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Kitchen in white: Secrets of originality and glamor

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White is considered to be the kitchen, which is dominated by shades of white. This color opens up great opportunities in the catering department of interior design. He is neutral and universal at the same time, easily combined with any other colors.

Kitchen in white
White furniture itself is original

Many refuse to white kitchen, citing boredom and impracticality of this color. But designers prove otherwise. It serves as a wonderful backdrop for other colors.

The kitchen in white It requires proper selection of color. Cool white tones are recommended for the kitchen on the south side, and to the north - it is better to stay on the warm tones. To avoid the effect of hospital, on the floor lay tile or linoleum White. The interior of the kitchen space, it looks elegant, and its use in the nutrition unit - practical. Refrain from the use of laminate and wood flooring. Such materials are difficult to care.

Kitchen in white

Kitchen sets white: combination with black, gray, red, green, glossy beige, blue

The snow-white kitchen ─ a good solution for a small space. This set will make the room lighter, It helps visually expand it.

The spacious kitchens white monochrome furniture should be diluted with vivid colors, otherwise the room will look like a hospital ward. The kitchen design in white highly desirable color "spots", - these can be some of the elements of kitchen units or its facades. The choice of color depends on the design of the kitchen style. It is quite clear, that acid shades absolutely not appropriate in a classic style. And for high-tech and modern white cabinets in the interior is better to combine with red, black or gray tops and accessories.

Kitchen set
Pick up the headset is not only in color, but also in style

Couch in a small room

When choosing a soft corner for the kitchen in white take care, the material for the upholstery is easy to clean and wash, It was resistant to damage. certainly, the best one is leather. But if you can not afford a soft corner chipped skin, or you think it is not appropriate in the kitchen, Stay leatherette.

Dining table and worktop

White kitchen table unusually popular among designers. It is used in many styles because of its versatility.

white kitchen table

Countertops made from different materials, each of which has a buyer. Consider the types of countertops more detail:

  1. wood. The high price of such countertops due to the use of expensive wood. White wooden table well withstands high temperatures, but afraid of stains.
  2. In practice, well established white wooden worktops, surface coated resistant paints.
  3. Small kitchen space better to choose countertops made of MDF. They visually expand the kitchen, not capricious in care. It looks very impressive dining table in gloss white MDF. Glossy white dining table will be interesting detail on black or red kitchen.
  4. Glass is resistant to shocks, high temperatures. It is considered the most practical embodiment.

Table plays an important role in the interior
Dining table in white

Countertop dining table can be not only white:

  • luxurious and expensive looks black table top in white interior,
  • to emphasize the soft and weightless white or beige kitchen units, choose a countertop to match the facades,
  • It looks good on a white kitchen and tabletop, imitating stone or wood,
  • under the kitchen white you can choose the color and countertop.

Utensils and accessories: modern and classic design in the interior of the living room

To white kitchen did not seem boring, fill in its bright interior elements. It is important to stick to the golden mean. Poor little when accessories, but not good, when they pulls all the attention from the kitchen.

interior white kitchen

What elements are appropriate decor in the interior white kitchen:

  1. bright dishes. Keep it in sight. And if you confuse open shelves, order cabinets with glass inserts.
  2. Stick to the kitchen vinyl stickers.
  3. Buy a multicolored chandelier or lighting.
  4. On the walls, place children's drawings. This original design method will not leave anyone indifferent.
  5. Relive the interior living plants in colorful pots and vases with flowers.
  6. Use tissue or cell in peas for sewing accessories. Do not forget, that tablecloth, prihvatki, apron and other items will be annoying, if you make them from the same cloth. It is better to dwell on the plain fabrics, and peas or cell to use partial.

Council! To avoid confusion in the kitchen feeling, Pick up accessories in the same style!

white kitchen
All matter in the white style

Decoupage in the kitchen: wallpaper style, curtains, wall, apron

Interior of white kitchen revive with the help of things, made with their own hands. Very popular decoupage technique. using it, turn an ordinary cutting board into a masterpiece of art will not be difficult.

For registration of the cutting board in the decoupage technique, we need:

  • cutting board;
  • acrylic white;
  • varnish;
  • PVA glue;
  • sandpaper;
  • napkin with a pattern;
  • Sponge Foam;
  • brush;
  • iron.

Decoupage in the kitchen in white

During decoupage cutting board guided instruction:

  1. Fine sandpaper walk on the surface of the board, then wipe with a damp cloth.
  2. Foam sponge, apply acrylic paint. To use the cutting board, not only for decorative purposes, covers only one side.
  3. After drying the first layer of paint apply a second.
  4. Cover the area with white glue, slightly diluted with water.
  5. Cut with a swipe pattern and remove waste paper layers. Place the image on the board and go over it with warm iron.
  6. With a brush coat lacquer cutting board and allow it to dry. Decoupage kitchen boards, which will be used for its intended purpose, It should be made only from environmentally friendly and suitable for contact with food, products.

This technique is used also when decorating the white table in the kitchen. the main thing, to countertop for decoupage table had no serious injuries, but only needed to be updated or decor. Here's a she, kitchen in white.