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Getting rid of the food moths: the most effective methods of struggle against insects

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Found in the package or in the pot with groats nondescript gray butterfly - it is unpleasant. Mole in the kitchen - a common problem. In everyday life, faced with a similar situation 1-2 once a year. And this in no way suggests carelessness hostess or dirty kitchen. A branch you food moths harm to human? Much harm to health is not, but carries with it a lot of trouble.

Пищевая моль
Food is put mole even on the clean kitchen

What food moths

Mole - insect gray-brown color. Scientifically it is a butterfly from the order Lepidoptera length 1 cm. Propagated mol, laying eggs in foods. she lives 7 days, but during this period of time to postpone 300-350 eggs, from which hatch "young" - voracious larvae. These creatures eat and spoil the food. Adult butterflies just drink water, and sit down to eat only for the purpose of procreation. Food mol subdivided into types of: zernovuyu (cereals by), potato, fruit.

The process of this harmful insect has three stages, so to bring the food mol in the apartment, you must at once to destroy the eggs of pests, larvae and butterflies. Insect appears in the room at any time of the year, no distinct seasonality in its appearance is not. Hands do not get to swat an insect, moth flies quickly and chaotically. It constantly changes direction, so you need to have the knack, speed and dexterity.

What harm has insect

Larvae spoil foods, pretty clogging them waste their livelihoods. The pest is put in:

  • nuts;
  • suharyah;
  • Hassle;
  • sugar;
  • spices;
  • biscuit;
  • dried fruits;
  • tea.

Nuts - a favorite delicacy of the food moths

The first signal that, that food contaminated with the larvae of moths, - thin web on the products and the presence of yellow worms. The main features of the appearance of the larvae are characteristic lumps in cereals, covered with gray bloom glued grains and moves intricate form under the skin of fruits and vegetables.

As pests appear in the house

To prevent the appearance of parasites in the house, you need to pay close attention to the quality of purchased products. Food mol often brought outside. These pests can "buy" on the market or in the shop as an unpleasant "bonus" for bulk products and bring the kitchen in batches, are infected with the larvae of the contents. This is a direct result of irregularities in the processing and storage of products.

But there are cases, When a pest gets into your own house or apartment through the door, window, air vents and hatches. Similar flights he performs frequently in the warmer months. The kitchen mole immediately finds an attractive area. Plastic bags and paper packing her overweening, she easily gnaws fragile material on the way to its goal. Black mole prefer dark places, where there is no fresh air.

Вентиляционная решетка
The kitchen food moths can penetrate through the ventilation

Methods of dealing with an intruder

popular means of dealing with the moth help in a short time to destroy these pests, but first get rid of the products, visited by the mole. Output can be via mol general cleaning, soap and water. Kitchen clean and hard to reach areas and rinse with water and soap slots. Ventilate cupboards and drawers. Containers and cans, the contents of which have been infected by pests, Wash thoroughly with soap and water. The inner cabinet wall, where you store cereals and flour, wipe with vinegar. As additional methods to use such proven tools from moth:

  1. The insect does not like the smell of lemon, orange, mint, garlic and bay leaf. In the corners of cabinets and shelves along the perimeter with loose products decompose orange and lemon peel, bay leaves, mint sprigs, garlic teeth (at choice). Garlic and laurel put directly into the container with cereals, they have absolutely no effect on the taste and smell, but reliable protect from pests.
  2. Essential Oils - a pleasant means of combating and prevention of food moths. Lavender essential oil is popular. On cotton swabs lavender oil is applied and display in locations parasite dissemination. Can be wrapped in gauze, a dried bouquet of flowers. Aromatic oils with scents of clove, basilica, fir, rosemary repel insects. Camphor and camphor oil prevents the growth and spread of the moth.
  3. Sprigs of tarragon and walnut leaves - a free tool, which repels insects. Suffice it to decompose on shelves locker 4-5 Bushes sage or fresh walnut leaves. The sharp specific smell of these plants helps in pest control. At home, the best means to find.
  4. Pheromone traps attract adult insects masculine. Externally bait looks like a pyramid with two open sides. Insect flies to the bait and is glued to the tacky surface. Number pests gradually decreases. Trap valid for 1-1,5 of the month. they are inexpensive, easy to use, It is not dangerous for humans and animals. They are used in order to prevent.

lemon smell can repel insects

Attention: mol accustomed to smells! With sharp flavors can only discourage new pests. Here is a good example of. In the closet, where insects are divorced, spread sprig of geranium. But not only the larvae do not die, and become adult butterflies, who will not be afraid of the smell of this plant.


Output mol in the kitchen by using the aggressive means. Aerosol insecticides the highly, but in contact with food are harmful to human health. So the use of drugs is possible only on the surfaces of the cabinets and nightstands. Popular such means: "Antimol", "Raptor", "Armol".

Chemical products are sold in the form of plates, tablets, briquettes and sections. Pills, plates and briquettes - cheapest option. These tools give effect within six months. Preparations placed on the top shelf of the grocery cupboard. But the parameters of security are far from being harmless to humans. Since the situation is simpler sections. More instructions 15 quarter. m. used 1 section. A tool out of the reach of children and away from food. Validity - 6 months.

Раптор от моли
The drug "Raptor" against food moths

sometimes ask, how to save products, infected moth. To get rid of moths and keep grinding product can be, if the detected number of minor pests. To begin, you must first choose the larvae. After that are two ways: warming and cold. Cereals calcined in an oven for a quarter hours (temperature 60 degrees). alternative method: put the cereal in the freezer. at 10 degrees below zero larvae die (for 2-3 day).

preventive measures

The best time to prevent the appearance of moths in the kitchen, later than spending time and effort on the pest extermination:

  1. It is not recommended to store food (flour, cereals) for a long time. better in 2-3 Time to purchase provisions, than to throw away spoiled food. If the home is a lot of inventory dolgohranyaschihsya cereals, While they need to be reviewed from time to time.
  2. A reliable place for storing bulk products - container and containers with tight fitting lids. Material containers can be anything - glass, plastic, tin-plate. Improper storage of cereals in plastic bags leads to contamination of the contents.
  3. Fruit is not advisable to leave outdoors, and should be refrigerated.
  4. The kitchen cabinets expand the bags with different herbs, having unpleasant odor moth.
  5. Put on the windowsill pot of geraniums. The plant repels moles its odor.
  6. Ventilation holes are covered with a mesh grid 1 mm.
  7. Regular and frequent airing cupboards.

Fighting moth - an unpleasant process, but the implementation of the recommendations, you can forget about this insect a long time. Destroy mol apartment can only complex measures. The main thing - to act in the first hours. Now you know, how to get rid of moles in the kitchen. Ask your questions in the comments.