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Where are the worms on the ceiling in the kitchen, how to get rid of them

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Sparkling clean kitchen, white ceilings, placed on the shelves of beautiful jars of loose products - the perfect hostess sanctuary. And then ... it? AT clean apartment on some ... umpteenth floor - tracks on the ceiling in the kitchen! Congratulations! You were "happy owner" moth larvae food! Seriously - your kitchen was attacked by food moths.

Mole does not live in your apartment

Whence food moths

from whence? Do not worry, with purity and sterility of all right. Moth larvae do not arise out of nothing. They enter the kitchen from outside sources.

  • Worms on the kitchen ceiling may appear from the air, sewer and other openings of the other apartments, but it is rare.
  • The most common "enter" on your territory larva carries a bag of groceries from the store. This is the case, if a already bought cereals infected moth. Externally, this is not visible yet, but lie down in the heat and humidity suitable, insects at home are beginning to develop.

Cycle of moths from egg to adult butterfly 6-8 weeks, Kitchen and climate - 23about-25aboutheat, 45-50% humidity - the most suitable for the job. So ready moth larvae on the kitchen ceiling - is a signal «SOS».

Why worms are so drawn to the ceiling? During his stay in the worm stage, mole eats very active and a lot: cereals, dried fruits, bread, biscuit, flour, nuts, sugar. Move up makes them the instinct of life. Insects on the ceiling of the kitchen preparing to become pupae, which later will get out butterfly, which will cause a lot of new eggs, etc .... Yes, yes, it is on your wonderful white shelf they want to become butterflies. Your desires are not the same? Then we have to fight!

larvae moles
Moth larvae can easily be identified. If you saw them, it's time to struggle against insects

Harmful if food moths and their larvae

By itself, a flying butterfly - The adult moth, harm shall not be, perhaps that may inadvertently fall into a cup of tea. worth it, she lays her eggs in foods, bringing them into disrepair. The most harmful - white worms in the kitchen. During his active life they:

  1. Destroying food stocks.
  2. Litter products remains the ability to live, and spoil their taste and appearance.
  3. Once in the body, these feces, eggs, larvae corpses, their hulls cause intoxication.

How to deal with worms in the kitchen

Why wind up moles, and than it is harmful, you already know, therefore, that it is necessary fight and is very active. so, what to do if in the kitchen bred white worms?

  • physical destruction. Product, which was attacked by moths, immediately throw! it happens, white worms that appear in the rump, which is stored in the special, sealed, bank. This is the case, when there covered with uzhu infected barley. Bank should be washed and scalded with boiling water. Lockers also wash, products bust, suspicious - throw. Wash is necessary with the help of soap and vinegar - these funds does not like mole.
  • Cold. Cold mol dislikes. If from time to time there is a renewed invasion, Keep the most wounded of food in the refrigerator. In cold weather, this place could be a balcony or a cold storage room.
  • Aerosol insecticides - a poison to worms moth. A variety of special chemical agents make it easy to get rid of worms on the ceiling. Impact on the human body, they have not the best, but the "ceiling" stage of development of the moth - this is an epidemic. Once you can and apply.
  • natural ingredients. The safest method for human scare pest - it expanded into hazardous locations sprigs of fresh or dried herbs with pungent odor: sagebrush, lavender, geranium, mint.

adhesive tapes
Fly strips and food moths "аeroxon

Council:This method is very effective: After cleaning, wipe the shelves swab, soaked in lavender oil. The tampon can be left in a corner, and periodicallyupdate.

  • mole Repeller. Mark Raptor releases, as a poison for the moth larvae, and repellents. Apply them to be very careful, especially if children are present.
  • Pheromone traps for moths. Effective tool for adults, flying fish. Worms such traps will not destroy, and the natural cycle will continue on. Moreover, in such a trap, you can collect and neighbor mole, and all the butterflies from the street through the open window.

means of prevention

Fighting moth does not start after, as the worms appeared on the ceiling, and on preventive measures.

  1. Regular periodic cleaning of the kitchen cabinets. Even if you always and all in their places, in banks and packing, after some time requires revision of stocks. As you remember, may be contaminated products still in store.
  2. Ventilation. Mole does not like sunlight and air movement, ie draft. Arrange it this procedure more often.
  3. Properly storing cereals, sugar, dried fruit - it is the most suitable special bank with twisted lids. Banks can be either glass, and metal or plastic, but through the transparent walls better monitor the status of cereals.
  4. Lavender oil or dried herbs can be expanded, without waiting for the "enemy", and as a prophylactic.
  5. Try to buy in bulk cereals not, and pre-packaged by the manufacturer in packages.


From the appearance of moths in the house no one is safe. New furniture, double-glazed windows and air conditioning from the latest "raid" will not save. Sneaky worm can wait for in-store product mix. Only regular inspection cuisine, cleaning and proper storage of foods can protect your home from these uninvited guests. Worms on the ceiling in the kitchen trouble, which can effectively fight.

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