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The best ideas for the kitchen: how to create a cozy and comfortable with their own hands

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Cosiness in the house created from the many details. To diversify the interior design and at the same time achieve maximum functionality should carefully consider all the nuances. Excellent idea - the idea for kitchen their own hands.

The kitchen can be designed as your heart desires

Decorating kitchen facilities with their own hands

Repairs in the room consists of a set of measures. Each of them can be implemented independently, if you know the rules of work.

The original design of the kitchen

The initial stage - finishing. Kitchen available such ideas for decor:

  • tile;
  • paint;
  • textured plasters;
  • tile;
  • laminated panels;
  • plastic;
  • wallpaper;
  • tree;
  • MDF.

Provence style

With these materials veneered walls and floors. For the kitchen facilities are characterized by frequent changes of microclimate. Particularly relevant elevated moisture level. Therefore, you should choose moisture-proof and resistant to changes in temperature of the coating.

Special attention should apron above the work surface. Here you can experiment. To protect the walls from water splashes and grease, use glass or tile, You can also hang a plastic. Zadekorirovat glass panel own hands by using paint, vinyl, photowall etc. Tile that option is also nice. If the remaining old tile or broken crockery, These materials can be used for making mosaics.

the decor in the kitchen

Advantages of processing facilities

Multiple use of scrap materials and residues from the last repair - it is very profitable. Besides, design ideas for the house with their own hands and have a lot of other advantages:

  1. Budget savings in design space;
  2. self-expression;
  3. demonstration of their own creativity and resourcefulness;
  4. total employment for all family members;
  5. second life for old items.

plate on the wall

Since the available materials used advantageously, This allows us to give a second chance for items, which at first glance has outlived its. Due to this, it is also possible to save money. They can be spent on additional decoration or gifts for loved ones.

All work is done with his own, which also reduces costs. In addition, you have the opportunity to come up with the whole family ideal for your kitchen design ideas. It brought together more and you will enable to solve all contentious issues.

The desire to create, and create author's ideas kitchen decor with his own hands - all, I need to work. You have the opportunity to showcase their hidden talents and to express the unique style, which will admire not only family members, but also guests of your home.

Direction and implementation of interesting and original ideas

Show imagination can be around. kitchen design ideas with their hands covering every centimeter of space.

skandinavskaya kitchen

We must start with the furniture, because the kitchen - is a central part of the interior. Update the furniture can be so:

  • Obkleyte samokleyascheysya film. Quickly, economically, not difficult. The tape will prevent the cabinet from moisture and give it original appearance. Film range is huge, you can create an entire composition, and applications.
  • paint. Suitable for wood furniture in the style of Provence, or country. You can use stain and varnish.
  • Stick veneer or laminate. risky idea, because you need to perform the procedure correctly, the coating does not come unstuck and vspuzyrilos.

decor ideas a film suitable for processing the refrigerator. Cut out parts of the pattern for the door of the same material, which decorated the facade of the headset or apron, to link these elements into a single composition.

for kitchen decor

A separate question - Registration of a dining group. Table and chairs do not have to be new. The effect of aging on a wooden surface - today a very popular technique. Spread the beautiful tablecloth, sewed their own hands, or serving napkins. Chairs refresh by necking down. Very convenient to use removable covers: they can be washed or changed mood.

Decorating dishes also will not be more than. Sugar and candy on the table, decorated with his own, decorate your kitchen. To operate using the technique of decoupage.

beautiful apron

space organization: master class of simple and creative solutions

The kitchen must have a rational distribution of functional zones. Proper organization of space in a small area - a pledge of further amenities. Pay attention to the storage of such ideas in the kitchen:

  1. shelves. The free space on the wall, you can take a narrow shelves. Here, keep the cup, banks with cereals, spices, etc.. to decorate their own hands ideas are diverse. It can be concise suspended shelves, grid on Rellingen, bracket with interesting idea in the kitchen
  2. Organizers and Stands. Boxes of tea bags, organizers for spices, organization of storage of other little things.
  3. Drawers under the seats of the sofa. Such ideas for keeping things with their own hands are relevant in the presence of the kitchen area with sofa or single puffs. Made under the seat boxes, where the dishes are added, towels, tablecloths and various kitchen utensils.
  4. Round shelf rack. They are conveniently located at the corner. Swivel mechanism allows maximum space, and he kind of design perfectly complement the modern kitchen.
  5. Additional worktop. Part of the space underneath the main table top or near the window can be used to create additional pull-out or fold-out table top.
  6. Hidden drawers. part of the space, unencumbered by the basic set, complement the narrow door, Cargo hides or more sections of different shelves for details.

Wall decoration in the kitchen

Separately, we must consider the space under the sink. Pipe within pedestals, hanging baskets and Rellingen on doors suitable for the storage of household chemicals.

Functionality and decoration: jobbing, curtains and blinds for comfort, apron

A variety of decor ideas for the house with his own hands will give the room a finished appearance. Consider the basic options:

  • blinds. Make holders for curtains can be of satin ribbon, decorative cords, yarn. As a basis, use plywood, wire or as a CD.
  • banks. Such beautiful things for the house with his own hands, you can make out of old jars for cereals or conventional bottles. Paint them, obkleyte paper or vinyl, add beads.
  • pots. Run decor pots for flowers with his own hands, you can use rope, stone, decoupage, pryschepok, wooden bowls.
  • pictures. Decorate them free wall. Interesting ideas for home decoration with your own hands, you can spy on the Internet: print a suitable image, make panels from scrap materials, zadekoriruyte frame.
  • Towels and potholders. Kitchen textiles can make yourself. Additionally, make Holder for kitchen towels, eg, IZ zadekoryrovannыh pryschepok.
  • for fruits. Vase from a thread, newspaper tubes, vinyl looks very original.
    original mirror
    Accessories and items of their own manufacture will give your kitchen originality
  • magnets. Interesting idea - magnets in the form of wine corks with planted them in miniature succulents. A variation on the theme of eco-design.
  • Additional furniture. Free space in the kitchen can be supplemented with a homemade or altered furniture. for example, make decoupage tables using napkins and glue, Open the paint and you have a place to store utensils and kitchen stuff.

Experiment, to find their own unique style. kitchen decoration, made their own - this is the best way to make the house comfortable and special.