to the maximum flat.


After rubbing her primed putty. The primer solution looks like whitish turbid liquid. Primers, deep penetration increases the absorptive properties of the walls before painting stage and contributes to lasting adhesion of the colorant, and filler. Then, during the operation the paint will not fall off and luschitsya. Primed the walls necessarily needed, especially since the solution is inexpensive, and the benefits from it significant.

painting stages

Paint the walls in the kitchen with his hands - a serious process. Painting work requires skill and knowledge base. For painting walls need such materials and tools:

  • paint;
  • Velor roller with a long handle;
  • Brush a medium-sized (for angles);
  • primer solution;
  • protective glasses;
  • paint tray;
  • rubber gloves;
  • ladder (if necessary).

If the master has artistic ability, it can create beautiful colors of a picture or ornament. Professional painters know a lot of tricks, using which they are seeking a beautiful painted surface:

  • Up and down the perimeter glued masking tape, which allows you to leave the ceiling and floor moldings clean. Floor, furniture set, door and window covered with polyethylene.


  • A small amount of colorant was poured into a tray.
  • A medium-sized brush (5cm) pass on the corners, hard to reach places, and on the perimeter ceiling moldings, outlining contours dyeing zone.
  • Start painting the ceiling. Paint the walls in the kitchen better mohair roller. Roller-spatter dip into the sump so, to Paint composition evenly absorbed into it. Then gently squeeze out the excess on the edge. With a roller colorant is uniformly applied to the surface.

If this vodoemulsionku, movement should resemble the letter W from floor to ceiling. So paint the entire painting area. The second layer is applied by gentle movements vertically: first up, then down. You can try other options. If the paint applied in two coats, the first time the band are horizontal, second time - Vertical. The three-layer deposition as alternates: vertical, horizontal, vertical. And not to be expected drying of the previous layer.

Paint the walls in the kitchen with his hands and can be alkyd compositions. They work harder, because they are more dense. The first layer is applied with a wide brush, second mohair roller. Businesses strongly recommend to apply the last paint layer is solely vertically.

Precautionary measures


When painting the kitchen and other painters need to follow safety rules:

  • Before you start painting wear goggles, protecting eyes from splashes of paint composition, and rubber gloves. Remove hair under a hat.
  • ventilate the room, but do not allow drafts.
  • Stepladder must be stable and intact.

Make a beautiful wall in the kitchen is not so difficult, as it seems. Paint the kitchen with his hands tiring, but interesting, because the end result is worth the effort.