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10 the secrets of the perfect kitchen

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Most of his time housewives spend in the kitchen. After all, you always want to please your family with something tasty. But without the proper tools and equipment, occasionally, It has to be very difficult. When going to the store to buy many absolutely unnecessary for household utensils, while ignoring the truly necessary items. The result is an excess of cups and dishes, which are absolutely without cause. The question arises, what you need in the kitchen at arrangement?

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Cooking utensils

The modern market offers a very large selection of dishes. Materials used for the production: aluminum, ceramics, porcelain, cast iron, stainless steel, glass and glass ceramics. By choosing cookware must be approached responsibly, because its quality can affect the health of.

scientists have proved, tableware that of aluminum in the cooking process allocates arsenic. Porcelain is considered a classic. It is a long time and light weight.

Utensils made of ceramics is now considered stylish, and it has many useful properties. Ceramic ware itself regulates the temperature and humidity. The only negative - the material absorbs the fat and it is very difficult to wash.

Tips when choosing dishes:

    • tableware bottomed uniformly warms;
    • handles utensils must be met, of material, which will not be heated;
    • The cover must be in size.

Which of the dishes should be in the kitchen

Pans - the necessary utensils in the kitchen, best buy a set of at least 4 PC. They have to be different in volume.

Plates, bowls - Buy colorful dishes, if you smash something you can always buy more. It is necessary to have a spare dish on guests arrival event.

Pans - also a very important part of the utensils for the kitchen. need 2-3 PC., different in depth and diameter.

forks, spoons, knives for table - better to buy a set of.

Knives for cutting - need bread knife, meat, vegetables.

Kitchen utensils need to kuhne- grater, drushlag, kartofelechystka, Polovnik, kitchen towels, prihvatki, shoulder, corolla. Also, do without cutting boards, skalki, Hammer for beating the meat. This is a small part of what must be. detail, how to arrange the storage of covers in the kitchen.

What subjects have in the kitchen

Many people have their favorite items, that make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Here lists the items, can not do without:

  • bowls of different capacity;
  • pans;
  • knives;
  • frying pan;
  • teapot;
  • Polovnik;
  • cup;
  • spoons;
  • forks.

A list of necessary items for the kitchen and enjoyed in the kitchen

All appreciate the convenience, This is important as once. What is necessary to have a kitchen arrangement:

    • storage tanks for cereals, Sahara, salt, tea;
    • set of different blades, mortars;
    • grinder;
    • The cortege;
    • drushlag;
    • can opener and corkscrew;
    • utensils for microwave;
    • foil, parchment paper for baking.

What is needed to house the kitchen

shelves, cabinets, boxes.

It is impossible to imagine a kitchen without the cabinets and shelves. Mountain dishes would stand just on the floor. It is important to plan the placement of furniture. As is often the hostess prepares, Headsets should be designed and installed so, how easy it. Be sure to take into account the height. If the owner of a small increase, it is better to abandon the high placement of units.

Withdrawable drawers much easier cabinets. boxes, which have the largest size must be placed close to the floor. Often pans are stored there, pots and other bulky items.

What material is better to give preference?

Facade material may be made of laminated chipboard, MDF, glass, wood or plastic. Manufacturers combine them, in whatever variation.

tabletop It must be durable, because in it you will prepare every day for several years. Approach to the selection to the mind. The most suitable materials for countertops: tree, marble, granite, LDRI.

Filling drawers and cabinets.

The modules can be built additional sections. for example: bottle holder, shopping cart carousel, modern dryers.

You need to have in the kitchen is not less 5 sockets.

enough outlets should be on good food. Outlets need as much, how many devices, who regularly use. It is advisable not to put outlet near the sink and do not make them very low. The hostess should get to the outlet without efforts.

What equipment should be in a modern kitchen?


Often ventilation It serves hood. Extractor hood designed for air purification. When selecting the area you need to consider, to the device copes well with its responsibilities. The modern market has presented a variety of designs and types of extracts. Having eyes Store, run up.

Cooker hood - the most important thing in the kitchen. How to choose it?

Pay attention to the size. Width hoods must not be smaller plates. It is better to give preference to extract a little more. Its surface must be 90 cm, if the surface of the plate 50-60 cm.

mode. There are several modes:

  1. exhaust mode - when the air is extracted outside the apartment.
  2. Filtering mode - the air is purified and returned back to the apartment.
  3. Or a universal extractor with two built-in modes.

If liking hood filter, it is desirable to just buy replacement cartridges.


They are divided into coarse and fine filters. Rough treatment delays of the fat. It looks like a reusable metal mesh, that the extent of contamination can be cleaned. Fine purification - carbon filters. Used once and must be purchased separately.

Microwave - should be in the kitchen necessarily

Irreplaceable assistant every housewife. industry microwave ovens develop fulminant. A lot of features and functions will not leave any woman indifferent. It can save a lot of time and effort. Everyone will be able to choose for themselves the necessary set of functions.

What is dispouzer? And why it is needed in the kitchen

Dispouzer - waste shredder and it is necessary to have in the kitchen. Shredded products go together with water in a sewer pipe. scientists have proved, it has a positive effect on the Pipe.
In dispouzere grind food waste only!

Gas or Electric Hob

Gas stove has become a classic. None of the kitchen is not complete without it.


Not the most economical device, It consumes a sufficient amount of water and energy. But the owner will save time by not washing dishes.

Kitchen Appliances

How to choose a blender

Stationary blender - considered, that it is better the hand blender, that has more power. Pay attention to the bowl material. They are made from plastic and glass. These materials have both advantages, and cons. over time, the glass will not absorb odors, but it is very fragile. Plastic more durable, but they wear out quickly.

Immersion blender practical, soup can be made directly in the pan. It does not take up a lot of space. slight minus: blender must be controlled manually, it is not very convenient, If you need to cook large amounts of food.

You need to consider what a blender is used. Professional models They cost a lot of money, they are not needed for home use. Quality does not always correspond to the value of. Pay attention to the simpler models.

The kitchen should always be a place for the mixer. With it you can quickly cook the batter, cream cake.

You can also purchase a steamer, Breadmaker, multivarku - they help to prepare healthy dishes with savings of time and energy.


TV - helps in the morning to wake up faster, Lunch and dinner are interesting, a mistress with him a lot more fun to cook. Does your TV need in the kitchen? It all depends on the size and habits of the household. If you decide, that he needed, then you first need to choose a location. TV should not occupy a lot of space and need to arrange it so, make it comfortable to watch.


If the area does not exceed 9 m. We need to give preference to TVs no longer 20 inches. With an average area from 15 m. to give preference to models better 25 inches. A large area can be placed 36- inch TV.

This is all you need in the art for the kitchen.

Cleanliness and tidiness: this is what should be on good food

Maintaining cleanliness is the most important for the hostess. Therefore at hand should always be:

  • Cleaning products;
  • Dishwashing detergent;
  • A set of universal napkins;
  • Bin;
  • sexual mop.
  • The most important thing is fartuh. It will protect clothing from stains and unwanted fat during cooking
  • Napkin - an indispensable element. They help to cope with pollution.
  • Mop and bucket - must always be at hand. The kitchen is very often something breaks down, spreads. And all this must be removed until the house is not soon spread throughout the house.

Other things, which are needed in every kitchen


To start to define the shape and size.

    • square - perfect for washing dishes of various sizes, and it is very roomy.
    • Rectangular - suitable for narrow countertops
    • round - convenient to wash, more capacious, than rectangular.
    • corner - is a great choice for space-saving.

For kitchens with a small area is best to choose a sink without additional frames and dryers.

Refrigerators with one or two doors

The role of the refrigerator can not be overestimated. Without it, most of the products will be gone. Fridge with one door is perfect for small-sized kitchen. If the area allows, you can choose a model with two or more doors.

Kitchen equips various technical novelties. This diversifies and simplify the cooking process. Freed more time for loved ones. The quality and taste of the products will only improve. Do not be afraid to experiment.