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Secrets ideal cleaning of suspended ceilings in the kitchen

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Stretch ceilings are not uncommon. They are increasingly using, as an element of home interior decoration. So the question: "How to wash ceilings?"Very, very relevant.

So that, if your apartment ceilings it is this type of, then reading this article will do you good.

Cooking suspended ceiling to the purification

Stretch ceilings are very specific, so just because they do not wash your. before, We need to prepare, and for this:

  1. "Adjust" effect contact with the ceiling surface. washing
    ceilings - a delicate procedure, one wrong move and the material is broken. therefore, To begin, select a remote section of the ceiling and gently swipe with a cloth or sponge, not much pressing. Practice a few times
  2. Prepare a ladder or select a sponge on a long handle (although better to choose a ladder and a normal sponge, Since the length of the mop can be accidentally dent or break the ceiling)
  3. Before, how to wash the suspended ceiling, remove the hand rings with stones, bracelets, clock - all this can damage the surface

The purification procedure at home

Important! Do not wash the suspended ceiling hot water. This will cause deformation of the blade.


As strange as it may sound, but the procedure of cleansing stretched canvas has its own rules, which must be met for effective results:

  • If the ceiling surface of simple and smooth, but washing should be carried out from one corner, a smooth transition to another. If the ceiling sectional, it is necessary to clean each section separately
  • To remove the cobwebs, then discard the vacuum cleaner and broom, use a soft, flannel cloth
  • If the detergent is selected Spray, then spray it 2-3 times and rub in a circular motion sponge or cloth
  • From oily stains, you use soapy water: diluted in water detergent for dishwashing. Moisten a sponge wipe solution and spot light, circular motion. This method is suitable, to clear the suspended ceilings in the kitchen
  • With regular cleaning should wipe the suspended ceiling with a damp cloth

dry cleaning

Dry cleaning - a kind of rapid-cleaning before the holiday or the arrival of guests. It is relevant in the case, If the ceiling has gathered some dust and cobwebs.

Washing of ceiling, in this case, It is performed as follows:

  • use a stepladder, It essentially saves time cleaning, and reduces the risk of leaving dents (when using the mop or sponge on the long arm)
  • Clean with a dry rag of soft materials
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner, but putting the minimum rate of absorption and to use a nozzle for cleaning sofas

Wet cleaning

This cleaning approach, if there is a need to wash the suspended ceiling and clean it from stains and visible contamination.

For this, inventories should set acceptable detergents:

  • a sponge and 2-3 flanelevыe tryapki. Wet cleaning requires multiple purification surface, To do this, one cloth will not be enough
  • Stairs or mop. If you have the first option, then give preference to him
  • Soap solution and a container of clean water
  • cleanser, appropriate tension ceiling surface

About tom, what means to clean different surfaces of the ceiling, we will talk about later, and while, look at the technology itself wet cleaning:

  1. First, dry cloth "walk" across the surface of the web, to shake off the dust and cobwebs
  2. After, wash ceilings cloth soaked in water
  3. Then, soak the sponge in a soap solution and gently wipe the surface. If there is a spot on the ceiling, then sprinkle spray or apply a suitable tool to it, then use a sponge
  4. Further, a new damp cloth liquidate the remaining foam
  5. AND, finally, remove moisture from the ceiling dry, soft cloth

glossy material

so, you wash ceilings gloss without stains?

  • cleaning agents, containing in its composition ammonia. This will help to clean the suspended ceiling without divorce;
  • Means for washing windows and mirrors;
  • Cloths of a soft material;

Do not use glossy ceilings soap solutions. They leave stains!

Matte coating

The wipe suspended ceiling frosted type?

  1. pure, warm water
  2. Soap or a solution
  3. Specialty chemicals for cleaning matt stretch ceilings
  4. soft cloth, sponge and napkins

fabric ceilings

Washing stretch ceilings in the home does not take much time and effort, special, if the ceiling material fabric. Clean it with the following materials:

  • suds. You can use dry, but with great caution
  • Special tools for fabric ceilings
  • Sponge

kitchen ceiling

Wash the suspended ceiling in the kitchen is somewhat more complicated, than in the other rooms. All because of the specifics of the premises. fat splashes, smoke and soot, food stains - all this diversity is threatened to be suspended ceilings in the cooking process, or pampering children.


It is worth noting, to wash ceilings in the kitchen should immediately, as they were of pollution.

therefore, let's find out, how to wash ceilings in the kitchen.

purification procedure depends on the material web. But, more, Kitchen choose gloss. He is better to clean. But, there is a risk to leave divorces. AND, to wash the stains on the kitchen Stretch ceilings, not work out a circular motion, and from left to right.

specific pollution: the better to wash? Reviews owners

What can be considered particularly contaminated suspended ceilings? Traces of paint, fat, soot, Foodborne spots. And to wash it all?

The owners of suspended ceilings, Faced with this problem, are advised to use the following methods:

  1. With fatty stains are well straightened agent solution for washing dishes
  2. With food stains easily cope rag and soap solution
  3. When serious pollution, eg, paint, You can use alcohol-based. But it is better to see a specialist

Which means you can not wash the ceilings

The delicacy of the tension ceiling paintings exclude the use of certain cleaning products.

  1. First - it is abrasive, powdery substances, including soda. Yes, wash
    glossy stretch ceiling without stains such means will, but, Instead, small visible scratches remain on the smooth surface
  2. Harsh chemicals, having a high concentration. Their use should be abandoned, after application as ceilings lose the original appearance: color or lighten, or darken. Although, such agents can be tested, before, than wash the suspended ceiling. Again, on an inconspicuous area of ​​fabric
  3. mop, abrasive sponges and brushes - not the most successful cleaning materials. Although, Mop itself is safe for ceiling, but there is a risk not to calculate the forces and leave a dent

Washing stretch ceiling should not lead to their deterioration, so it's best not to ignore the listed tips.

Video instructions

To preview the, how to wash ceilings in the home, see video instructions: