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If bred bugs in the kitchen: what to do

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Beetles in the kitchen - always unexpected and unpleasant phenomenon. And they can be got, regardless of the purity of the premises. Unexpected guests appear as if from nowhere, crawling on the shelves of cabinets, spoil the food and the hostess mood.

Beetle in the kitchen
Beetle in the kitchen - it is not good

Most often, small beetles infest flour and cereals. May occupy beans, dried fruits, pasta. Characterized by high durability and ruggedness. Term life - from 1 to 8 months. Development of the insect starts at a temperature above 15C, but best of all it feels at + 30C.

classification of bugs, which can be got in the kitchen

What insects can be got in the apartment? Pets have many varieties of bugs, but the kitchen is usually settled four types: small beetle, drugstore beetle, red mukoed, Indian mol.



The fine brown insect short antennae and 3 mm corpuscle. He loves starch, flour. Spoiled beetle products become lumpy appearance, cause esophageal disorder.


Small 2-hmillimetrovy bug reddish-brown hue with stiff wings and long antennae. Settled in wet products. The appearance mukoeda shows proedennoe sieve flour.

Mukoed in the kitchen

drugstore beetle

Different super voracity and omnivorous. It eats cereals, beans, flour, tea, nuts, coffee, gingerbread, tobacco. The body is covered with hairs, It has an oval shape, Brown color.

drugstore beetle

Features small brown and black pet beetles

Homemade brown beetles do not like bright light. The environment has a huge impact on their livelihoods. therefore, to not bred bugs in the rump, it must be kept in a transparent bank, well lets the sun's rays.

Insect life depends on the temperature conditions. Despite, that brown bugs in the apartment is very tenacious, they can not tolerate the temperature below -15C and above + 50C.

Settled in the kitchen will spoil parasites and lay eggs in the most unpredictable, hard to reach places (crevices kitchen cabinets, cereals, books). The fight against them It may take a lot of time and effort.

The worst threat is considered to be flour (Indian) mole. Noticing in the rump white larvae (worms) or gray butterflies, you can safely throw away the product.


Prevention in closets

Minor bugs in the kitchen - very tenacious creation. They are not safe even "super hostess". Small bugs in the apartment there is not a lack of hygiene. Pests can be recorded with the purchase of already contaminated products.

When choosing pasta, flour, cereals, you need to carefully examine the packaging, check its integrity and shelf life. It is not necessary to purchase bulk products with strange impurities. It is not recommended to purchase cereals on the weight or from unknown manufacturers. It is better to give preference to trusted companies, Use high-quality packaging.

bugs in the kitchen in flakes

Restaurants self rule: immediately after purchase to place the rump for a few days in the freezer.

Reduce the risk of unpleasant guests in the kitchen will help compliance with uncomplicated rules:

  • Keep nuts and dried fruits in the refrigerator, cereals - in sealed containers (transparent containers).
  • For storage, you can use cloth bags, boiled in a strong saline. cool bags, without removing from the solution, after which dry hot iron and iron.
  • Regularly audit and dispose of expired goods.
  • Watch out for products storage conditions. Elevated temperature and humidity - a favorable environment for the emergence of beetles.
  • Regularly wet processing of high-risk areas, using a mixture of chlorine and levomitsitin (a bucket of water is necessary to half a bottle of "whiteness" and 20 tablets medicine).beetles
  • Sort through borax.
  • Arrange open matchboxes. Beetles can not stand the smell of sulfur, so the boxes can be installed on themselves cereals.
  • Promazhte cracks and crevices in the cabinets, floor, window sills.

Methods of dealing with small pests

What to do, if the home bred little brown bugs? Start a fight you should immediately, as you noticed, that appeared in the little bugs apartment. Otherwise, their numbers begin to grow rapidly, and bring the parasites will be much harder.

For, to get rid of the beetles, have patience and time,. First you need to carefully examine the pasta, cereals, flour, dried fruits. It stands ready to, that of the contaminated products will have to get rid, even if the pack has been opened recently.


If small black bugs in the apartment did not have time to occupy the whole territory, you can try to save products:

  1. Sort out by hand or sieve, then gently rinsed under running water.
  2. Ignited in the oven at a temperature of + 50C ... + 100 ° C. It should be done carefully, preventing product spoilage.
  3. Pour the salt solution and rinse thoroughly.

Need to say, that the beetles in the beans - a separate case. Get rid of them above methods will not work. Even if the packaging is infected with only a couple of grains, then most likely the larvae occupied and the rest.

Experts advise not to use the affected cereals bugs. Even sorting out the product and removing adults, can not be entirely confident in the absence of larvae. A bit different is the case with flour. If you pass it through a fine sieve, then warmed up in the oven, then we can talk about the purity of the product.

poison from the beetles

Heavy artillery

Throwing out contaminated products, you can not be sure of complete victory over the beetles. Chances, that insects had to lay eggs. To finally get rid of parasites, you need to prepare a bay leaf, vinegar, nutmeg, garlic, glass containers with screw caps.

Bugs in cereals disappear completely, if you act in a certain pattern:

  1. Once again view products, with no visible traces of insects remove grits for a week in the freezer. If bugs are brown in the kitchen managed to lay their eggs, to the 7 days they are ripe (or perish) and it becomes clear, whether the products are suitable for consumption.
  2. Several times wash kitchen cabinets, Using good chlorine-containing agent (eg, "Domestos") hot water or acetic.
  3. If after a week cereals remained clean, break it in glass jars with tight lids.

chemical agent from beetle

Throw in each container of crude garlic. This will prevent the products from the appearance of the bugs in the future.

  1. To insects in the kitchen did not appear as long as possible, you need to put on the cabinet shelves purified chives, leaves of laurel or lock on the door nutmeg. Hate bugs and the smell of cloves.
  2. Deadly poison for vermin is pyrethrum powder, which is obtained by processing the Persian or Caucasian chamomile. Sold in pharmacies. Not dangerous to humans. As a preventive measure feverfew can be used at intervals of 1,5-2 of the week.
  3. withdraw
    the kitchen can be a simple bait beetle, consisting of equal volume of powdered sugar, fine grains and boric acid.

If the home bred little brown bugs, you can use a radical way to combat. Buy means of the maximum possible number of parasites, and put it on a plinth. In the room you can not go during the day. Then thoroughly ventilate the room and wash the treated areas.

Bugs like cereals, so look for them right there

Bugs in the apartment - a problem, which is difficult to solve, but it is possible. And compliance with preventive measures will help permanently protect your kitchen from the ubiquitous parasites.

Now you know what to do, If the kitchen bred bugs.