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A competent interior design small kitchens: 3 main aspects

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Kitchen smaller area 8 m2 It requires ingenuity hostess, which will allow to go beyond the standard approach to interior planning. Combine functional in a tight space without sacrificing comfort is difficult. Each woman decides for itself, what functions to endow the kitchen in the first place, and what you can donate to this. The following practical tips - a proven experience design solutions, to help the hostess to create a comfortable interior small kitchen with his hands.

design kitchens
Originally built furniture for a small kitchen

density, convenience and maximum use of all the space - these are the main principles of the arrangement of the objects in the interior of a small kitchen. Thus ergonomics filling the horizontal space area combined with all vertical surfaces.

small kitchen design

Proper planning of the apartment in real life

small kitchen interior design It depends on such factors:

  • shape of the room. Kitchens are square, narrow and elongated.
  • Do mistress plans to build a full kitchen dining area.
  • The type and size of the selected headset.

Regardless of the size of the room, the kitchen sink are always present, cutting table, oven or stove.

Important! Location cleaning, tied to the sewer standpipe, It is not conducive to the realization of design Interior design plans. washing the transfer - is the first step in the rational organization of space.

small kitchen interior design

Layout options in the kitchen sink:

  1. In a long and narrow room is considered a logical linear layout along one long wall. Sink is located at the entrance, then cutting table, plate and at the end of a refrigerator.
  2. The rectangular kitchen sink placed in the corner of an L-shaped layout. On one side of the sink is a cutting table with a plate, on the other - the fridge.
  3. The only place in the kitchen, where it is impossible to place large pieces of furniture or household appliances - this window. To make the best use of that space, sink under the window set.

small kitchen interior design

Important! Plate set at a distance of not less than 30 see from the window. Stove and washing necessarily shared a cutting table. Refrigerator selected such, it opened the door to the wall, but not inside the room.

room size makes special demands on the selection and placement of household appliances:

  • Ideally, a gas cooker hob replaced. Under it equips shelves for pots and pans, or install a dishwasher.
  • If the oven is small, his leave, but it is better to buy the oven instead of the microwave, which is mounted on an overhead shelf.
  • Above the cooking surface mounted hood flat model, which is attached to the implement locker.
  • Fridge choose low for a small kitchen, and place it in a corner of the room. Sometimes the refrigerator is installed in the hallway.

plan kitchen
Corner kitchen walnut harmonizes well with a glass table and chairs

Furniture for a small kitchen in the style of Provence

Pick up furniture for small kitchens on such principles:

  • When choosing a headset prefer compact models with a minimum number of modules.
  • Light furniture with a glossy façade visually expand the space.
  • Drawers are more convenient storage of kitchen utensils, and corner cabinets allow for storage of utensils to use all the space.
  • The width of the countertop should be no more 600 mm.
  • To make full use of vertical kitchen surfaces, pay attention to the filling of the upper tier shelf space, made in the same style as the suite.

Important! Excessive amounts of hinged shelves make messy layout and visual space in surrender.

Interior of a small kitchen

When furniture arrangement to increase the functionality of the room is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • With the help of solid natural stone countertops will compact to combine several functional areas with linear planning.
  • The holder for pans, Polovnik, Skimmer are always available, near the sink mounted rails.
  • The best option to fill the space along the window for a small kitchen - setting the corner of the sofa with folding seats.
  • Dining table choose a folding model.
  • In small kitchens are actively using the windowsill. It kept small Byttekhnika or area is used as an additional working surface.
  • Glossy tile apron and a mirror near the dining area is visually expand the space.

Furniture for kitchen
Kitchen in bright colors with open shelves and extra-long table with tubaretami

Lighting: the best ideas in a cozy apartment, living room, studio

Properly organized lighting make the room visually larger. especially considering the kitchen, that the main light source is behind the hostess, when it is engaged in cooking and is looking at the work area. Therefore, in the kitchen, use additional light sources for the working area. Spotlights mounted on the bottom of the hanging cabinets. However, many housewives do abandon the central lighting. Instead, using the working area illumination lamps and wall near the dining area, than seeking efficient lighting and separated by a small space into separate zones.

Illumination of the kitchen is performed by methods such:

  • The main light source - the central chandelier. Optional - Spotlights on the perimeter of the ceiling.
  • Central lighting fixture and only the working zone.
  • Separate lighting dining and work area without the use of a central lighting.
  • The chandelier is not used as a main lighting, and subdued lighting hidden double height ceiling.

Lighting in the kitchen
Ideal lighting installed over the kitchen

Designer fashion in the interior of the small and very small room

In the interior, a small kitchen used shades of two colors. A good solution is to use a monochrome wall decoration with a selection of home appliances in the same tone. The absence of a motley palette of soothing visual perception and make the space wider.

Making any material textured surface adds a sense of three-dimensionality. This should be considered when choosing the material for walls.

unusual interior of a small kitchen

Kitchen - is inspired room. Not without reason in the sale is a huge variety of creative trinkets, no practical use, that housewives decorate this room. In addition to store accessories, help diversify the environment designer fashion interior their own hands:

  • Bright fabric or bamboo napkin. This item will make notes decor warm welcome in any room.
  • Topiarii. The symbolic tree of happiness, made his own, effectively replace the live plants.
  • Drainer.
  • Organizer. This device, in which every possible change is stored.
  • decorative cutting boards.
  • sets tack, decorative pillows for a corner.

modern design of a small kitchen

Producing all kinds of designer fashion with his own hands, the hostess receives a lot of positive emotions and brings to design special customized features.


Organize small space - not an easy task. But it is in small premises have the opportunity to realize the creative potential in full. If the hostess likes to make designer fashion to home, the kitchen - this is the place, where the compatibility of the product with the interior space does not play the main role. If during the evaluation of existing facilities to take advantage of opportunities offered by the recommendations, you can turn a small kitchen in a comfortable and stylish accommodation.