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How quickly and at no cost to get rid of moths in the kitchen

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Pleasant pastime in the kitchen can be overshadowed by the sudden appearance of uninvited guests in the form of insects. Among such "visitors" frequently found food moths. This pest, striking cereals, and other food reserves. Live and breed butterfly mainly in the kitchen, because here the most favorable conditions are created for it.

food moths
Food moths in the kitchen - an urgent problem for many

How to detect food moths

cereal bank

Food pest appears in the form of a small oblong butterfly light gray-brown. Outwardly, it looks like an ordinary clothes moth. Insect can climb on the doors of kitchen furniture, ceiling, walls and doors. In cereals and flour can be found cocoons. They may also fall and hatched caterpillars, crawling around the room.

Whence mol? The cause of the insect are bought, already infected larvae, products. Also scattered semolina or flour will be a great draw for butterflies breeding. They are able to get through the plastic bags, and fully enclosed pack products.

banks with cereals
The jars with cereals often populated mol

The pest is dangerous, that lays its larvae, which in the short term spoil products. Larva praying It eats cereals, and then transformed into a butterfly. Also likes to flour and other products. pest reproduction occurs very quickly.

Butterfly goes through several stages of development:

  1. eggs;
  2. larvae;
  3. adult butterfly.

Houses mole is of several types, whichever, what she eats. There pests, that feed thread and clothing. All other plants in products, hitting them. For complete deliverance in the apartment of this harmful insect is necessary to destroy all the prerequisites for its development and reproduction. Kitchen mole can be got at any time of the year. Therefore, its destruction measures should be taken as soon as possible. It is important to know, that food moths afraid of sharp smells.

What he fears food moths

To get rid of the food is not enough just to kill moths flying butterflies. They are quick to lay their eggs. growing larvae, eating foods, spoil their.

The woman cleaned the kitchen
General cleaning of the kitchen help to detect these parasites

The first step is the elimination product, affected butterfly. There, where moth larvae live, croup glued into small lumps. It can be found meandering tunnels under the skin on fruits. Therefore, the first step is to conduct an audit of the kitchen. To do this, you should carefully review all packets and jars with cereals for the presence of larvae. Then you need to check lockers, shelves and drawers. Caterpillars and larvae can hide in crevices, joints and other hard to reach places. It should all be removed from the kitchen furniture, make its handling and thoroughly ventilate. Food mol afraid of light and fresh air.

Measures of prevention and ways to combat

To prevent contamination of products with the purchase of cereals is recommended to pierce in the oven. You can also enter and contaminated products. Cereals should be stored in tightly sealed containers and glass jars with lids.

The second way - it is freezing of cereals for a few days in the freezer. Such methods suitable for a unit of product contamination. If the butterfly managed to hit more 20% of the total number, the rump better throw. moth eggs are killed at a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius (You have to withstand during 2-3 days) or more than plus 60. In the second case, two o'clock is enough.

sticky traps for moths
Sticky traps for moths

Of the mechanical methods of combating suitable adhesive tape or special sprays. Sticky traps are safer means of dealing. Sprinkling insecticide sprays effectively in cases, when parallel rid of moths evicted other pests.

Repellents and chemicals

For all kinds of chemicals are insecticide sprays and repellents. The first group contains substances toxic for insects. They help to quickly eliminate unwanted guests, a long time living in the home. Repellents are plant-based, aimed at scaring the new insects, ie they are a preventative measure. The most common and convenient form of aerosol preparations are.

In stores you can buy a variety of means to get rid of moths in the kitchen. The efficacy of such formulations stored during 1 of the year. In the case of spraying on carpets, clothing or tapestries - before the first wash. Protect themselves from moths and moth larvae killing.

glue trap against moths
Sticky traps will help you to quickly destroy the mole

In order to get rid of the food moths in the kitchen, necessary to prevent the reproduction of insects and related areas. mole houses, flying, may lay their eggs in other rooms. Favorite places it lockers, furniture joints. Therefore, using aerosols need to make all possible decontamination area insect habitat. Important to remember, that when using insecticides to be watched, that means do not fall in food!

Action repellents based on repelling insects, that prevent them from laying eggs. Such means appear in the form of tablets, briquettes, plates. Often they include camphor present. They may also contain naphthalene, which refers to a carcinogen and its use in residential areas can not be. When choosing a moth should first check its contents. Such drugs are recommended to lay under furniture and cabinets. An alternative to this can serve as a cotton pad with oil of lavender or fir. They are placed in the ground Butterfly Habitat.

girl chasing mol

Sections of begging

Designed for hanging in closets to protect situated therein clothes. There may be no odor or flavor with camomile, tangerine or lavender. They are effective in the kitchen. They secrete substances, which prevent the moth breeding, and scare already adults. These sections should be replaced every 4-6 months. You can also try to get rid of the food moth folk remedies.

Folk remedies

Among these means are the following: aromatic oils and plants, having sharp smells.

Means against moths №1 - Essential Oils

You need to purchase scented oils and cotton pads.

Following suit smells:

  • rosemary;
  • basil;
  • geranium;
  • carnation.

bottle of aromatic oil
Aromatic oil - budget and effective means by moles

Aromatic oils should drop to cotton pads and put in places, wherein the insect lives or may appear. In addition to these, effectively camphor. With such odor food moths can not cohabit.

Means №2 - Garlic

To get rid of moles in cereals, must be with them in a container to put garlic cloves. Harsh smell mol food scare. The taste properties of the products will not affect the availability of garlic.

Means №3 - Lavender and Citrus

Butterflies can not tolerate the smell of these plants. Therefore, you need to collect from the peel of oranges, lemons or grapefruits and arrange for lockers. Also help lavender oil. It must be put on a cotton ball and leave on the shelf in the cabinet with insects. An alternative to butter are fresh flowers, wrapped in gauze or bandage. Such a small bunch of easy to place anywhere, where the pest inhabits.

lavender and embroidered pillows
Lavender deter long mol

Means №4 - bay leaf

This spice has a specific smell, who does not like food butterfly. Lavrushku laid out in the container with cereals and among the products in the cabinet.

Means №5 - Vinegar

All cabinets must be free of foreign objects and food. The joints and cracks to be treated with a soap solution. For these purposes, you can use an old toothbrush. Then the cabinet is washed clean and ventilated. The final step is to rub the surface with a solution of vinegar. It is very effective and well-proven means of food moths.

Means №6 - Wormwood

Insects do not like the smell, Therefore, the expansion of plant twigs scare butterflies among the products.

Means №7 - Tobacco

products on the shelf
Proper storage of food in the kitchen - and you will not need to be afraid of moths

Output mol kitchen possible and such an unusual way. Decomposed tobacco on the cabinet shelves deters pests food.

Means №8 - The leaves of walnut

Plant, rather, its leaves, They have a particular smell. If we expand a few fresh leaves of walnut, it will scare mol.


"Food is not necessary to store large quantities of. Cereals should be carefully viewed with the purchase. bringing home, calcine them, and shift in closed containers. The calcination or freezing cereals - one of the easiest ways to prevent food moths. The kitchen must be kept clean. Lockers periodically wash the vinegar and to ventilate. cereal reserves should be periodically checked for larvae. Prevent the occurrence of pest easier, than to fight with him ".

Now you know, how to get rid of moles in the kitchen.