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Kitchen with balcony door: select the perfect curtains

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kitchen, in which there is not just a window, and with a door window, leading to the balcony, should not exclude the presence in its interior curtains. At first glance it may seem, that the balcony door curtain, you can prevent access to the balcony, because the blind will always have to push. On the other hand, the absence of any kitchen interior curtains give some "understatement".

Well, In this case we will seek solutions that, both comfortable and beautifully decorate the balcony door, giving the kitchen "cozy" item.

What to consider before, you buy curtains

First, let's say, what to buy ready-made version of the curtains for the kitchen with a door to the balcony would be very problematic. This is due to the fact, that the parameters of the balcony through connector is not standard. And if you buy the usual option or tulle curtains from ceiling to floor, it is possible to miscalculate, since it is not for every kitchen, this type of curtains fit.

second, that is taken into account in the selection of suitable curtains, this translucency. Kitchen with balcony, this figure will be lower, than to be placed with a simple window, facing the street. therefore, if there is no desire to create in the kitchen, "the twilight zone", it is necessary to abandon the dark curtains, opting for bright or clear options.

As mentioned previously, access to the balcony from the kitchen has to be carried out without hindrance. therefore, hanging a continuous curtain, you create yourself some complexity: You have to constantly push back the curtain.

Consider and, whether there is a battery box. If yes, then it will look great short curtains in the kitchen with balcony.

Material and length: determined with the optimum choice of curtains on the window and door

so, Having considered all of the features of your kitchen and, more understanding and less, what do you need, you can proceed to the choice of material for future curtains.

This question is important also, because the kitchen is always something to prepare, so the air will be present different smells, soot, fat, which will settle on curtains. Consequently, curtains for the kitchen with a loggia or a balcony should be sewn out of practical materials. These include:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Sitec

These natural materials are easy to clean. Besides, these curtains will not fade in the sun.

With pictures sorted. Now it is necessary to determine the length of the curtains in the kitchen with loggia.

To decide on a long tulle or curtains can not all. And here it is not a beauty, and the convenience and safety. therefore, the most optimal length is the one, which ends on the upper or lower battery levels or radiator.

If you still desire to hang beautiful curtains flowing into the kitchen with the balcony door "prevailed", in addition it is possible to purchase a variety of accessories. He will help to regulate the position of the curtains, as well as their length.

the color of curtains: how not to get lost in the selection

Curtain Design for the kitchen balcony door assumes the correct color combination with a common kitchen interior.

Significantly differ in color shade can spoil the overall "picture", not fitting into the interior. But the right kind curtain give the room harmony, fill comfort. So that, Color solves a lot.

To kitchen interior was perfect, curtains for the kitchen with a door must be combined with the color of furniture, cloth and other items kitchen textiles. But the main thing here - do not overdo it. Otherwise, get a general background color, in which all the "merge together".

Colors can be chosen different, but they must be combined with each other, while complementing each other.

It plays an important role and drawing. Large image on the curtains will visually reduce the floor space, minor - increasing.

What are the cornices offer shops

Cornices are used to fasten the curtains to the walls or ceiling. If you think this detail - not significant and does not require attention, you're wrong. A wrong cornice can ruin the overall design of the room.

But first,, let's find out, What are the cornices.

  • round
  • bagetnye. Such cornices crossbar and hooks hidden under the trim strip

  • String - thin, metal cable

  • The profile. Such a ledge is made of aluminum and can be bent in any position
  • Rail, across which the length of the moving hooks

In the manufacture of eaves following materials are:

  • Tree. Wooden eaves, ideal for the classic style kitchen, as well as complement the interior in country style and rustic
  • Metal. The cornice of this material is suitable for the style: classic, Provence or modern
  • Plastic. Plastic eaves complement the style of minimalism

Pattern and Color: design 2019 of the year

2019 year offer to decorate the kitchen window to the balcony door curtains all shades of red and blue, and powdery tones. As for the drawings, preference is given to the style of minimalism.

Curtains with lambrequins

Curtains with lambrequins in the kitchen does not always look well, especially in a small kitchen. This design requires a large amount of tissue, and for a small room it will look awkward and pretentious.

Pelmets kitchen balcony door give greatness large kitchen. When choosing a design is "to play with the shades", to tulle pelmet not "merged", and they complement each other.

Curtains on its hinges with their hands

Curtains on the hinges look modern and interesting. And cut their sewing is so simple, that they can make his own.

Curtains on the grommet

Eyelets have a similar appearance to the hinges, but they stitched ring. This makes it easy to move the curtain on the ledge.

German style curtains

German style of kitchen curtains is valued for its outstanding quality and strict simplicity. However, design so versatile, it is suitable for almost any decor.

Every detail of the curtain composition, It is flawless. since soft, qualitatively and finishing seams treated material strength, German model curtains can boast of perfect quality.

Roman curtain: opportunity to make their own hands

This variant of curtains would look advantageous on any kitchen windows, and even on the balcony door. On the small windows blinds will look carefully, giving comfort room. On wide - will be a continuation of the wall. Balcony door with Roman blinds will be easy to open and thus protected against the ingress of light.