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Popular and original ideas for a kitchen

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at choosing the design for food, first, what to think - it is comfort the family and the workplace for the hostess. To make an interesting interior with their own hands, read until the end of this article. After all, interior design ideas for a great variety of dishes.

corner kitchen
With the help of the kitchen corner you can divide the space into several zones

A few original ideas for a kitchen

interior kitchen

Kitchen - a place, where necessary and comfort reign supreme, this is where the household spend much of their time, take food at the dinner table and talk about, who and how spent his time. so, ideas for the interior make such, so they set up only in a warm and friendly atmosphere and contribute to a pleasant conversation.

corner kitchen

Location of kitchen units corner is very convenient, so if you make the idea of ​​a kitchen connected with this particular type of furniture arrangement, so, you visually expand the space of the room. Corner option is perfect for kitchens of any size, as well as give an opportunity to accommodate all the necessary equipment, kitchen utensils, and divide the room into several zones.

corner kitchen

Whatever the style of your room, corner suite, ideal for any of them. If the kitchen is located on the north side of the building, therefore, it will be bad lighting, so you should make sure that, the ideas for the interior of the kitchen were aimed at addressing this problem.

To do this,:

  • Order furniture light warm tones;
  • The walls are painted in light colors;
  • Flooring choose is not too dark;
  • Elements of decor and textiles pick up bright and contrasting. Do not be afraid of bright colors, because everything will go perfectly together.

Council: ideas Hand Made Home with their hands significantly decorate a room. Posheyte pockets cutlery, Hang colorful photo frames, fabricate fridge magnets and other cool ideas.

Due to the tile with a mirror bright surface kitchen can be given depth and visually expand it. On the floor put the flowers in large pots, bright pillows on the sofa, and a working surface is made of the same color, as the kitchen.

Kitchen-living room

Ideas for home design simply are not limited to, each family the taste and only she decides, what would be the room, where she spends time behind the creation of culinary delights. Change a small kitchen in the large room, you can use the combination of a living room - this is a great option, where you can turn around and take guests, no crowds on a few square meters.

kitchen, combined with living room

The advantages of this kitchen:

  1. In this room several windows, due to this and the best coverage;
  2. Organization of holidays and get-togethers among big cheerful company;
  3. Arrange furniture, Do not think about the little stools, and put a large sofa;
  4. During cooking the hostess will be easy to communicate with family members.

Council: good ideas for the interior dining room kitchen - this bar between the two zones, and the curtain of filaments. Here you can eat, drink tea or coffee, as well as relax in the evening over a glass of wine.

Kitchen in a modern style

contemporary lovers will appreciate this style more than others. Here the focus is on the game of colors and combined them with each other, so you can make creative interior with their own hands. The color scheme will create a dynamic composition:

Kitchen in a modern style
Kitchen in a modern style is the best option for those, who appreciates creativity

  • Wall by the door color green or light green;
  • The remaining walls - white, the same color and select furniture items;
  • Ceiling paint a light gray color, and better wenge. This color pick for kitchen apron, table, doors and countertops;
  • Chairs buy purple, in combination with the green wall, they will look good in the interior, and complement each other;
  • Cautious not to accents, let the original ideas for the kitchen you overwhelm, because it is present.

beautiful kitchen

Council: bright vases, plates, figurines, flowerpots, paintings - all the main elements of style, especially if the ideas for decor with their own hands.

Kitchen in gray-blue tones

This original kitchen interior is very stylish and glamorous. To implement this idea at the basis of the premises should be two colors - blue and light gray. But remember one important thing - if the windows facing north, this style is not suitable for your kitchen, So, both her and so little light.

Kitchen in gray-blue tones

paint the kitchen walls in bright colors, pick the same color furniture. The ceiling is to provide a wide baguette with elaborate moldings. The original idea for the house - a division of the ceiling on the number of zones, as the walls.

To the room seemed fresh, countertop work area color in white, and pick up a dining table in dark wood with white rims. The same goes for chairs. The finishing touch will be the original things with their hands Interior:

  • warmers, related to cups and teapots;
  • Organizers;
  • Topiary;
  • Dolls for storage of small things;
  • Drainer;
  • ideas candlesticks;
  • Butylochnitsy, and other interesting decorations.

original idea for the kitchen interior

Add in the interior of those little things, that you will always be a pleasure to delight and cheer up. Let it be the banks with spices of different colors, flower vases and ornaments, embroidered napkins and tablecloth, textile, as well as other original parts of the kitchen interior.

Change the interior parts

If you change the atmosphere in the kitchen, but it does not make a grand renovation, interesting ideas for the kitchen - this is, what you need. Think, What would you change or add, and we will help you with tips:

  1. stencils. Such labels is the easiest way to change the space without a nail and a hammer. What will it be and where it glue, up to you. That did not look much bright, just stick it near the work area and desk.
  2. Complement an interior vapor-sets of different colors. Put them on the shelves in different parts of the kitchen next to each other;kitchen
  3. Diversify the facade wall paintings can be, posters, Frames with photos, and apply
    fun ideas for the house with his own hands, what will it be, you decide.
  4. change cloth, curtains, chair covers or cushions on the couch.
  5. Put houseplants on the floor in large pots - palms, ficus; on the windowsill - small pots of orchids, violets and other flowers.

The original service

Interesting ideas for the interior with their own hands are always in fashion. Similar crafts can be purchased at any souvenir shop, but you and the family will know, that it is your own creation in a single copy.

  1. Diversify the kitchen and make functional help ideas for storage in the kitchen with his hands, that every person. And in your family there Fibber, who tells, where better to put this or that subject. for example, jars with spices, they can be stuck to the tape back side locker.
  2. Give a second life to old plugs - make of them original hooks for towels and fartuha.
  3. From coffee beans make Topiary, Pictures, fridge magnets or frames for photos. Diversify cinnamon sticks, cloves, dried slices of citrus - it's beautiful, originally, so even with a pleasant specific odor.
  4. Make a stand under the hot pieces of small round-shaped tree. They can be interesting cut, Draw Something, and secure the top few layers of lacquer, allow to dry.

We hope, this article has helped you to make your kitchen functional and practical, He inspired you to an interesting interior design ideas, that adorned the room and pleased with loved ones.