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All about kitchen tricks: 4 secret designer

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The problem of the proper organization of kitchen space facing each. Owners of small kitchens to choose between interior beauty and convenience. Do not stand on the sidelines and those, with whom she had a great. Tricks of the Trade for the house with his own hands make any functional kitchen, intimate and at the same time save the family budget.

functional kitchen
Functional kitchen - is the best assistant for housewives

design secrets in the kitchen by the chef

What kitchen tricks to help decorate the catering department and make it more comfortable and functional?

Kitchen accessory

  1. To visually enlarge height kitchen, place above the ceiling wall cabinets.
  2. Ideal for space expansion ─ the use of interior design furniture glossy and reflective inserts. but consider, that for such surfaces care ─ it is not an easy one.
  3. If the upper part Furniture will be lighter, lower than, volume in the kitchen visually be added.
  4. Do not be afraid to use the windowsill as a backup option, to place there some tricks with his own hands. If its height is identical standing next to the nightstand, boldly make of it a work surface. If the window sill above, he will make a wonderful bar. Windowsill with height 75 cm can be used as a small dining table.

interesting solution for the kitchen

Council! High cabinets in the kitchen cause a feeling of pressure. To avoid this, make them as narrow.

Tricks placement and storage: layfhaki

To do this, use the tips and tricks for home:

  • On top of kitchen units add up all, than use rarely. It can be a festive dishes, pan, where you are baking pancakes a few times a year. These things do not place near the work surface and the plate.
    Tricks placement and storage
    It is necessary to show a little trick for the placement and storage of cutlery
  • Some types of metal utensils is most conveniently be stored on the wall, nailed across its surface pipe with hooks. Get kind of organizer for kitchen. Such rails greatly simplify the cooking process, because everything you need will always be at hand. Some designers replaced the pipe solid wooden branch. It looks great and does not require investment.
  • Organizer on the wall with his hands often made of perforated panel, which is sold in DIY stores. It can be mounted on such a device all, whatever you want. Suffice it to hang hooks.
  • If the ceiling height permits, hang over the table special design, which hang kitchen utensils. But the option of hanging over the head of dishes like not everyone. In this case, there is a more traditional way ─ in lockers. Here it is stored in drawers or hung on the cargo hooks. Dimensions of cargo for the kitchen can be different.Tricks for the kitchen
  • Lids store with housewares uncomfortable, therefore, they are placed on the inner side of the doors.
  • Cutting board has no place in the wash. Try to tie a rope to it and hang on hooks.
  • Quite often, all kitchen hygiene products are not placed in a cabinet under the washbasin. Not to order an extra shelf for locker, attach the metal pipe in its upper part. Hang on the bar bottles and aerosols with chemicals. To attach the inner door cabinet mounting, on which you can hang accessories for cleaning.
  • To accommodate the kitchen knives and scissors hang on the wall magnet. Now take or put the knife is not difficult.
  • Plastic bags to save in the long purse from a fabric, sewed their own hands.
    Bags made of cloth
    Original handbag made of fabric suitable for storing different things
  • With the help of wooden pegs can just make holders for kitchen towels. To do this, one side is smeared with glue and clothespins attached to the wall. At the request of the holders obtained color or zadekoriruyte available to you by.
  • Folding paper napkins for table arrange by making the napkin. To do this, take the paper box the right size, cut in the upper part of the hole. Obkleyte beautiful paper.
  • With a conventional cardboard box from under the shoe Construct kitchen storage melochovki. Decor boxes to store your own hands can be made using the most common materials: wallpaper, for packaging paper, sackcloth, tourniquet, the cloth.

hack for the kitchen with his hands

Like most housewives provide storage of spices? Probably, they are collected in some container or box. This causes inconvenience to the mass while searching the necessary ingredient, scents are mixed with each other, lost properties. What to do? Buy a special glass containers for spices or make their own hands. How to store? See our list of tricks of the trade in households for storage of spices and select, suitable for you:

  1. Above the table top on the shelves of kitchen units.
  2. The store containers with lids hanging. Hang spices on hooks next to the other kitchen utensils.
  3. The boxes on the magnets.
  4. The bunk round support.
  5. The boxes Headset.
  6. The organizer for storage of bulk materials.
  7. Pouches.
    Storing spices
    Glass jars are perfect for storing spices

For preservation of vegetables kitchen use wooden or cardboard boxes. Another option ─ storage baskets, attached to the wall. Besides, It can be placed on the wall of the bags made of natural fabrics and to pour dried vegetables. Do not forget, wash bags that are often needed.

Making the devices with their own hands

Useful homemade home with their own hands can be done with materials, which are abundant in every home and purchased the magnets. Besides, You need your imagination, savvy and a bit of skill.

magnets kitchen with his hands


Convenient enough to store spices in containers with magnets, and the price is quite reasonable. You can make these spice jars with their own hands. To do this we need to:

  • plastic jars with lids;
  • magnetic sheet;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • super glue.

Count the number of available bottles and make the same amount of laps. For this circle the bottom of the jar on a magnetic sheet and a pair of scissors, cut along the contour. The resulting magnets stick to the bottom of the jars and allow to dry. Jars can be attached to the refrigerator or on a special magnetic board. These tweaks can be trusted with their own hands to paint children.

magnetic sheet
Magnetic sheet - a great idea for writing prescriptions and reminders


Utensils stored in boxes or in the stands. But you can use for this purpose mounted pockets, which not only save kitchen space, but also give the interior a unique.

needed for the manufacture of:

  • tissue slices;
  • wood plank;
  • braid;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine or needle and thread;
  • Stapler;
  • glue.

pouches for food with their own hands

In the process, follow the instructions:

  1. Take a thin plank of wood. Attach a scrap of fabric and cut out the pattern of the future pocket, not forgetting about the seam allowance. The upper edge of the treat on the sewing machine or by hand.
  2. On three sides, attach the fabric to the stapler board, Fold the edge.
  3. For reliability walk stapler again.
  4. Staples hide under the tape. To do this, apply glue on it and firmly onto the fabric.

hanging jars

To create a spice organizer with your hands need to have a shelf or small glass jars, You can of baby food. By the shelf to the inside of the screw cap. That's all! Now, to get the desired spices, enough to unscrew the jar from the cover. This way you can organize and store bulk products in the kitchen.


Not all the useful things it is necessary to buy and at the same time well spent. All sorts of tricks for the house it is best to do it yourself, because such crafts dwelling becomes a comfortable and friendly.