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The ceiling of wooden beams: 55 design ideas

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Beams on the ceiling are an expressive element of the interior: allocate space a cozy atmosphere and eccentricity, transforming the design of residential premises.

Ceiling beams in the interior of different functions:

  • as part of the design of the building are part of the framework of the second floor or attic;
  • camouflage technical communication: wiring, ventilation, tubes;
  • provide the ability to hide the flaws of the ceiling mounting - bumps and joints;
  • serve as a place of fastening items: fixtures, decorative elements, Holders for glasses, crockery, fans and televisions;
  • show affiliation to a particular style, which is characterized by this detail of the interior;
  • divided into zones and visually correct space.

Price of the issue or materials for the manufacture of beams

To make decorative beams on the ceiling, The following materials are suitable: natural wood of varying degrees of treatment, polyurethane, Concrete, a rock, metal. The choice of a material is influenced by several factors:

  • styling premises;
  • the shape of the ceiling vault: smooth, arch, with several levels;
  • cost limit - and the complexity of the material in the aggregate affect the price.


Log, timber, board - the most popular materials in the production of beams. For this suitable as a deciduous wood, and softwood. The ceiling of wooden beams - an expensive option - however,, it's worth it.

Opting for a natural material, you add in the interior of noble and natural warmth.

In the House, built of logs or lumber of varying degrees of treatment, organically look rough-hewn wooden beams for the ceiling of the same shape. They can save natural or undergo treatment. Massive beams in the finishing room will give solidity.


This synthetic material is perfectly mimics the surface of various natural materials. Its advantages include resistance to moisture and resistance to smells. Polyurethane beams in the interior look naturally and soundly. They bribe their pros: have a low weight and reasonable cost, within them easy to hide wires and build additional illumination.

Metal, concrete and stone

These materials are rarely used for the manufacture of decorative beam structures. More often, massive products are part of the load-bearing structures. They are heavy and require skill during installation. Ceiling with metal beams, concrete or stone found in industrial interiors.

Style solution with beams design

Ceiling beams are harmonious in classic, and in various contemporary styles. Due to its versatility, they become spectacular decoration almost any interior.


Rustic - Provence, country, rustic, Chalet - the usual rural motifs transferred to the urban environment. The basic principle, consider when selecting materials for such interiors - maximum consonance with nature. Therefore, a wooden ceiling with exposed beams in the rustic styled interior - the, that we should!

Rustic style - characterized by deliberate simplicity and rudeness. This is the most brutal representation rustic. The wood used in this style is thick and antique.

The interior of the chalet is close areas listed above. Wooden beams in the interior of the rural house in the mountains - structurally and stylistically justified.

Eco style - minimalist design in harmony with nature. He has the comfort, harmony and closeness with the environment. Finishing the ceiling is very popular tree.

The minimalist and industrial loft and high-tech distinct look of metal beams. Loft - loft or apartment under the roof - is often the result of the conversion of warehouses and abandoned factories.

Scandinavian design - is the abundance of open space and maximum use of natural materials and wood in the interior. Decorating the walls, gender, ceilings of wooden beams, furniture - everything is done in natural materials in natural colors.

Mediterranean interior also abounds in details of natural materials and allows the ceilings with wooden beams. Welcome to the rustic accommodations, but often it is embodied in an urban environment.

Classical and Victorian style - a quality factor, restraint and sophistication, clean lines and solid materials. For classical interiors are ideal dark or bright lacquered beams.

Examples of the use of beams in the interior of apartments and houses (with photo)

Ceiling with exposed beams - it's beautiful and stylish. He is harmonious in the house in the country, and in urban areas. Beams are appropriate in any functional areas. They are organically fit into the atmosphere of a modern apartment with high ceilings, will give a special charm to the kitchen, living room, bedroom, other premises.

  • Genuine kitchen with exposed wooden beams on the ceiling supports a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Gnarled and deliberately rough surface of the wooden parts of the ceiling decoration create a special flavor.

The snow-white kitchen design with exposed beams - a win-win, visually expand the space. Details of dark wood on the ceiling add a dynamic contrast of a bright room.

  • If the height of the ceiling in the guest room decorating allows beams, you should use this opportunity to. Living room with beamed ceiling - perfect solution for a spacious room.

  • Making beamed ceiling in a recreation area - unlike in other countries, we this is a rare design course. If conditions permit, something similar to a constructive course decorate your bedroom.

  • Decorating beamed ceiling structure has been successfully used in other areas. However, they are perfectly combined with any ceiling coverings.

Installation of ceiling beams with his hands

Ceiling beams are used not only as a decorative element. Often they are an element, which hem ceiling.

Such a ceiling device principle is used mainly in the construction of rustic: in cottages or in private homes. Ceilings with beams in the country require a special approach and some skill in construction.

The apparatus of the second floor and the construction of overlap of the beams

To make the overlap between floors, attic or loft, you need to build and support the rough ceiling boards. On the support is a major timber. Further wooden ceiling consists of the following layers:

  • attic floor;
  • waterproofing, insulation and vapor barrier;
  • rough ceiling.

By building their own hands strong and sturdy hardwood floor between floors, should strictly carry out the work in stages and to comply with the requirements to them the technical requirements.

Popular materials for filing rough ceiling: plasterboard and OSB

Rough ceilings in a wooden house with beams can be made out of boards, plywood, gypsum board or OSB boards. Each of these materials has its own advantages and recommendations for use. The choice of material depends on the preference, taste and landlord opportunities. Most advantageously applied plasterboard or OSB boards.

Plasterboard is democratic in price and is relatively easy to work. On the rough ceiling it is adhered or secured to the frame of the metal profile. In wet areas set only waterproof material.

OSB - increasingly popular material, the production of which is wood chips of various sizes. Each layer chips are arranged perpendicular to the previous - this achieves the strength and elasticity of the final product. Besides, SIR possess antiseptic properties, high-pitched sound- and thermal insulation.

finishing beams, variants of their jewelry and how to decorate

I am going to use a beam on the ceiling in the interior as a decorative element, should pay particular attention to the choice of colors. They can be painted or maintain naturalness.

White ceiling decorate the dark design, and vice versa. Such combinations or combined contrasting look very advantageous and provide a special visual effect.

White beams on the ceiling seem weightless. This is the best option for not too large rooms of any style with low ceilings.

Ceiling elements in a single color also will attract attention.

A flavor design will give the artificial creation of plaque antiquity or brushed wood surface.

Suspended ceiling and other ways to draw beams

You can enhance the beauty beam structure if desired using design techniques. for example, install them in conjunction with various coatings ceiling:

  • mounted panels of plastic, metal, MDF, glass, etc.;
  • wood paneling;
  • stretch ceiling.

It should be taken into account, that the installation of these structures overlap level goes on 15 cm.

Stretch ceiling - the best option, which protects against moisture. The door leaf may be a monophonic, with an image, combined. Stretch ceilings with exposed beams in a country house or apartment in the individual planning - decent clearance space.

Designs can be painted or applied to them, or stencil a design pattern.

Refinement and eccentricity introduced into the interior box-shaped beam structure and the ceiling. In addition to elegance, they have practical benefits: they conveniently placed lighting and suspension elements.

Using the beam structures of various configurations - an indicator of a creative approach to the design of the premises.